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Contest: Favorite DWade Playoff Moment?

Post a memory and win a new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.

Dwyane Wade has done it all. He’s led his college team to the Final Four, was an NBA lottery selection, and won an NBA championship. After a monster Eastern Conference Semifinals, DWade’s next challenge is bringing down the Chicago Bulls, who are coming with a full head of steam. While his team begins to prepare for a heated battle with Derrick Rose and Co., one of Wade’s partners—T-Molbile—is also ‘advancing’ to the next round.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/TheChainsRemain AP

    Nothing better for me than when Wade (as a rookie) hit the buzzer beater over B-Diddy against the Hornets in the 2004 Playoffs:

  • bigtimeballa

    My favorite memory was Dwyane Wade in game 4 of the 2006 NBA Finals. Scored 30+ and completely took over. Turned around the series and won himself a championship before Lebron. Unforgettable in my opinion.

  • flash

    the miracle shot of game 5 against the Celtics. he rolled up and had this look on his face like “the flash is back ladies and gentlemen!”

  • Andre

    When Dwade this year blocked Kevin Garnett this year of 2011 playoff and his great dunking for a PG.

  • MichaelChoo

    My favorite Dwyane Wade playoff moment without a doubt is his dunk on Jermaine O’Neal against the Pacers. One of the sickest dunks I’ve ever seen.


  • Random

    My favorite play was when he dove into the crowd at the end of game 1 against Boston . He showed some great effort plus it looked like he was attempting some sort of stage dive.

  • Hernann

    D. Wade with the crazy behind the back layup vs the Mavs in the 06 Finals

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    i personally liked his backcourt violation against the mavericks. it made it better when the league had a press release saying it wasn’t a violation despite the verbiage in the rulebook.

  • Ben Gantt

    The best D-Wade moment of the playoffs has to be when he comes back with the flu after two devastating losses in the first two games of the 2006 finals, scoring 42 points and giving momentum to the heat which would result in a 4 game win streak, making the heat the 2006 world champions.

  • baltimoresbest

    Coming back from an 0-2 deficit against Dallas in the Finals and winning in 6 games. Easily the best moment of his Playoff career was as that final horn sounded.

  • Seb

    ’06 Finals Game 5; the Heat down 10+ points before Dwyane just took over the game and helped the Heat to take control of the series.

  • Jeffco3

    You guys spelled T-Mobile wrong. “T-Molbile” Opening graf, last line.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Y’all know AT&T bought out T-Mobile and will make it official in a few months, right?
    Just saying, for those of y’all pink-dress wearing, wack fast rapping, not knowing if Dwyane will finish a dunk peeps that heart T-Mobile and can’t stand AT&T.

  • http://www.plndr.com/plndr/MembersOnly/Login.aspx?r=1784182 Donavon Haskell

    My favorite dwyane Wade moment is when D3 dunk on Anderson Varejao from the Cleveland Cavaliers it was nasty.

  • http://www.plndr.com/plndr/MembersOnly/Login.aspx?r=1784182 Donavon Haskell

    My favorite D3 moment is when D3 dunk on Anderson Varejao from the Cleveland Cavaliers it was nasty.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uRN7iJ5CqQ Donavon Haskell

    My favorite D3 moment was when D3 dunk on Anderson Varejao from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs

    easy, its gotta be game 3, ’06 finals. or even the rest of the finals after that,
    42 points, after losing 2 in dallas and then leading the Heat to 4 straight to take the chip? Dwade sh*tted on the entire mavs squad.
    he AVERAGED nearly 35 pts, 8 rebs, and 4 assists.
    shaq was on the decline, so that’s just about as close as a “one – man squad” there will ever be that wins a championship.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcmgy89_DNs Donavon

    My favorite D3 playoff moment was in the 2005 playoffs in game 4 against the Washington Wizards where D3 hit 44 points, grab 7 rebs, had 4 dimes, 2 steals, and 1 block it was crazy game and D3 prove why he is a fetaure hall of famer.

  • Donavon

    My favorite D3 playoff moment was in the 2005 playoffs in game 4 against the washington wizards where D3 hit 44 points, grab 7 rebs, had 4 dimes, 2 steals, and 1 block it was a crazy game.

  • Rasheedionics

    Game 5.. 2006 Finals.. fter Erick Dampier stuffed home an open dunk to give the Mavericks a 93-91 lead with 11 seconds remaining, the ball was given to Dwyane to tie the game or potentially win it… With his defender draped all over him, Wade drove to the basket and banked it in with two seconds left to tie the game up at 93 apiece. The Mavericks wouldn’t be able to convert on the other end and the game would be decided in overtime.

    I’m sure you know how it goes from there.

  • Kid Dynamite

    Mine has to be in last year’s first round vs the Celtics when he was shooting out of his mind and started having a conversation with his hand. He had that look like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”..

  • tinyroads

    Stern letting him get to the line so often against the Mavs in ’06? Counts? Can I say none? I just wanna win the phone.

  • shuref00t

    Body-slamming Rondo.

  • Kevin Wilson

    When he shot more free throws than Dallas.

  • http://Twitter.com/smileyoufckers Bryan

    Even though I am a Heat hater, I’ve always been a Wade fan. My favorite moment of his playoff career was definitely his dunk over Jermaine O’Neal during his rookie season. I remember a lot of people sleeping on Wade before his rookie season, and even after he played so well people still underrated him. That dunk was him announcing his arrival on the big stage and making casual fans take notice. He was already on his way to being a star, but that signature. Moment was his first step toward being a superstar.

  • Casey Roblin

    2004 Playoffs. Vs the Hornets. 11 Seconds Left. Wade crosses up Baron Davis and hits the game winning floater. “Stan Van Gundy went to the rookie and he delivered!” Clutch.

  • Kyle


  • blake saiontz

    NBA championship celebration him and shaq

  • logues

    when dallas looked like they were gonna go up 3-0 in the finals then dwade just took over the rest of that game and that series and became arguably the best player in the league during the finals in only his 3rd yr

  • randy wilson

    my fav moment waswhen wade shook kg with the little manu step threw then came back and broke ray allens ankles with the 3 u knew the celtics couldnt beat them in that moment

  • Dudley L.

    When D-Wade took over the Finals. Averging 34.7ppg for the Finals. That is my favorite D-Wade moment. I never saw someone dominate a Finals series like that(I am 16, so i didn’t see Michael Jordan live in action expect for his Wizards day)Led his team to a 4-2 series win after being down 2-0. That’s crazy!

  • clayton

    last year when he rained 3′s on the celtics in game 4

  • stayweird38


  • Maayan Dotan

    My favorite D-wade playoff moment was when he made that amaing euro step on kevin garnett. He completely comfused him and then went for an amazing back layup.

  • Ricardo Hodges

    His game winner against the hornets when he was a rookie

  • Daneee

    My favorite D-Wade Playoff Moment happened during the 4th game in the 2006 Conference Finals against the Detroit Pistons. The Heat were leading the series 2-1. Wade was struggling in the first half but made a change in the second. It was the 4th quarter, 11 minutes and 5 seconds were remaining. Gary Payton received the ball on the left corner and made his move inside. He passed the ball to Wade from between three defenders. Dwyane got the ball at the right wing and started running toward the basket. He went up with a Pistons player in front of him (unfortunately I don’t remember his name), made contact, drew the foul, turned his back to the basket and as he was falling down, he was able to extend his right arm and put the ball into the basket for a chance to make a three point play. He fell hard on his back, but quickly sit up and made the cameramen’s day. The Heat won that game and never stopped until they beat the Mavericks in the Finals and earned their first ever Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. Dwyane Wade was named the Finals MVP and proved that hard work pays off. It was my favorite moment because it was the first NBA game I watched. Since then I became a huge fan and started playing basketball too. Even though I’m a Bulls fan, it’ll be great to see these two teams play against each other the next round. I can’t wait!

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    The greatest Wade moment has to be the game against the Bulls on March 10, 2009. Wade had 48 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds, hit the three-pointer at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime, then stole the ball and shot a running-three pointer as time expired in double OT to win the game… Then he climbed on top of the table and screamed “THIS IS MY HOUSE”

  • Linos

    May 29th 2006. Wade. Eastern Conference Finals. American Airlines Arena. Game 4. Against Detroit. 2-1 series to Miami. 62-61 to Miami. 11:04 remaining in the 4th. Series momentum in the balance. He receives the ball from Payton. He drives past four Pistons. McDyess meets him to block his path. He turns his back. He draws the foul. He flips the ball over his shoulder. And-one. Pistons devastated. White Hot Heat estatic. He slides in front of cameramen on the baseline. He smiles. He ponders, “If you think that’s crazy, wait till you see what I got in store for you in the Finals.” A simple lay-up for a few. A coronation for what was to come for the many.

  • rob stewart

    His FALL SEVEN TIMES GET UP EIGHT commercials. I can’t relate to all of his awesome crossovers, dunks, spin moves, and step-back jumpers. But I know exactly what he’s talking about when he encourages his fans to get back up when they fall

  • jose

    Game 6, The Finals. Wade pulls down the final rebound of the game, only to throw it into the air in a surge of emotion. Every spectacular play,every powerful slam, every Superhuman performance; all of that was summed up into one heave in the air and a buzzer sound. The sweetest sound in the world at that moment for him, the team, and every single fan watching.Words can’t describe great moments such as those, but the announcer did his best . .”Dwyane Wade, The World Is Yours. . . “

  • ferd

    My favorite DWade moment in the playoffs happened in the Eastern Conference finals of 2006 against Detroit. In the previous year Detroit has eliminated the Heat in the playoffs. They were very physical on Dwade… very reminiscent of Jordan’s experience before he got his first ring. Fast forward to May 29 2006 4th quarter, it was a very close game and Wade catches a pass and slashes to the basket. McDyess helps on defense and Wade was hit while in midair.. he turns his back to the basket and flips the ball.. And one. DWade was unstoppable.. At the moment I knew that DWade is going to dominate the league.

    Like Michael when he finally won over Detroit, DWade and the Heat won the series and proceeded on winning the championship against Dallas. And like Michael, DWade will dominate the league for years to come.

  • http://pra.sh Prash

    I liked when DWade put the ball through the hoop. That was pretty awesome. Yeah.

  • melody

    at game 5 vs celtics when he drove to the rim and literally just flipped up the ball and made the shot (:

  • Nicholas Fitchett

    My favorite Dwayne Wade playoff moment is when he kept running blindly into the Mavs players during the 06 Finals and the refs kept calling fouls against Mavs players who were not even close enough to touch him… Turned me off of the NBA for a long time.

  • Roman

    Huddling with LBJ and Bosh after they took out the Celtics. Essentially showing they stuck together through the entire year and not just the playoffs.

  • HT

    Diving into the crowd. Willing to do what out takes to win

  • Shawna

    My favorite DWade Playoff Moment was game four when Wade took a pass from Lamar Odom and proceeded it to slam it over the 6’11″ Jermaine O’Neal who was in his prime considered one of the best defenders in the league at the time.

  • Steve Crisostomo

    My favorite moment was his block on kevin garnett. highlight of the whole game.

  • Yaniv C

    Every moment from Wade is a special moment!

  • Saifur Rob

    When D-Wade drained 42 points in game 3 of the 2006 finals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5n7UEEkw8M

  • Michael

    My favorite moment is each time he steps on the floor.

  • Deuane

    His playoff series when he dunked over. Jermaine O’neal and Shaq gave him his nickname “Flash”

  • mo

    Best moment ever is rookie dwade’s 3-pt shot against baron davis in 2004 playoffs to lead heat past hornets. Strong second: soring 19 pts str8 vs pistons in 2006 playoffs

  • Nathan To

    The best D-Wade moment of the playoffs has to be when he comes back with the flu after two devastating losses in the first two games of the 2006 finals, scoring 42 points and giving momentum to the heat which would result in a 4 game win streak, making the heat the 2006 world champions!

  • James

    My favorite? When Dwade and the Miami Heats win the 2011 NBA Playoffs this year.

  • andre powell

    Definately the mavs series in 2006. That come back was epic

  • Taranvir

    My favourite Dwayne Wade moment was in the 2006 playoff finals when Dwayne Wade perservered throughout the series. He saw what he had to get, and he didn’t give up in the end. This is true character and dedication.

  • Summer

    When before he became popular, Wade had game winning point vs Charlotte in 2004 Playoffs.

  • Li

    my favorite dwade playoff moment was when he took over the series against Dallas in the 2006 NBA Finals. Even though Dallas was probably the better team, dwade was unstoppable and wound up winning the Finals MVP

  • William

    Favorite shot was during Eastern conference finals 2006 game 3 against Pistons. Wade got a pass from Payton and made an impossible shot against McDyess and company. It was a thing of beauty in terms of aesthetics, raw power, athletitism, control, hang time and difficulty. I was there for that game and the picture still hangs in my office. Quintassential Wade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yyx7YpyWgVs&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • gamafree

    D-Wade’s no look shot in game 5 versus the Celtics.

  • Keenan

    My favorite D-wade playoff moment is his domination of dallas in game 4 of the 2006 playoffs that lead to an eventual championship. He controlled that series after losing the first 2.

  • Damian

    DWade taking ova in Gm 4 vs. Boston

  • Sven

    44 points against Washington in 2005

  • Howard

    My favorite Dwayne Wade moment was when he led the Redeem Team to victory (not Lebron) as the top scorer. This was special because I remember all the doubters saying: “he’s done. He’s had too many surgeries. He’ll never be the same.” D3 proved them wrong with a gold medal

  • Josh

    My favorite DWade playoff memory is in the Finals against the Mavs. I know he had the flashy dunks against just about everybody, the flip over the shoulder against the Pistons, but this was the biggest moment of his basketball career, and he came through. It was game 3, 61-60 for the Mavs, and Wade had the ball at the top of the 3 point line. He went left, spun back to his right arond Stackhouse and finished the lay-up at the rim around 3 defenders and got the foul. Incredible play on the biggest stage.

  • Tommy Rodriguez

    Wades dunk over one of the best defensive player at time, Anderson Varejao. Poster dunk! Kodak Moment! King Kong slamming on Empire State building moment! WHAT A DUNK!!!

    Clip of my favorite Wade moment so everyone could be amazed by it.

  • Eric Wilborn

    All of them. How can you hate DWade’s playoff performances? I’m even from the Chicago area and it’s still hard to hate.

  • fernandogarcia

    im from Miami so my favorite dwade playoff moment is definatly the moment were he grabbed the rebound after a missed three by jason terry and threw it in the air……. a moment that will stay in my head forever…… dwade is the man and to me and is the greatest athlete in miami sports history

  • phommacharinh

    My favorite d-wade playoff moment was when he was being sooo aggressive he caused rajon rando to dislocate his elbow. Eventually giving the miami heat all the momentum to advance. He showed courage, strenght, and desirability. Sure it was his fault don’t blame the guy for trying to gain possesion of the ball. This had put the heat over the semi final hump and landed them a spot in the eastern finals.

  • Frank

    If game 3 of the 2006 finals doesn’t win this contest, then I just don’t know. I’ve never seen a more prolific scorer (points and percentage) take a team on his shoulders and work the frontrunner the way wade did. Let’s not forget how he blocked the in bounds pass as time expired. Wow!! just the memory gives me a chill. There’s a ton to choose from…Wades “hot hand” game vs 2010 Celtics, his rookie year game winner over B-Davis, the “back flip” circus shot vs. Detroit in the 2006 E. conf Finals. I could go on, but I don’t have to. Game 3…Epic.

  • Diego Terreno

    It’s strange, but i think the last seconds of game 6 against Dallas in 2006 Finals when Dwade understood that it was not a dream, but he really won the championship!

  • Kim A

    I cannot pick a specific, there’s just too many. Just watching him play is amazing-he can pull the flashy moves/but doesn’t have a huge ego&shows off(sometimes lol). He kinda started as an underdog-picked a team in need if major improvement and has brought them together&to the top with illnesses/injuries….as I see it: D.Wade doesn’t play for the team-he plays with them-but if a game’s looking grim he’ll take the lead and ‘clean up’!

  • ai come back

    5 threes against boston to make it look like the heat had a chance against the no 2 team last year after the 4th three he looks at his hand like its burnin dwade is a team carrier nuf said

  • http://youtu.be/yv6737AR_eY Frances

    My favorite Dwayne Wade performances during the finals was his over-all performance in the 2006 Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. He really showed his true talents in that game.

  • Frances
  • http://www.lallovigil.com Lallo

    When the Mavs were leading the series 0-2 and Dwade brought his team to win the series. Hopefully we see a rematch again this year to see the Heat take it again.

  • Chauda

    Let’s take it back to 2004, Miami Heat vs. New Orleans Hornets. This was a defining moment. With just a little over 4secs to go for the game, tied, Flash took B-Diddy with a behind the leg crossover, attacked the hoop with confidence and floated up a game-winner. That erased all the “who is this guy?” type of thinking. A star was born.

  • Ian

    I was just 5 years old when DWade came into the league, so its hard for me to remember much in his first few years. I do remember the 2006 NBA Finals against the Mavericks when the Heat were down in the series 0-2 and Wade had four huge games scoring 42,36,43, and 36, leading one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history. I remember being allowed to stay up to watch game 6 because the Heat had a chance to close out the series, and I watched the entire game wearing my Dwyane Wade jersey. Let’s hope they get another chance this year in the Finals.

  • http://slamonline.com AllDayEveryDay

    My favorite D Wade moment is when he got dunked on by Taj Gibson in the Eastern Conference Finals game 1 5/15/2011.

  • http://slamonline.com Chester

    favorite moment of wade when was when he got dunked all over by taj gibson in game one of the east finals 2011.

  • http://twitter.com/projecthope7 Cathy B

    hard to pick but would probably be the miracle shot of game 5 against the Celtics

  • Phenom

    My favorite moment was when Wade put his team on his back and made a changing history moment…. Down by 13 points with 5 minuets at home against Mavs and won the series….That game prove the world Wade is here to stay for a long time and consider as a future H.O.F!!!!! Can’t wait Mavs vs Heat 2011 Finals rematch were Amazing Happens…..

  • Zoom

    My favorite D-Wade moment was when it was his first time in the playoffs. He was just a rookie and it was game 1 last seconds of the game. D-
    Wade had the ball and made the shot. He earned lots of his respect that day.

  • Daio

    My favorite Dwyane Wade moment has to be when it all started. It was Game 1 against the Hornets, and as we all know, Stan Van Gundy went to the rookie. You gotta wonder what he was thinking at that moment when it happened–

    “Dwyane, you’re getting the ball. Everyone else, clear out,” Stan could’ve said.

    – and him face to face with Baron Davis, known around the league as a leader, and tough as nails. He put it through his legs once, hesitated to the side, and during all this, you could see Davis set in his stance, and could almost hear what he was thinking.

    “I’m gonna shut this rook down.”

    Then Dwyane shook him to the right while he headed left and finished with a chill floater.

    Guess Dwyane thought different.

  • Kenneth

    My favorite D-Wade moment was when he carried the Heat over the Mavs in Game 3 of the 06 Finals, coming from behind and win.

  • arthur
  • Kisporoly

    My favorite moment from Dwyane’s career is the moment where the clock stopped at 0.0, and you couldn’t hear the buzzer because of the loud and proud fans of the Miami Heat. Yes, I’m talking about the 2006 Finals. Wade grabbed the last rebound and launched the ball in the air. That was the time when the whole world went crazy and loud. A new superstar was born. He ran to midfield and from the TV broadcast you could only see the big crowd moving with him. The whole team gathered around him and celebrated Dwyane like the new king. In fact he WAS the new king of the NBA after being crowned as the Finals MVP. He showed that being a great leader takes a lot of hard work but it can be achieved.

  • knicker

    My favorite moment was in 2004 when he was in his rookie year. First round of the playoffs, Heat vs Hornets, game tied at 79 with 4 seconds left to play. Wade got the ball with tight defense on him, made a crossover, and powered through the empty lane. Only a second passed and he was facing the whole Hornets team in front of him, but it didn’t hold him back. Wade was confident, he believed in himself (which is the most important thing in these kind of situations) and hit the floater over 3 players. As the ball was flying towards the basket, the whole American Airlines Arena stood up. Hands were starting to reach into the air because 20,000 fans knew what was going to happen. The ball hit its highest point in its flight and millions of people watching the game on TV soon realised they (too) were witnessing on of the biggest moments, which really gave a boost to Dwyane’s career. There was nothing like seeing this moment in live (even on TV). If you watch it on the internet it can’t give you the same feeling. Just look at me, I’m cheering for New York but seeing it really made a big difference in my life. So the ball started falling down and down… It was like a neverending moment. Then it finally went through the net with 1.3 seconds remaining from the game. And I think you know the story from here. It was the game winning shot and the moment when Wade really earned his respect which he carried on to this day including his 2006 championship run on his way.

  • http://gpa gerardo


  • Robert B

    when dwade brought the heat back to win against the mavs in the 06′ finals. balled it up.