Saturday, June 25th, 2011 at 12:11 pm  |  8 responses

Collins Says Iguodala Not Being Shopped

Doug Collins says the Sixers want Andre Iguodala back next season. We say we want every summer day to be sunny. From the Philadelphia Daily News: “The coach insists he wants Iguodala to return, even though Iguodala didn’t exactly embrace the idea when asked following the Game 5 playoff loss to Miami. Still, Collins’ public stance is that the team is better with Iguodala. So he is looking forward to a sit-down. ‘We want Dre,’ Collins said after the press conference on Friday for draft choices Nikola Vucevic and Lavoy Allen at PCOM. ‘We want him back. He got nicked up last year and was hurt and we think Dre is one of the reasons we are a good defensive team.’”

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  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Good, Keep him

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick the Quick

    Gone, baby, gone.

  • Trade U

    Disclaimer* “I am a sixers fan,” I dont think the sixers need to trade Dre @ all.Seems like they have all the pieces in place they just need time…and great job by the front office w/ the picks and the free agency. it looks like as time goes on that the sixers have created a great direction w/alot of talent.Ive been critical like most of philly.but trading Dre for what position?if you say SG.lets see what ETurner can do year 2 under a great coach.with that said lol. how about Dre anD EBrand for Dwight Howard? or Brandon Roy and Greg Oden for EB and Evan Turner.Go Sixers!

  • rich

    riiight this is gonna be like “i wont rest till cleveland has a title” dres gonna consistantly drop 30 on philly after they trade him

  • MikeC.

    Maybe this is only being said because no deal will get done before the lockout, and they don’t want Iggy sitting around pissed off all summer.

  • Stainless

    not shopped, shipped.

  • add

    after seeing who they drafted i think he’s staying, if he were leaving they would’ve drafted jordan hamilton, but ya never know…

  • Lyger-Shark

    They should keep him. They have good pieces in place.