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TNT Ratings Reach Record High for NBA Playoffs

The wildly entertaining start to this year’s NBA Playoffs brought smiles to the execs at TNT, reports Sports Media Watch: “TNT averaged a 2.8 U.S. rating and 4.542 million viewers for NBA Playoff coverage on Sunday, up 27% in ratings and 36% in viewership from last year (2.2, 3.336M), and the most-viewed opening day of the playoffs ever on Turner Sports. In particular, Sunday’s Knicks/Celtics Game 1 drew a 3.6 U.S. rating and 5.989 million viewers, up 44% in ratings and 53% in viewership from last year (SA/DAL G1: 2.5, 3.925M), and up 64% and 86%, respectively, from 2009 (MIA/ATL G1: 2.2, 3.228M). The Celtics’ win drew more viewers than every single first round playoff game — on broadcast or cable — last season. In addition, the game ranks as the second-most viewed first round game ever on cable, behind only Bulls/Celtics Game 7 in 2009 (6.987M). The previous second-ranked game was Celtics/Bulls Game 6 in 2009 (5.352M). Later in the night, Game 1 between the Nuggets and Thunder drew a 3.1 and 5.038 million viewers, up 55% in ratings and 69% in viewership from last year (POR/PHX G1: 2.0, 2.988M), and up 55% and 83%, respectively, from 2009 (NO/DEN: 2.0, 2.756M). Though it did not receive as much hype as Knicks/Celtics, Nuggets/Thunder drew more viewers than every single first round game on cable last year.”

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  • JTaylor21

    And those greedy a** owners still wants a lockout.

  • dsleepy

    JTaylor21 took the words completely out of mouth. potentially one of the most exciting playoff years in a long time, followed by a lockout. sad panda

  • Jer dawg

    The other owners are salty for not getting more of the TV dollars. It seems like recently half of nBA has new ownership; nets, Phoenix, Golden state, Detroit just to name a few. Those people are arguing for more of pie. It would be a darn shame, though. Ef’ Donald Sterling! He bought Clippers for $15M in ’83 and he’s still a f’ing cheapskate owner!

  • Waggle

    It’s gotta be that life sized telestrator.

  • http://www.bleacherreport.com Caribbean Crossover

    Co-sign JTAYLOR21

  • max

    The owners are out of their minds if they force the lockout.They need to ride that thing,this is the best time for the NBA since 20 years or sth.In addition the NFL lockout looms.I mean come on,you just can’t stop it.

  • http://slamonline.com AlbertBarr


  • KobesBestFriend

    thats the best thing about super teams…cuz every round and game of the playoffs are worth watching

  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    Seems like every other day new facts about the leagues finances are looking more and more friendly towards the players side of the argument. If the owners are smart they’ll avoid a lockout at almost any cost. A 50/50 revenue split like the players plan to concede to sounds like a sweet deal.

  • turk

    The NBA is in a great spot, has been for last 4 seasons. Every team has atleast 3 potential Stars and how NFL is a better money maker i don`tknow. People hate on Stern, but he is the BEST commish in Sports. NFL live is on espn 365 days 4 times a day even with lockout. I hate when people call NBA players thugs because they have tatoo`s or a sketchy past. NBA cares is a great thing to help kids that wouldnt normally be looked @. GO PACERS Celts, Thunder, Grizz, Sixers, Mavs, Hornets.