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Bulls Already Looking To Get Dwight Howard

by Ryne Nelson

The Chicago Bulls are only a player or two away from being legit title contenders, and their eyes are completely focused on one in particular: Dwight Howard.

Just a day after their elimination loss to the Miami Heat in the Conference Finals, the Bulls began their push to land the most dominant center in the NBA.

ESPN‘s Mike Wilbon mentioned that Chicago is already looking to acquire Howard on Friday’s episode of PTI (podcast link starts at 15:35). The Bulls have a lot of pieces to entice the Magic in a trade, but it could be all for naught if Orlando has its mind set on keeping Howard.

Especially with the uncertainty surrounding the new CBA, the Bulls are getting into themselves into a long process of negotiations, similar to the Melodrama the Knicks endured last season. It’s a dream, but give the Bulls credit for chasing it.

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  • http://www.tampax.com doyouwantmore

    If Howard goes anywhere but Chicago or NY he’s crazy.

  • http://Nba.com GP23

    Dwight will go to the Lakers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Come to the Lakers!!!

  • rich

    so let me get this straight they want dwight so derrick rose can look him off when he gets trapped in the pick and roll? or so he can get like 4 post ups a game like boozer does? they dont need anymore inside help they need to use what they have and add a 2 guard smh everybody wants dwight tho cant blame em

  • Levi

    I think we need a shooting guard more than anything. I love Dwight, but I can’t see him moving from Orlando.

  • Jahi Salaam

    i wish he wuld come to the hornets, we need someone to help cp3 lol

  • SikhWitIt

    He’s not going to the Lakers now, not with the crack-squad of coaches their assembling down there. Kobe needs to retire now and save face; he’s not winning any more titles with the Lakers.

  • SikhWitIt

    Superman to the Supersonics!

  • SikhWitIt

    The Bulls need a guy like Jamal Crawford; he would put them over the hump. Sometimes you don’t need to swing for the fences, a grounder will get the job done.

  • ron

    Hmmm… the outcome wouldn’t have changed even with Dwight in the Bulls.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    Come home to ATL Dwight!

  • http://WWW.SLAMONLINE.COM Benn0

    No dwight – wait until summer 2012, and come to boston. As keith lemon would say – “you know you want to”.

  • Fat Lever

    Um, it is possible to get JJ Redick in the deal too, so that would deal with the issue at the 2. I actually thought JJ would be the ideal 2 for Chicago considering the market and their cap situation last year. I’m guessing any potential deal would involve Noah/Deng/Taj and a #1 pick, but if I’m Chicago I’d do it, no question. Unfortunately for Chicago, no one is taking Boozer’s inflated contract.

  • Vince5

    Since the Blazers doesn’t want Brandon Roy anymore, the Bulls should try dealing for him. He would play perfectly with Rose.

  • Da Holy Karron

    Roy woulfd be the best fit or harden

  • monkeyball

    Hey Slam people! Could you please talk to any NBA players you might know as well as those in the NBA front office and tell them this: This has been one of the best seasons in memory, followed by one of the best playoffs in memory. Ratings are up, fans are happy, everybody’s happy. A lockout would ruin all that. You would lose a year of Lebron, Durant, Dose, Blake, etc… You would be CRAZY (financially speaking) to shorten the next season. Don’t be crazy. Don’t be swtupid.
    Thank you.

  • Pippen what u smokin?

    Chicago fans there is nothing to hang our heads for. R boys played their hearts all season long. Anyone saying DRose didn’t deserve MVP didn’t watch these playoffs. It’s obvious that he’s the straw that stirs the drink in the CHI. with that being said he does need help. I like many Chicagoans and worldwide Bulls fans was a lil confused by the lack of a trade in Feb for a SG. Gar Forman says that he didn’t want to make a trade just to make 1, unless it was a homerun acquistion.

    The only homerun acquisition out there is Dwight Howard. I’m sure DRose and Dwight have talked since they’ve both been eliminated. It seems like they are good friends, and they could coexist in Chicago. I’d be sad to see Noah or Gibson leave but for DWIGHT Howard you pull the trigger no matter what.

  • World

    What is rich talkin bout boozer is washed…dwight on da otha hand can be dominant and wouldnt be as overlooked

  • RoG23

    dwight could easily become a no brainer mvp every year if he only had a pg capable of creating easy baskets for his teamates. rose is good, just not that type of pg. rose is a sg with a pgs height.

  • Bill Sunday

    @Ron…. The outcome definitely would have changed. It would have given the bulls a better inside presence on offense as well as defense. Dwight also clears room for three point shooters

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    the bulls have pieces orl would want????? no, they dont. and dwight is going to the spurs.

  • RoG23

    lol how funny would it be if the bulls dont pull the trigger on a trade for d12 because they dont wanna lose noah! but i dont think the bulls are that dumb. just a funny thought

  • RunNgun

    All I gotta say is… “TO THE KNICKS! MAKE IT HAPPEN, WALSH!”

  • http://360special.blogspot.com dev0

    “Bulls already looking to get Dwight Howard” as is every other team and their neighbour too. This isn’t news.

  • O

    I read somewhere that the Knicks would trade Stat to Orlando for Dwight, but I doubt Orlando would take that deal. The Bulls definitely should sign Crawford. That would probably put them over the Miami hump.

  • SikhWitIt

    @Fat Lever, the only problem with J.J. is that he can’t create his own shot. I don’t see how he would be different in their system than Korver. The problem was that Rose had to engineer pretty much every basket. A guy like Jamal is one of the purest scorers in the L and would be able to do it without relying on D-Rose. They need a guy like that to be successful moving forward; not another guy running off screens and shooting 3s.

  • ab40

    man get cp3 to orlando can’t wait to see that pick & roll happen

  • dave

    The Bulls should offer Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, & both first round picks in this year’s draft to Orlando for Dwight Howard. If the Bulls could sneak Carlos Boozer into the deal, rather than Taj, that would be even better. I’m satisfied with Keith Boggans running the 2-spot, his deffense is up to par, and his offense improved during the playoffs. While a more consistant scoring 2-guard would be nice, it’s an illusion to think it’s the Bull’s greatest area to improve. A solid 20 & 10 guy down low is what the Bulls need most.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    I say Dwight to the Anaheim Royals or something like that in 2012! :D

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ dave: Funny thing is, Carlos Boozer IS a solid 20 and 10 guy.
    I don’t know why so many people are underrating Boozer now. Yes he played poorly in the playoffs, but you’ve got to ask yourself why THIS year out of all years, after playing consistently well for the Jazz in the playoffs.
    Maybe it has to do with the disparity in having Deron Williams as your point guard, and Derrick Rose as your point guard.

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    I sort of want him on the Nets. A classic pick-and-roll guy like Deron and an athletic monster like Dwight would just crush opponents. Crush them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    If the Lakers work something out to get Dwight I wouldn’t be so pessimistic about the fact Larry Buss actually hired Mike “Give it to Lebron, or you’re out of the game” Brown

  • fightsbears

    Noah/Boozer for Howard seems possible, this would add scoring to the frontcourt of the Magic, while keeping the defense and rebounding with Noah (not that Noah defends as well as Howard). The Magic wouldn’t have to rely on 40 and 20 from Howard to win a big game with a solid starting Center and PF. The Bulls would also get what they were looking for in acquiring Boozer, in a dominant frontcourt player, allowing Gibson to step into the starting lineup.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    This is all pretty funny since Dwight’s gonna stay in Orlando. Honestly, all the Magic need to do to help Howard is get a pass first point guard and some slightly upgraded defense on the wings.

  • Darrell Robinson

    Caboose if that is the case then how about the Magic get Steve Nash. Or maybe Dwight Howard could go to the Phoenix Suns. Nash is still one of the best pass first if the BEST pass first point guards in the entire league.

  • Stainless

    dwight would never go to the suns… if the Magic want to keep him they’re going to have to make serious roster upgrades, that meaning like 1/3 of the team has to be replaced. you know your teams bad when your center is averaging more steals in the regular season than your point guard.

  • robb


  • http://www.slamonline.com ante

    howard and arenas for boozer,noah and deng.

  • @mmj

    he would be nice long as we can keep noah

  • Madterps

    Howard is a very big upgrade over Boozer, but would you want to give up Noah, your energy guy? You can’t trade Boozer and someone else for Howard because no one wants Boozer’s contract after his performance in the playoffs.

    At least Orlando would probably want Dwight and Arenas for Deng, Noah, Gibson and a 1st round pick for them. There’s no way for Orlando to compete without Dwight, so they’d rather have some pieces to develop rather than having another worthless 16 million for Boozer to shrink in the playoffs.

  • Coney Islander

    I really think he’s gonna be a Laker.

  • mary elizabeth gil

    for dwight howard sake… dispatch boozer, please! do it right away… if they want noah? send him too… let taj play the 4, get a back-up @ 4 & 5… dont give-up on loul…

  • http://www.bulls.com. Rigo Gonzalez

    I won’t hold my breath.

  • RB

    He needs to go to Chicago if he doesn’t I will no longer take him serious.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    For what it’s worth he’s coming to PHX.

  • cball

    three words…………AINT GONNA HAPPEN

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    all you gooofies talking bout rose wouldnt pass to Dwight are stupid and lets me know you dont know what you are talking about. that would be crazy If the bulls were able to get dude. then they would also have to get a couple shooters to really spread the court for him and Rose at times.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    At teddy bear, Im not trying to hear that, the dude could not finish. I guess he needs derrick to score for him too. he had so many opportunities AT THE RIM that he did not convert. every time he had a good game it was because he hit a bunch of jump shots.

  • depressedsun

    Any of these moves would help the bulls

    Boozer+Brewer—–>Joe Johnsonn
    Sign Afflalo
    Sign Shane Battier
    Boozer————>Kevin Martin
    Sign Jared Jeffries
    Boozer————>Monta Ellis
    Sign Jamal Crawford
    Sign Leandro Barbosa

    OR if my fantasy comes true theyll find a way to get rid of boozer and adquire iguodala in the same move, obviusly in a three team trade, or at least try to get Jrich

  • http://slamonline.com The Ambassador

    Trade killer…Gilbert Arenas overpaid contact good luck for any team wanting to trade for Howard!

  • http://www.bulls.com. Rigo Gonzalez

    I think Bulls would gladly take Arenas’ contract if it meant getting Howard and getting rid of Boozer’s contract.

  • http://SLAM FLIGHT 9


  • RoG23

    how many finals mvp have been point guards? i know parker and magic. other than them? Very difficult to win with a point guard who dominates his team in scoring. D12 could win a chip with an ancient/no defense/clutch outside shooting/PASS FIRST and creative passing Steve Nash. todays pgs trying to dominate the scoring is like todays centers and power forwards trying to lead the league in 3s. it may be fun to watch but not exactly the smartest way to earn team success

  • RoG23

    Boozer deserves alot of blame for not demanding the ball and taking advantage of miami’s small frontline. he usually thrives against defenders who arent 7 ft. however it is roses responsibility as a point guard to create easy shots for his teammates. its also coaches responsibility to let his young pg know that he needs to get his teammates involved early and KEEP them involved throughout the game. isnt the pg compared to a quarterback???

  • bullsmad

    Isn’t Howard a free agent this year why would there be a trade, if he goes to the Bulls they would be a defensive juggernaut

  • A.

    @RoG23: Isiah Thomas. Billups.

  • Griffin

    The Bulls dont need to give up that much to get Dwight. He wont go to LA because Kobe’s getting old along with the rest of that team, and they are walking into some serious contract issues. He might go to the Mavericks or OKC, but neither team has really looked like they want to pursue that. And the Nets? Let’s get real here, there’s no way he’s going to the Nets. If the Bulls give up Boozer, Asik and the 28th Pick, Orlando will give up Dwight because it will be at least close to the Lakers offer and Dwight will push to go to Chicago. Then, the Bulls should trade Bogans and maybe Brewer for Eric Gordon of the Clippers. Gordon is a young, pretty good outside shooter who played AAU ball with DRose! With a few additions to their roster using the Mid Level Exception, they can keep the depth that they’ve had. Proposed lineup: Starting 5: DRose, Gordon, Deng, Noah, Dwight. Bench: Taj Gibson, Korver, CJ Watson, Big Sexy Kurt Thomas, Shelvin Mack, Jamie Skeen, TMac and DeAndre Jordan (LAC)

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Ya’ll haters on here,the Bulls has just as much right to persue Howard as any team does.You Laker fans just want him and of course you would,but don’t knock the Bulls for wanting him also.I hope he does go to the Bulls because the last dominate center that came from Orlando and signed with the Lakers Kobe treated him badly and your organization threw him away.Why would Howard go to an old aging declining team any.Lakers are done,just ask the Mavericks.Or do U need to be reminded.SWEEP!SWEEP!SWEEP!SWEEP!


    Not going to happen. The Magic don’t want those Bulls contracts.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs

    only under one condition.
    HIBAAAAACHIIIIII comes in the package.

  • gwesley2

    Please kill the Knocks nonsense. Too much money is tied up in Melody and Amare, plus you’re giving another max contract to another post player when a PG is needed. Makes no sense for NY, and it makes Amare expendable.

    You thinking like Isiah Thomas is back in the front office! ROFL!!!


    Carmelo-N-Dwight will be the next Kobe-N-Shaq. That’s what Phil is waiting for. Book it!

  • Jay

    Oh man he is perfect for the Nets. I can already imagine those killer pick and rolls. Deron to Dwight. Crushing opponents every day of the week in the world’s first billion dollar arena, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce courtside….oh yeah Im salivating…

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    Well im a Lakers fan, and i dont want him

  • Demigod

    ^^^So beat it then chump !! Coz you lost already.^^ I like all your fantasies but Miami are solid as hell , no matter how much you salivate or froth at the minge, they got a great base & chemistry that can only MAYBE be matched by Dallas & if they some good role playas next season ( i like McGhee & any soli shooting point guard it’l be back to square one for you hyenas i mean haters. Enjoy the show.

  • Me

    Noah and Boozer for Howard, keep taj, Asik and Kurt Thomas.. Possibly swing for Jrich to come with Dwight and we’re in business

  • Jet4FinalsMVP

    @Griffin: You’re post is the best yet, great roster. The thing is why would LAC trade Gordon for Brewer and Bogans? I know i wouldnt if i were them…

    Everybody saying Dwight needs a pass-first PG(great real pg) is CORRECT. Drose is not that PG, although they would de well together. For Dwight to reach full potential he has to play with a great PG (Nash, CP3, Rondo, Bron etc). Dwight may thing Drose is that PG(and his speed makes him close), but he’s not quite.
    I’m sure Dwight wants to play for a contender so your left with Boston, Miami, Denver, Dallas, maybe Chicago, maybe San Antonio or even OKC. He would also go where ever CP3/Nash goes. He might even foolishly go to NY or LA, i hope not. Dont get me wrong he would win in every place mentioned.

  • Iggy

    Top Five Reasons Dwight Howard will join the Los Angeles Lakers next year http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=ycn-8362749

  • Guam

    The Magic had been interested in Boozer in the past, so I don’t doubt that Orlando would accept Boozer in any deal involving Dwight. The Bulls can send Boozer, Noah, and multiple draft picks for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, since the Magic will be trying to cut salaries. The Magic get a legit low post scoring threat and a top 5 center to replace Dwight. The Bulls get the best center in the league and a point forward that can come off the bench.

  • http://SLAM FLIGHT 9


    greg oden
    joe johnson

  • http://SLAM FLIGHT 9

    add b. roy

  • Jer dawg

    Clippers have better pieces for Orlando. Kaman, aminu, Bledsoe, Jordan, and Gordon. Go ahead, pair Griffin with Howard. Frontcourt players beware.

  • http://yahoo.com ronald

    What about the Lakers we want Superman. That’s not fair we deserve him not chicago. We will trade Gasol,Bynum and Lamar for Howard. Chicago can’t match our trade. Orlando take all of our front line give us Superman do not trade with the Bulls

  • Cherie

    First of all LA does not need Dwight Howard. Secondly, with Kobe and his ego Dwight would be smothered there. I can see Dwight heading to Chicago and it would increase their championship hopes immediately because they are only missing a few pieces.

  • steve martindale

    Shooting Guard

  • kdog85

    d.howard is the perfect fit for the Bulls. He will clog up the lane and give them a tough inside presence. Deng can do his slashing while rose does his. Having Howard will allow the bulls to use players that are better on offense and lack the ability to play great defense.

  • http://facebook fred barefield

    paxson has the luck of the irish but if he trade the core of this team to get the golden goose he and the team will get no bucket of gold here is my thought they know there going to loss him(d.howard) so give them both 1st rd draft picks2011, a.asik,watson,gibson,brogan and next yr maybe lotta pick we own.trust in the fate of no hope?HE WILL LEAVE OLANADO~FORCE THE DEAL.!!!remember know front line players keep noel/boozer to get used to play’in together both are power forwards/grds.D. ROSE &couthney lee/deng &booz or noel at foward cntD.HOWARD

  • http://artbyblas.com Blas Alvarado

    If I were Dwight Howard, I would look into the OKC Thunder. Imagine Dwight playing alongside Kevin Durant. It would be a better 1, 2 punch than David Robinson and Tim Duncan had in San Antonio. This hurts me to say because I’ve been a Spurs fan since the “Ice” age.

  • Brian

    Trade Boozer and Noah and whatever else the Magic want (even if that means getting rid of Taj Gibson) for Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas, since they’ll most likely throw him in there.


    he should come to boston n pair up with hall of famers that still would have some n their tank by 2012. As well as Jeff Green and Rondo. Plus dwight howard that would be a squad.

  • DAN


  • gilberto lopez

    the best center and the best point gard we have one of the best teams in the history.

  • Sean

    Asik, Watson, Gibson, Bogans and picks. I’d prefer dealing either Boozer or Noah for Howard. I like Noah, and I think Boozer choked, but I’d like to drop a big contract to take on another one. Keep some quantity and gain quality.

  • KamSlamz

    Would the Magic be interested in the 6,18 and 34th over all picks via Wizards ?

  • http://bleacherreport frank schienberg

    i have read all your comments and feel it is time to
    speak my mind. ofcourse the bulls need superman who does not. on july 1 dwight will start the task of deciding if he wants the big money from the russian in new jersey who can pay him more than anyone else.or
    if he wants to win in chicago with derrick if he chooses chicago we will get rid of noah and probably gibson that is to bad about gibson but they payed boozer 75 mil for 5 years bad move no one will take that. but what elksedo thge bull need for noah or anmd gibson .we need andre illugolis the springfield native who is the best 2 out there and 6 9 good defender good scorer good passer and wants out of philly. we could get both if we dump a third player and first round pick. why not thats what miami did

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs

    a big ol LOL to ronald. “thats not fair” haha

  • O

    Even though trading Stat for Dwight (which has been rumored) would be a better deal than Boozer for Dwight, Knicks don’t have enough to make the trade. Bulls have ALOT of attractive pieces to trade. Knicks, not. But imagine we’d be able to deal Stat for Dwight and then sing CP3 in the offseason! Whew! But that’s all just a pipe dream.

  • O

    I meant SIGN CP3. We’d still have a crappy bench though. And Ronald, Lakers don’t DESERVE a damn thing! They’ve had their run, now it’s time for Chicago, Miami, New York and OKC to battle it out for the next few years.

  • Honestly

    I like to watch Jamal Crawford play, but there are actually people out there that think this is what the Bulls need to beat the Heat? That’s just not living in reality. As far as Rose being responsible for Boozer’s failings…that’s a bunch of “bull=crap” – pun intended. Boozer can’t deal with length and quickness. That’s been his problem everywhere he’s played. Rose will improve in seeing the court better and possibly make Boozer better, but Carlos is not a championship team #2 option. Dwight Howard is a #1 championship team option. Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose playing together, developing together, that would be scary for the league and the Heat. But the reality is that in order for the Bulls to get over the hump against the Heat, they probably need Howard, Rose, AND a Crawford or Crawford-like player. Please people, don’t compare having Boozer to having Howard, as I’m getting the vapors just reading it. Boozer is a nice #3 option on a championship level team, but he’d have to play better than this year.

  • khaeL21

    i think if cp3 sign for Charlotte Bobcats..! it would be great if Dwight will also follow cp3 decision.. coz for me.. Dwight is a perfect tandem for cp3.. b’coz of his ability to assist and score.. cp3 has a great vision on the court plus the addition of 1st round draft pick Alec Burks…!! a shooting guard who has the ability to score anywhere on the court!! GO JORDAN!! GO BOBCATS..!!

  • Danny23

    1. Derrick Rose, 2. Jamal Crawford, 3. Luol Deng, 4. Joakim Noah, 5. Dwight Howard..
    1. CJ Watson, 3. Ronnie Brewer/Keith Bogans, 3. Kyle Korver, 4. Taj Gibson, 5. Omar Asik

    ^ = Championship, good night.

  • Oh Nose

    that would be nice danny but it is unrealistic to get Dwight while keeping Noah..

  • ………….

    D12 and cp3 both going to miami to create the ultimate cheat team…82-0

  • smoove

    dwight is going to play with iverson in turkey

  • Kyle


  • Del

    @Teddy-the-bear….boozer’s horrible play had nothing to do with a disparity in playing with Deron versus D-Rose. Boozer has always played soft, yes even in Utah. Getting your shots blocked 50% of the time has nothing to do with rose. Constant foul trouble and dirty play has nothing to do with Rose! Missing lay-ups and 8-12 footers had nothing to do with Rose!! Boozer played like Boo-boo. Period!! In fact, Rose and other Bulls defended boozer’s soft a$$, and it winded up costing them in the end, because they needed him to step up and play hard!! He didn’t! That has nothing to do with playing alongside Rose.

  • Kevin Howard

    It would be great to get Howard to play with the Bulls with Rose make it a better chance to win a title to beat the Heat next year

  • Geori

    Rose is the wrong PG for Howard. He can’t get Boozer the ball now. Dwight Howard needs either CP3 or Deron Williams running the point. Everything else is crap. It doesn’t matter where they team up, just that they do team up.

  • dsleepy

    all of you guys saying rose and howard are not a good fit are not paying attention to what is happening in the nba right now. a lot of people thought that lebron and wade were a bad fit because they are both ball-dominant players with similar in-game strengths, but look: they’re in the finals now and primed for a chip. great players find a way to make it work. period. i personally think that “arenas + howard for whoever on the bulls” trade makes a ton of sense for chi, and arenas could end up being the steal of the deal if it goes down.

  • mitch

    Dont give away the farm just pick up a shooting guard. Ray Allen anyone?

  • swagg

    well errbody seem to forget that boozer Sucks i say trade him and our draft picks and ronnie brewer.the reason rose wont give him the ball cuz he lost trust in him come on now rose the mvp he can get anybody the ball duh

  • inkybreath

    First of all, unlike some of this league, Rose actually listens to his coach.

    If DHoward joins the Bulls, Rose will get him the ball in the post – believe it.

    Howard is not going to go out like Garnett and wait too long to get his original team in order. He is going to seek it out.

    Pray Bulls.

  • inkybreath

    off-topic lyric inspired by a loud-mouth Heat fan:

    “…LeBron is all shoulders, no head.
    Tried to make a dynasty, died nasty instead.
    Now he’s hated and debated while your faces turn red.
    His victory is sick to be eroding his cred…”

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  • Gilles Vaudois

    Dwight for Bosh and a couple of fill-in ? Imagine that…

  • Pippen what u smokin?

    After reading Dwight Howard’s recent comments about electing to become a free agent, I’ve come to realize that Dwight will land in either LA, Chi, or Orlando. I really don’t believe Deron Williams will remain in NJ (doesn’t look like Jay Z has the pull to bring in superstar talent) but I do see him heading home to Dallas. Look for Dallas to shore up it’s aging PG situation by acquiring Deron Williams..I predict JKidd will retire, Chandler, Barea, Butler will resign for a lil less to bring in Deron Williams.. CP3 will go to NY to join Amar’e and Melo, or he’ll take his talents to LA. In the end I believe Dwight Howard will choose the Bulls, he wants to win and Chicago gives him the best opportunity to win mulitple titles stopping LeBum,DumbWitts and Bostrich run of not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 titles=NO TITLES

  • grandmaster

    here is the deal,,,,he signs with the Cav’s and wins the NBA championship in his first year withthe Cav’s…..



  • dags

    I love all this speculation, but this is why we’re in a lockout!! big time players all trying to team up on big market teams aint that healthy for th league… great for th team and th fans, but just forces small market teams to overpay for mediocre talent.. just sayin

  • Garnett*celtics4life*

    it will be cool for dwight to go to the bulls but i doubt it can happen but you never know. dwight so far is defenitely not going to the lakers because the owner doesnt want to give up anyone. dwight going to the knicks would be great…he could be the big man in the center, melo could lead and amare can go back to his normal spot that he is comfortable with to me they would be the perfect big 3 kind of reminds me of the celtics big 3. oh and i would love for cp3 to be with dwight but you never know what can happen!

  • http://www.yahoo.com rich

    there is no way i would give up deng/noah/and gibson for hoWARD THATS crazyforeal im from chi-town and love da bulls but no way deng is a great layer noah is the buls heart and gibson brings power we dont need howard we need a healthy 2 guard real talk but regardless we winning the championship this year ……..