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Stan Van Gundy Wants the Hawks to Stop Flopping

Stan Van Gundy and his Orlando Magic are down 2-1 to the Atlanta Hawks, but instead of looking on how to improve their own play, it appears they’re going after their opponents’ unfair tactics. Via the AJC: “Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said he’s fine with the physical play between his team and the Hawks in their Eastern Conference playoff series. But Van Gundy said he’s frustrated by what he calls the Hawks ’flopping’ in an attempt to draw fouls. ‘I like it when guys stand up and fight like men,’ Van Gundy said Saturday. ‘I think that is what the game is all about. The one thing that frustrates me is all the flopping.’ Van Gundy cited three plays from the Hawks’ 88-84 victory in Game 3 on Friday. Hawks center Jason Collins drew a charging call when he hit the court after contact with Orlando center Dwight Howard and later did the same to guard Jameer Nelson. Van Gundy said Howard ‘touched [Hawks center] Zaza Pachulia in the chest on a screen and that sent him to the floor.’ ‘The one thing I learned is our guys are a lot stronger than I thought they were,’ Van Gundy said sarcastically. The Magic coach said his team doesn’t flop and ‘treats it with disdain,’ though he believes the tactic works. He said the Hawks are getting away with a lot of contact against Howard and then at the other end ‘guys take a dive and get a call.’”

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  • Hursty

    F*ck that SVG. You win the game however you can. It’s the playoffs, it’s not appropriate to be morally upright and necessarily “play the game the right way” 100% of the time.
    If you can get an advantage by flopping on a 50/50 charge/block call, you flop.
    Regular season, you see guys from opposing teams helping each-other up off the ground from a foul. Not playoffs.
    Take any advantages you can.
    Besides, Hedo flops (when he can be bothered to actually play any D), Jameer flops and JJ Redick does as well (although JJ and Jameer will take the contact too).

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Van Gundy HAS to beat Atlanta.
    If not…

  • Ganchan

    If you want to get flopping out of the league you have to take it up with the league. I personally believe if they reviewed every game and gave a one game suspension for every flop it would get flopping out of b-ball forever. I can’t stand that crap.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Stan just knows that his job security is in a free-fall….

  • mannyec0409

    Stan is not going to get fired…so that is not his problem even though he has been known to be the master of panic at times. His beef is that he knows that his team as is right now is not as good as it was 2 years ago when they were really contenders for the title.
    Flopping is really annoying and it seems that some basketball players are catching on to it as well. Chris Paul did it various times against the Lakers in games 2 and 3 and he got plenty of calls and the Hawks are doing it as well… I hope this does not become something that players regularly do like it is in soccer because I love soccer as well but lost respect for players who just flop all day…

  • Riggs

    tell hedo/jameer/jj to stop flopping first.

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Flopping is good strategy…

  • mike

    Flopping is for punks, and it rewards players for not being strong. if you can jus fall down and get the benefit of the call, it makes it pointless for a player to workhard in the weightroom an gym to improve there game. Calling flops as charges rewards players for being weak. And people who knock on hedo,jameer, and JJ should realize that Jameer is small, and both JJ and Hedo are lower in weight than there opposing matchup. Its ok if guards get charge calls, but Jason Collins falling to the floor from Jameer Nelson who is 1 foot shorter than him is ridiculous

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    If you think vangundy isn’t.on the hit seat you ain’t thinking.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Thank you Allenp. I think Stan has done a lot for the Magic but it’s time for him to move on. I know Rick Adelman is available…

  • D12FSU

    Stan Van isnt going anywhere, and I dont want him going anywhere

  • D12FSU

    If anyones on the hot seat, its Otis…His friendship with Arenas clouded his judgment with that trade. Trading away courntey lee for an old VC didnt work (although it got us ryan anderson). I dont think Otis will be fired…but hes definitely the one on the hot seat.

  • http://Boom Aaron Laucke

    LOL JJ Redick anyone? Every three that goes up ends with him on the floor