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Andrew Bynum Suspended 5 Games, Fined $25k for Hit on JJ Barea

Bynum may be sorry for what he did to lil’ JJ, but the NBA is going to reach into his pocket (for ripping his jersey off as he exited the Lakers’ final game of the season) and make him sit out a few games next season, too. From the LA Times: “Lakers center Andrew Bynum was suspended by the NBA for the first five games next season and fined $25,000 for his flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea on Sunday. Bynum will forfeit $677,272 in salary. He apologized for the incident on Tuesday, saying it didn’t reflect his upbringing or the Lakers’ organization. He also said he was relieved Barea wasn’t seriously injured.”

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  • http://www.nba.com/celtics lights out

    someone want to explain to me why he’s losing more than 600k on this? just cause of the games he’ll miss? anyway, he deserves this suspension and more. i don’t expect anyone to debate that.

  • JL

    5 games for shoving someone? it was bad but really there were worse ones which weren’t punished (i don’t actually know lol, but weren’t there?).

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    good. And I’m assuming the 600K is because of the 5 games. Damn, that’s over 100K per game.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    He fully deserves this.
    @ JL: He didn’t just shove Barea, he threw an elbow at his ribs while he was still in the air. Bynum outweighs Barea by more than 50 pounds–more I’m sure. You don’t hit someone while they’re at full speed in the air… And if you do, you better expect a fat fine and some time home with no pay.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    $677,272? DAMN.
    Teddy’s right though. Maybe this was “acceptable” back in the 80′s but this isn’t the 80′s anymore, and it really shouldn’t have been acceptable in any era.

  • http://www.scout.com zoom

    It was deserved. By the grace of God Barea wasn’t seriously hurt. Bynum has pulled a few punk moves this season. The league usually takes that under consideration when deciding a suspension, so Bynum shot himself in the foot. Punk a** hits the smallest guy on the court becuase he’s a sore loser. Good for him.

  • MikeC.

    I’m actually surprised it wasn’t more games. Bynum had a hit similar to this on Beasley earlier in the season, so he has a history of doing this ish.
    @Rigo – while the 80′s and most of the 90′s were more physical than it is now, shots like that were still considered cheap and dirty. The difference between then and now is that back then there were guys who would have mashed Bynum in the face. Word to the Oak-tree and Money Ma$e.

  • Robald

    Remember this isn’t the first time he did this to a player.

  • http://www.slamonline.com unf*ckwitable

    Good to see NBA hiting him up for that punk move.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    Hopefully this will put enough of a dent in his pockets to realize that elbowing someone in mid-air is not a good look….I’m all for a good hard foul, but that was overkill

  • EtheKnickFan

    Mike C right. In the eighties PG was well proected by PF/C. Oak woulda brawled. Mase woulda lockerroom smashed bynum and lets not bring up the early eighties Moe lucas and the sort woulda chased his ass outa the arena. Sighhh the good ol days

  • Lan

    he did the same to Gerald Wallace.

  • tomtom

    Gaaawd u must be a bunch of 14 yr old girls or somthing, i don’t like the foul and i definatly dont think its a ‘basketball play’. However 600k out of pocket, that’s just grotesque and i think 5 games is excessive too. Fact is you cant judge a foul on how much bigger one guy is than the next. And MikeC, if moves like that were considered ‘cheap and dirty’ in the 80′s/90′s then Kurt Rambis, Karl Malone, Larry Bird….the list goes on, are those guys remembered as Dirty? or Cheap? hell no and as i remember those fellas but some dents in the hardwood with people. Don’t make $hit up man.

  • tomtom

    …and another thing. The media has blown this thing waaaay up (just like with the Dwade/Rondo situation) all the headlines read ‘pesky little barea’ or ‘little JJ’ as SLAM put it. Aslong as there is a bandwagon there will always be jumpers.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Tomtom, you’re incorrect. Sit down. Bynum was trying to hurt Barea and it’s not the first time he’s done this. 5 games is the minimum he should receive.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Okay these guys per game salary figures are INSANE!

  • tomtom

    Thanks Caboose, but if you are going to reply atleast read it first, i said i didn’t like the foul, i think it was dirty. But the punishment is excessive, unlike alot of ppl here i can have a contrasting view on one topic. Not just all or nothing. p.s. i always sit down to type.

  • robb

    He deserves it.

  • Spursnation

    DWAI Andy, you’ll be in Orlando anyways. No state tax! Hooray!

  • MikeC.

    @tomtom – sounds like you’re the one revising history. It was Rambis that got clotheslined by McHale, and that absolutely was a dirty play.
    I do think Malone was a little dirty. His elbows managed to find heads on a regular basis.
    As for Bird, I don’t remember him doing anything outright dirty, but I do remember him and Doc trying to choke each other out (via YouTube).
    My comment was intended to separate the more physical L of the 80′s & 90′s, as allowed by the NBA’s rulebook, vs today’s less physical game. Prior to the latest round of rule-changes, perimeter play was much more physical because hand-checking and forearm guiding was allowed. Cutters on the baseline were allowed to be impeded by defensive players in a way that isn’t allowed today. It’s not that the 80′s & 90′s players were tougher than today’s players. They were just allowed to hit each other more often. I can’t speak on anything before the late 80′s because I’m not old enough to remember anything before then.

  • MikeC.

    There’s also the fact that everything everybody does now is on 24-hour repetitive loops on sports networks and websites making things end up seeming worse than they actually were. We get to sit around dissecting everything, getting ourselves all worked up and end up calling for a guy’s head. A few years ago, the hit would have happened, the local media would have been revved up for a couple days, then it would have died down. Today’s media cycle ramps things up.

  • jumpman

    why is everyone messing with jj barea???

  • Bart

    Crickey, that how we play ball down under…. barely even a foul down here

  • Eric Ruggles

    First things first, forfeiting is not the same as being fined. Just means he will not get paid $600k of his $17(?) million contract.
    So he’s fined $25k, and suspended 5 games?
    Wait a second…
    Last week Phil Jackson was fined $35k for commenting on the refs.
    A couple weeks ago Kobe was fined $100k for calling a ref a gay slur.
    Earlier this season OJ Mayo, and Rashard Lewis were suspended 10 games for banned substances.

    Now how the hell is that logical?! Bynum went out with INTENT to harm Barea. That’s just outrageous. Bynum lost his cool, that’s acceptable. But you don’t go out of your way to harm another player. It’s severely unsportsmanlike and 100% dirty.
    Bynum should be fined $200k, and suspended 20 games.
    This type of basketball should not be tolerated, and Bynum should be made an example of.
    Playoff intensity is one thing, but this is outrageous.

  • tomtom

    @eric thanks for proving my point about people only being able to see one siee of an argument…@mikeC u don’t remember bird or rambis as being scrappy? Not dirty by the standards of there day but scrappy and extremely physical. Maybe we recall things slightly differently, or the perception of those players is skewed because standards of what is and isnt acceptable has changed. Same with stockton, or reggie millyrr and even micheal at times.

  • http://www.slamonline.com unf*ckwitable

    @Bart, its crikey you muppet.

  • Ronald

    @Tom: Sooooooo, what is the other side of the argument? Bynuma actually wanted to give JJ a hug but accidently tried to kill him?

  • angus

    jj got hit by ron kobe and bynum really good in that series,and he still wrecked the lakers gotta love the tuffness of jj! lakers couldnt kill the unkillable!

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    LOL yeah the only difference between now and the 80s is that a cheap shot like that would have resulted in a brawl. The suspension would still come, the fine would be very tiny but the players didn’t make much money.

  • the Dude

    Bynum is a bum. Always has been. Lakers should ship him out pronto … to Australia.

  • Bart

    I can spell it however I want… we invented the word

  • Zabba

    Well deserved punishment. A flagrant hit like that could’ve broken his neck, cracked his skull, roke his wrist (if he landed on it). These are all possibilities, maybe not likely ones, but when you deliberately add to the chance of that happening you need to be punished for it. This was a good move by the NBA.

  • http://nba.com EJ

    Lame. NBA should be more like the NHL, they’d get a lot more views from hicks.

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    He deserved the fine and the suspension. To begin with it was a very dangerous play. I understand what a hard foul is in that it is a foul which the opposing player has no chance to score, BUT it has to be done in a way which is still safe for both players.It was a totally classless and dangerous play on Bynum’s part. Good move on the part of the L to acknowledge that these players are all role models to different extents and that they should therefore always conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, even if they are getting beat. Its called making an example of someone people, why is that so hard for some of you to understand?

  • Yesse

    Well, i hope he learns a lesson.

  • Ben Ireland

    Bird’s my all-time favourite player, and oobviously an all-time great… But he was dirty as he needed to be to win. Remember Michael Cooper (I think) had a layup and was walking back into the game from out of bounds because of his jump, and Bird was inbounding after a made basket, Bird shoved Coop with his ass right back into the crowd, deliberalty moving so Coop couldn’t get past. Funny, yeah, but by today’s standards, Coop coulda been hurt in a freak injury, aka Rondo. All the best players win no matter what the cost… Jordan shoved Russell on his game winner in 98… Bynum’s play was dirty, yeah, and he deserves a fine, maybe even the games. But doesn’t make him a dirty player. Now Bruce Bowen…

  • Riggs

    @ben: you do know that this isnt the only time bynum has done this right?

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 Dfrance21

    @Ben Bynum has cheap shotted players before in the same fashion. Just eralier this season he took Beasley out with the same forearm shiver to the chest he hit Barrea with. Beasley fell just as hard. I think the fine and suspesion is appropriate. I don’t know if you want to label the guy dirty, but what else can you call it. He showed no remorse after, this apology is only coming out because his advisors probably criticized him. After the game his explanation was “he was getting a lot of lay ups in the lane so I fouled him.” Comapare that to Lamar who said he was embarrased and admitted he lost his cool for his foul on Dirk, which wasn’t nearly as bad.

  • pwh

    Bynum’s a thug and this is not his first time done something that stupid. Should have been 10 games

  • bill

    $700k is a small price to pay for somebody who makes probably at least $5 mill/year…. unless of course he hasn’t saved a penny since going to work. Did the Lakers not punish him? If not, why not? Keep your shirt on, Drew.

  • AuntJuJu

    Bynum’s behavior totally unacceptable. He should have been banned for life. Who needs this???

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Didn’t Bynum collapse one of Gerald Wallace’s lungs doing that exact forearm shiver he planted on Barea? Yeah…

  • jesse

    for the foul on jj he received a 5 game suspension with out pay resulting in the $677,272 “fine”..he received a $25,000 fine for taking off his shirt and acting like a bad ass while being escorted off the court,bringing the total to the $702,272.
    personally i think he should have got a bigger fine and more games sat out cuz that was a dirty play with intent to hurt IMO

  • rexdale giant

    shoulda got his sh^T SNUFFED ………..

  • http://wwww.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    bynum is mitchbade. mitchell bade……