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Cavs Thinking of Making Enes Kanter Top Draft Pick?

Despite the initial general assumption that Kyrie Irving was Cleveland-bound, the Cavs have yet to decide who they’ll select as the top overall pick, but Enes Kanter seems to have moved up their draft board quite a bit. From the Plain Dealer: “Turkish center Enes Kanter told reporters in Minnesota that he was returning to Cleveland for a second workout on Monday, and his agent told reporters Kanter was scheduled to meet Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Agent Max Ergul also told Minnesota reporters Kanter was not ‘auditioning’ for the No. 4 pick, clearly indicating he thought his client could be taken with the No. 1 pick. Kanter worked out in Cleveland last Tuesday and worked out in Minnesota today. Derrick Williams also was scheduled to work out for the Wolves [Thursday.]“

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  • Goode7

    I would personally go Derrick Williams at No. 1 and see who is available at 4, possibly Kanter, probably Knight. Trade Sessions and a piece for an upgraded big man to play the middle and you have Knight, Williams, Hickson and a new big man to work around.

  • riggs

    They do not need irving.

  • george w buckets

    Could Minnesota send Jonny Flynn and the 2nd pick to Cleveland for the 4th pick? Now that Rubio is officially a Wolf.

  • Josh

    @george Why would Minny give up the 2 pick and a decent player for a 4 pick? They would be moving down in the draft and losing a player.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Risky…I’m thinking for CLeveland, WIlliams is thier best option.

  • george w buckets

    @josh cleveland can add jamison’s expiring contract in as well. Minnesota has rubio coming in, and I believe ridnour is still going to be around next season. After Flynn was out for a chunk of this past season, he was stuck in Rambis’ doghouse. Plus with Kahn running the show you never know, may pick another PG in Knight or Walker.

  • http://countdownnba.blogspot.com/ Clay

    As a hardcore NBA fan, I love seeing all the foreign talent. Kanter would be a great pick for Cleveland, maybe even better than Irving.

  • Bimmer

    Flynn’s not even decent. What does everyone see in Johnny Flynn? What am I missing?

  • http://dsfjklf.com Jukai

    SLAM can fall pretty far behind in the news of some stuff. Cavs looked like they were considering Kanter but have come out saying they’ll probably go with Irving or Williams cause they want a sure thing.
    @Bimmer: I was a huge Flynn fan, but even I was taken back as I thought the guy would be nothing more than a 15-20 minute a night backup guard. You see, Flynn was the perfect anti to Rubio, so everyone who was hating on the Rubio hype decided to amp up Flynn to make it seem like Rubio had no chance at the starting spot in Minny. Obviously, things haven’t gone that way.

  • Groves

    @george.. wtf. what are you thinking…

  • Josh

    @george Theredefinitely isn’t a spot for both Flynn and Ridnour with Rubio taking over, but then Cleveland (assuming they use one pick to take Irving) has multiple pg’s in Davis, Irving, Flynn and Sessions. I think Cleveland is less likely to take on more point guards through trades and more likely to look at a big man.

  • george w buckets

    The article is about Cleveland thinking about taking Kanter with the first pick, when it has been thought they would take Irving with the overall top pick. I’m assuming that with the Cavs next pick in the lottery, they would take Derrick Williams or if Irving isn’t there at #4. That’s why I thought Flynn could be a PG Minnesota could send to Cleveland if they really wanted another PG, with NBA experiece.

  • rich

    cleveland isnt stupid they dont need jamisons contract, all they will trade for is picks, cap space is useless if no1 wants to sign there

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    “Why would Minny give up the 2 pick and a decent player for a 4 pick? They would be moving down in the draft and losing a player.”
    One – because this draft SUCKS.
    Two – because Flynn SUCKS in Minny’s system.
    Three – teams look to move down in the draft all the time. Nothing new.
    Four – because it’s KAHHHHNNNN!

  • Josh

    @Enigmatic You still wouldn’t give a player and a number 2 pick for a number 4 pick. That doesn’t make sense. Could I see Minny giving the 2 pick to Cleveland for the 4 pick and a bum? Yes. Minny giving Flynn and 2 makes no sense whatsoever.
    I realize the draft isn’t great, wouldn’t you still rather be higher than lower?
    I realize Flynn has not been very good, wouldn’t you rather keep him or trade him for something useful for your team rather than throw him away?
    I realize teams look to move down, but they don’t do it by giving players and picks for just a pick, that is backwards and stupid.
    Point number 4 is valid.

  • Josh

    @george They aren’t taking Kanter No.1, that would almost be as stupid as giving Flynn and No.2 for a No.4

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    You aren’t wrong about MInnesota not giving up Flynn and moving down Josh. But you really have no idea how good Kanter is or isn’t. Will be or won’t be. I’ve seen a decent amount of Kanter, and if I was Cleveland (considering I’m already peachy at the point with Sessions, and this draft blows more then any draft since 01) I would take Kanter.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Of course, I’m simply playing devil’s advocate at this point, but –
    It depends on the player. You gotta think the Wolves are already looking into getting rid of Flynn. Rubio’s been Kahn’s golden boy, and I’m sure they don’t want to deal with the awkwardness of having their “point guard of the future” playing alongside their um, point guard of the future. So why not deal him away sooner rather than later before it hurts team morale?
    Of course, you’d have to take a player back to send Flynn off to Cleveland, so it wouldn’t be just Flynn and a pick for a pick.
    Honestly, in this draft the difference between number 2 and number four is extremely insignificant. You’re either getting a future role player or a future role player. Take your pick.
    Of course, they’d love to hold on to Flynn for something better, but like I said, they’re gonna wanna deal him soon if they’re smart. A Flynn/Rubio combo won’t work. It just won’t. There will be blood.
    And like I said before, it would most likely have to be a player and a pick for a player and a pick.
    And why would taking Kanter number one be stupid?
    Seriously, Kyrie Irving is NOT head and shoulders better than Enes Kanter.
    In fact, Kanter was projected to be the number one overall pick by many people for most of last season.
    Him not playing hurt his stock, but he practiced with the UK team all year so it’s not like dude was sitting on his a$$.

  • george w buckets

    good one Josh lol. keep ignoring the points I’m trying to make. As president of the Kyrie Irving fan club I’m sure any speculation that Irving doesn’t get picked number 1 in this draft would be a setback for you. I also think that Cleveland should pick Irving #1, but if they don’t, why not shop around for veteran players, whether they are point guards or not.

  • Josh

    @george I said multiple times they should draft Williams, so good on you for ignoring everything I’ve said too! They shouldn’t shop for pg’s because they don’t need them. I agree with NBK, Sessions is fine at the point, you still have Davis, why would you look for more? Like I said in the first post, the only way I take another pg is if it is at the 4spot and it is Knight, but then I would immediatly shop Sessions or Davis for a big man.

    @Enigmatic, Yeah all I was saying is it would be ridiculous to give a player and your 2pick for a 4pick. I’m not against getting rid of Flynn, I’m just saying they need to do it in the right way, and if they can’t I do think Flynn can be a backup for him.
    I think taking Kanter would not be the wise choice simply because I see a bigger need for Cleveland to have a playmaker, an athletic wing, and that is what I see Williams as. I think he is the most NBA ready and I think it is a good fit with Davis and Hickson. Never have I said they should take Irving, I 100% believe Williams should be their top pick.

  • T-Money

    i wouldn’t take irving at number 1. you’d like someone in that spot that at least as the potential to be a game changer, franchise dude. derrick williams is not better than kyrie now but he does have that potential.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    The cavs need to get their mind right and pick Kanter first. F*ck all that ish, whenever there’s a big that loves to bang down low, can finish around the basket with relative ease and hit from deep whenever needed, take dude first. I’m not sold on Irving and DW’s potential, KI could be a very good PG someday but dude is no CP. DW on the other hand is a tweener, so………..

  • Josh

    Imagine if they did take Kanter, what that would mean for other teams..
    Minny would grab Irving/Williams and since they don’t need or have space for them they would either trade Irving/Williams or Rubio/Beasley. Utah would then get either Irving/Williams which would lead to the trade of Harris/Hayward or Miles. Cleveland then takes Knight, leading to the trade of Sessions/Davis.

    Too bad Kanter’s stock wasn’t rising, otherwise they might be able to grab Williams at the No.1 spot and Kanter at 4.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I still think the Cavs grabbing Kanter at 4 is possible tho.
    Minny already has Love.
    And Utah already has Millsap and Favors.
    So it’s still a possibility the Cavs could get Kanter at 4.
    But it’s just as strongly a possibility that they can’t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    This is probably the worst draft class I’ve lived through other than maybe 2000

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Matic, Kanter is big enough to play the 5. I don’t see how he gets past Utah. Favors/Kanter would be one h*ll of a combo down low for the future. While Harris is a PG that is likely better then everyone in this draft. Irving and Knight are the only guards I see with even potential to have the same success Devin Harris has had.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    So then what does Utah do with Al Jefferson?
    Jefferson, Favors, Millsap, Kanter. At least one of those dudes would have to go.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I would assume they use Jefferson to get a 2. Like OJ Mayo if Memphis can’t resign Marc Gasol. Regardless though, Favors isn’t even ready for heavy NBA minutes, Kanter will be somewhere behind that. So having all 4 of those guys won’t be too big of an issue for atleast 1 season. (Favors and Kanter were both projected #1 overall picks in 2011 BTW, Favors before he entered the draft last season, and Kanter before this college season started)

  • Josh

    Jefferson for Ellis?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    GS values Ellis like a superstar. GS would have to give up Jefferson and Harris, or Jefferson and Millsap to get Ellis. Atleast that’s what it sounds like from the statements given by the Warriors front office.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Utah* would have to give up

  • baykusreyiz

    it would be the best choice they ever made

  • T-Money

    Derrick Williams is not a tweener to me, he’s a 3 that was too big and athletic for college. Arizona just did not have two big guys that were good enough for him to play the 3.

  • julianne

    Derrick Williams is a winner or as the sportscasters call him a gamer. All Miller had to do all season was give him a signal and he would elevate his game. He played the 4 because the UA needed him to. You have to remember in the PAC10 all of their opponents would collapse about three players on him defensively whenever he had the ball and he still scored on average almost 20 points a game for the season. And on ESPN’s Sports Science he made 9 out of 10 from NBA 3 point range which compared his shoot and release to Kevin Durant. There is no way Irving or Kanter can come close to that.

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    I don’t know how anyone can argue with Josh. It makes absolutely no sense to trade Flynn and the second pick for the fourth pick. When teams DO trade down (in the NFL most of the time), it’s to accumulate more picks. Like, I’ll give you the second pick in exchange for the fourth pick + your second round pick. In the NBA most of the time picks are traded for players (e.g. Boston trading the 5th pick for Ray Allen in 2007).
    You know what, forget what I just typed. I’d like to sell my PS3 for $1000. any takers?

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    I really hope the Wizards get Kanter, although I doubt it.

  • Atsushi

    He would clearly be No. 1 if he had played last year.

  • papabearATL

    I would pick whoever I thought Orlando needed and prepare to negotiate, lol! I don’t think either team needs another PG, though. Kanter would work in Cleveland.

  • http://www.youtube.com/xxNtGxx NtG

    Irving at 1, Kanter/Jonas at 4. I’m praying that they dont take Dwilliams, i think he is very overrated.