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Contest: We’ve Got History

Here’s your chance to win some dope Mitchell & Ness gear!

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

One-hundred and fifty issues deep, it’s fair to say we’ve been doing our thing for a minute. And so has Mitchell & Ness.

Down with us since way back in the day, if you’ve seen and read SLAM 150, you know Mitchell & Ness is still cool with us today.

In honor of SLAM 150, in honor of AI being back on the cover in a throwback, M&N has generously gifted us something to give away to one of you. And while a throwback 76ers jersey would’ve been nice (they’re all out of stock), this 76ers Underdog Windbreaker will more than suffice. (Want to know some of the ‘breakers stats? Peep more info on it here.)

Here’s how you can win the Windbreaker:

In the comments section below, please tell us what your favorite memory of Allen Iverson is and why. Try to be concise, and be sure to provide your real email address if you want us to be able to contact you. Only one entry allowed per person. The contest will run until tomorrow morning. Until then, get to work on those memories!

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  • cg

    I was at the sixers game when Bush announced that we were going to war with Iraq. The players has just come out to warm up for the second half, then they had to go back to their locker rooms to wait it out while Bush was on TV. When the teams came back out, AI looked pissed. I don’t if it was because of the war or because W interrupted his warm up time. Either way, the answer went bananas in the second and single-handedly won that game for Philly. AI was the coldest.

  • JM

    my favorite A.I. memory was “The Crossover” when Iverson brought the cross over to the league and he got MJ! As a rookie when he crossed up Jordan I knew he was something special!

  • James

    “Practice? We talkin about practice.” nuff said.

  • DeeJayWalker

    When AI Crossed MJ ! It was so EPIC ! i mean you know jordan from his crossover on bryon russel in the finals, so you never thouqht that MJ will EVER be crossed . He played LOCKDOWN D on anyone and Everyone ! To see younq AI crossed him Shocked The WORLD ! That let everybody know that this younq kid is the REAL DEAl.

  • Jake

    I have been to MSG once with my mother and the one time I was there, I saw the 76ers play the Knicks. As a fun wager, my mother and I bet that if AI scored 50 that night, she would have to carry me on her back around time square. My mother is a very petite woman and I’m about 6 inches taller than her and about 40 pounds heavier. Needless to say, the game was amazing, seeing MSG was amazing and seeing AI drop 49 was just as amazing even if I didn’t win the bet to have my mom carry me on her back around MSG.

  • Elisabeth

    To tell you the truth im probably too young to know him all that much but i know he was rookie of the year in 1997 and i look up to that. But i would really like to win this windbreaker for my brother because he loves watching sports and i think the jacket would make him happy.

  • Cmac

    It has to be game 1 of the 2001 finals, AI stepping over Tyron Lue after he nailed the J in his face. Just classic AI attitude, taking down the nearly invincible Shaq and Kobe fuelled Lakers, pretty much single handedly. I have the 76ers box set and I’ve watched that game more times than I can remember. The little warrior will always be my favourite player. Shout out to Tzvi Twersky, loved the AI write up in SLAM #150.

  • Philipp

    Has to be the dunk over the Raptors, where he ends up on Marcus Camby’s shoulders. Was on the first Top 10 here in Germany that i videotaped….played that video a million times for inspiration!

  • AMPduppp

    My favorite A.I. has to be his practice rant. I know it wasn’t a game where he beasted out or a moment on the court where he simply took over, but it’s still my favorite because it summarized everything Iverson was about. He wasn’t about to cater to Sternbot and the media with politically correct answers. Just like practicing, he wasn’t about to do it cuz that wasn’t him. He was gonna do his thing and you could hate him or love him for it; he didn’t care. Iverson broke the mold and that’s why I love him

  • http://twitter.com/jaydizzy1 Jay Mehta

    My favorite memory of A.I is his crossover jumper over Michael Jordan. Growing up, I idolized Michael Jordan (just like everybody else) and thought that he was invincible. Seeing how he almost crossed Jordan over with his 1st move, and then ACTUALLY did it with his 2nd, it was amazing to see how a person of that stature could be so good with the basketball in his hands, and how he could even dominate the GOAT, even if it was only for one highlight. Allen Iverson making Jordan seem like a regular player is my favorite memory of him, even though Jordan almost blocked the shot anyways.

  • Fuad

    My favorite memory of Allen Iverson happened during the NBA Finals. My Lakers were unbeat entering the finals, they swept everyteam they faced all the way to the finals. I though we would go unbeaten the rest of the way, but Iverson said nope, no way no how. The first game of the finals he went off and LA lost the first game. After the first game, I though we are in trouble…thanks to Kobe and Shaq however, LA regather itself and won the title.

  • chinadian123

    My best memory of AI is when he did that monster put back against the raptors in 98′ and the 10 steals he had vs the magic during game 3 of the 1993 playoffs! AI will always be a legend!

  • George

    Crossing-over the legendary Michael Jordan The Sixers were playing host to the Bulls when Iverson came up the floor and was encountered by Jordan. In a play that perhaps represented the passing of a torch, Iverson faked to his left, then crossed-over to his right and blew past Jordan before sinking a jumper. The start of Iverson’s legend was cemented in one play

  • http://fellbowski.wordpress.com/ Everett Fell

    Working for a promotional company in the summer of 2001 in New York City, I was fortunate to receive a free trip to Philly and had the pleasure to hear the fans in West Philadelphia take to the streets after the Answer put up 48 points and led an over-matched Sixers team to an upset, over-time victory in LA to start the Finals. No offense to the former Temple Owl, but Aaron McKie failed to provide an adequate scorer for AI to dish to so the often misunderstood phenom took over against a stacked Lakers team resulting in little sleep that night for this New Yorker who had not witnessed such controlled fervor for a victory since Ewing’s put-back dunk in ’94.

  • Julian Z

    My favorite Allen Iverson memory has to be his 48 pt Game 1 performance in the 2001 Finals against the Lakers. The Lakers, who I have come to loathe so passionately over my 15+ years of watching NBA basketball, were virtually unstoppable. They won a ludicrous 15 of 16 games that postseason, and I dreaded their inevitable championship win. But Iverson wasn’t exactly one to back down from the competition, and his utter dominance of that first game in the Finals had me going berserk. Culminating in his infamous stepover of Tyronn Lue, Iverson’s Game 1 was sublime in my young eyes, and was my favorite memory of The Answer.

  • Mark

    My favorite moment was when he crossed MJ twice. Even though Jordan dominated him, watching AI challenge the G.O.A.T. at such a young age showed he had heart.

  • http://www.washingtonevolution.com Dante Jackson

    My favorite most memorable & favorite AI moment had to be the year his Sixers made the Finals… AI hit a three pointer from the corner as the Lakers guard Tyronn Lue tried to guard him… AI hits the three, but the moment was afterwards… Lue somehow ended up on the ground & AI gave him this SMH look and stepped over him! That will be forever etched in my mind!

  • Darius

    A.I is my fav player of all time so its hard to pick just one memory. But imma have to go with Game 1 of the 01 Finals. Alot of people forget that the Lakers had 19 straight games going in & the Sixers where coming off two consecutive series that went 7 games. Not only where people picking the Lakers to win but they where picking the Sixers to get swept. A.I walked in with his custom I3 durag & his custom Eagles jersey with his manager Gary Moore. He took over the 1st half with 30 points but didnt have the same success in the 2nd half due to the “defense” of Tyronn Lue. Then overtime came & A.I came with 7 straight points with along with a big shot from Eric Snow helped close the game. Just great to see A.I on the big stage. Oh and as far as Lue stopping Iverson, as he told Gus Johnson after the game with a smile on his face “He was holding me the whole time”

  • Ryan

    Being a Philly resident and lifelong Sixers fan, my favorite memory of AI was his emotional homecoming last year. He may have given the world years of exciting moments that will be reflected upon through this post, but watching our son return home to us and kiss our logo @ center court will never be forgotten.

  • add

    as all of yall know im an avid philly supporter, its my city through the good times and bad. i was still very young when AI was around but he was the man. From takin the sixers to the finals or being on every espn video game cover (he was on it like 4 times str8!). the man will always be a legend in my neighborhood and in my household, much love to the man.

  • Chris G

    My fav AI moment was gm 1 of the 2003 NBA Finals where he went off for 48 and the sixers won in OT. The stand out moment was when AI drilled a 3 from the corner with Lue drapped all over him, Lue fell, AI knocked down the 3 and adamantly stepped over Lue as the Sixers went on the steal gm 1.

  • Shaun Aaron

    My favorite Allen Iverson moment is from gm 1 of The 2001 Finals vs The Lakers. The whole game was amazing as he dropped 48 points. The best moment for me was the cross over step back shot over Tyronn Lue and then he stepped over him. Best moment ever!

  • robert lewis

    iverson is my favorite player of all-time and there are so,so many memories of this great player,so i will state the best memory is his loyalty to the game.

  • Max H

    When he crossed jordan over! TWICE!

  • Fat Lever

    My favorite AI memory is seeing him posted up at corner of 13th and Montgomery, at Temple University, in his Bentley, just chilling, people-watching, as I’d walk by him and his crew on my way to class. For all the impressive stuff he did on the court, he was still about the same size as me in college. Makes you, as a fan, appreciate his accomplishments on the court that much more.

  • Johnson Liu

    greatest Allen iverson moment for me was when he defined that heart was more important than height in one of his interview in ankle breakers vol.1. not just that, he also described that (quote: “I don’t want to be isiah, don’t want to be jordan or magic when my careers over I’m gonna look in the mirror and say I did it my way.”) meaning he wanted to create his own legacy before he retires. but unfortunately, he moved turkish league and played for the besiktas to continue/pursue his basketball career. I personally do believe that he would return to the NBA and pick up where he left off. in conclusion, my greatest Allen Iverson moment is where he has gone through the highs and lows in his career but still continuing to reach his goal in becoming a hall of famer by accomplishing and striving hard what he does best on the court with heart.

  • Pic

    It has to be the 2002 All Star Game when AI came out rocking the #6 in tribute of the Doctor, playing in front of the Philly crowd. I thought that a huge reason for AI’s success was his knowledge and respect for the history of the game, and specifically Sixer basketball. Hope I can show my appreciation in my own manner rocking that Mitchell & Ness. Medium, please!

  • David J. Moore, IV

    My favorite moment was in the 2001 Eastern Conference Semis. The epic Vince Carter/Allen Iverson battle. It was dubbed a “good guy vs. bad guy” series with Iverson being cast as the villan. After the series was over, Iverson got the most respect. He also got the MVP trophy during this series, too. The second player (Michael Jordan – 1st)to score 50+ points in the same playoff series vs. Toronto. One of the best individual playoff performances ever.

  • Joey

    Definetely the 2001 NBA Finals. He was the highlight of the series. I remembver when he did the stepback on Tyronne Lue, and then walked over him after he made it. I’ll always remember that.

  • Curtis

    What I remember was his corn-rows. They made him look bad ass and he started a trend.

  • http://hoopism.com airs

    i’m a bulls fan, so while AI crossing MJ was cold, i still can’t say that was my favorite haha.
    its gotta be when he stepped over tyronn lue. as a 13 year old kid watching that, i thought it was one of the coolest things ive seen a player do, and i was just hoping for a day where i’d be able to do that to someone.
    but then i realized im not AI and doing that on the street would probably result in a beatdown.

  • Linos

    My favourite memory was actually when he was interviewed on Quite Franly with Stephen A. Smith in 2005. Reason was that in that interview you really got to see the real AI and anyone who was/is a true AI fan can’t tell me that after that interview you gained a greater respect for the man.


  • 6ftshaq

    My favorite memory of AI was back when he played for Denver and was playing the rockets that night. Chuck Hayes got fouled and was taking his free throws. AI was making fun of his form and started laughing and said “travel,that’s a travel.”

  • Ian

    My favorite memory of Allen Iverson was the press conference when he kept talking about practice.

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    I had always appreciated Allen Iverson, but I think the moment that made him my favorite player was when he cried after being eliminated by the Charlotte Hornets in 2000. I’ve seen players cry (most recently Bosh). I just felt that at that moment, AI didn’t want anyone to see him weep, but he just couldn’t help it. That made the run to the Finals and the MVP the very next year extremely satisfying for me. Of course, I don’t know Allen Iverson and the way I interpreted that moment may be very different from how he actually felt, but that’s sports fandom, isn’t it?

  • Dudley L.

    Finals 2001. My homeboy Allen Iverson has the ball. Tyronn Lue on him. AI takes one dirbble, than cross over between is legs.l Tyron Lue bites on it. AI takes the jumper, SWISSHHHH! in lue’s face. BUT the best part of course, Lue falls in front of Iverson and is bench and AI just steps over. COLD BLOODED!

  • J2ice

    My favourite moment (most memorable too) was when AI, after all the chaos with in the post-Denver trade, bouncing around the NBA, finally came back home to Philly land, and kissed the mid-court before the start of the game. There’s nothing better than the hero coming back home.

  • J Mac

    When he sent notice to the world that he was born to take the crown.
    The crosses he put on MJ were crazy. Reebok executives musthave been crying tears of joy watching it on repeat.

  • Billy

    The commercial where he sits on the trainers table before the game and it goes over all his injuries and the announcer is talking about them and saying how tough he is. Watching him play through injuries as the small guy and just scoring at will some nights is something no one in the NBA like him can match today. Time to go to work!

  • Niko gaspar

    Everyone alreadt had some great moments…but id have to say jada and a.i commercial tops it all. You know everyone and they mommas was tryin that behind the back spin crossover…pretty made way for and 1.

  • Erik Franke

    It most definitely has to be AI’s rookie year when they were playing the Bulls. Jordan was guarding AI. Most players would be a little nervous to have the best player ever on them. It didn’t faze Iverson. He crosses Jordan up and then hit the jumper from the free throw line. It really proved that he is the “Answer”.

  • Michael

    My favorite memory of AI was that Georgetown vs Uconn game in the Big East Tourney when Ray ALlen hit that little runner at the buzzer to win it. AIs energy and speed that game was insane. I knew he was going to be a legend after watching him play in that game. That was my first and favorite memory of AI

  • deejaynola

    My favorite Allen Iverson memory is the 2001 50th All Star game when he single-handedly (with a lil help from Starbury) helped the East come back from a huge deficit with 8 or 9 mins left to win the game and the MVP. AI scored like 12 or 16 of the East’s final 25 points in the final minutes. I still have this game on a VHS tape and watch it from time to time even though I already know the outcome. EPIC

  • PatFondz

    My favorite memory was seeing him return as a 76er in ’09. I remember watching the press conference after the Sixers announced they had just signed him, and seeing A.I’s emotion throughout the entire thing. I still remember watching his first home game, seeing him kiss the 76er’s logo in the middle of the court and the crowd just going crazy. You could tell that he never wanted to leave Philly in the first place, and that he wanted to show them that he still had it. He may not have his quickness and he may not able to cross players over like he did in his prime, but he still has his determination and the heart that got him to be the player that we all admired.

  • Joshua Rodriguez

    My favorite memory of Allen Iverson is in the 2001 NBA Finals vs. The Lakers and the game was in overtime and Iverson has the ball right in front of the laker bench and he’s being guarded by Tyronn Lue and he dribbles the ball out with his right and brings it back under his legs and drains a net damaging swish and tyronn lue falls on the floor and then iverson steps right over him right in front of the laker bench and at that point right there everybody knew the lakers was in trouble. Man can literally do whatever he wanted to do. The reason why this is my favorite memory is because this was his first and only finals appearance and everybody was rooting for the lakers and that it was going to be a given sweep but as long as Allen Iverson is on the court, anything could happen and he could single handedly lead his team to victory which he did in this game. Thats why he’s my favorite point guard of all time..

  • QQQQ!

    My memory of AI isn’t really a specific moment in his career, yet is the reason I play and love the game of basketball. Even though I was a big Jordan fan as a kid, I didn’t really play basketball at all because I thought I was too short. Then I bought NBA2K1 with AI on the cover. The Sixers were my favorite team in the game, and they became my favorite team in the NBA. When I found out that AI stood at only 6’0” and was dropping 30 a night in the land of the giants, I picked up the basketball again and haven’t looked back ever since. Of course, I play nothing like him, but he was the inspiration for my hoop dreams. Thanks AI.

  • Josh

    Obviously being the bad-boy of the NBA,stepping over Lue, talkin’ bout practice and all those things are great memories. My favorite though was in ’97 when the cornrows made their debut at the Rookie Challenge. You could just tell that he was going to be a bad man (see: Lue, Tyrone, et al). He rocked those cornrows to the tune of Game MVP, and I remember after the game he was being interviewed and talking about his hair, he said “…I guess I just get tired of the haircuts on the road, things like that, when I can just get a girl to braid it and it will stay done for a while”.. Classic.

  • J7

    To try and pinpoint one memory from a Hall of Fame career that featured so many spectacular moments is very difficult. The thing that seperated Allen from the rest was that when he said, “I play every game like its my last.” Other players in the league may have said things along the same lines, but Iverson was the only one that truly played that way. Playing through the numerous injuries, sacrificing his body on his blindingly quick drives to the cup and going all out every game made this evident. I would have to say that my favorite memory of Iverson was his put back dunk against the Raptors. Eric Snow took a pull up leaner that banked too hard and AI crashed hard, basically climber Marcus Camby and crammed it home. Just the thought of a smaller dude getting up like that, especially against a 7 footer will always stick out in my mind.

  • http://SLAM Larry Cross Jr.

    My favorite Allen Iverson moment was when he was a rookie trying to prove himself to the veterans in the NBA and he did the crossover on one of the greatest players of all time Michael Jordan. I believe that year was his break out year and he let it be known he is a force to be reckoned with. That moment right their to me will always be one the greatest highlights of his career.

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/uashamrocks HD QUE

    That jacket invokes memories of the Championship Sixers! My Favorite Sixers Memory is when Dr. J went up and under and around the back of the goal and made the basket. I cannot tell you the amount of hours I spent in the driveway trying to work on my airtime and hanging in the air like Dr. J. My other memory is of Mo Cheeks no look passes and threading the needle to the post through a space that was not there when he threw it.

  • Joe Grabowski

    It was early May, of 1996. Iverson held a press conference to publicly declare for the NBA draft. Sportscasters and journalists all questioned the decision, still viewing AI as just a boy. But when we saw his mother’s eyes, full of tears, as AI confidently and bravely proclaimed, “My family needs me right now,” the whole world could not deny that AI was not only a man, but more of a man than we had ever seen.

  • Aamir K

    My favorite Allen Iverson memory is when he spoke about the Allen Iverson Student Athletic Scholarship Program, and teared up when speaking about life in general. This is special to me, because it shows his class and that he isn’t a thug like many people believe. This is my favorite Allen Iverson.

  • JimmyG

    My favorite AI moment was near the end of the season in 2002 when he was questioned about his practicing habits. This lead to the infamous practice speech/interview. and while many people did not like this interview, i thought it was great. AI was being entirely honest…he didnt see the need to practice and he expressed it. Most players would have made up an excuse, but not the answer. he owned up to what he did.

  • Fady Farah

    first game of the NBA FINALS when AI had an amazing game and lit it up all night, there are soo many moments from the best cross over man ever but the first and only finals appearence by the Man was my favorite moment, cause no matter what u do in the season, its what u do in the playoffs that counts

  • Gavin King

    I have been watching the NBA my whole life… And I can’t remember a time without Allen Iverson. He really grew on me when he was with the nuggets, and a poster still hangs in my room. I was really sad when he didn’t return to the NBA, and even wise when my favourite team didn’t sign him ( Toronto raptors baby Canadian boi! ) and his legacy will live on with me forever, and I will tell my kids that I lived through the AI era. A+I=LEGEND

  • Hussman25

    My favorite Allen Iverson moment was not Draft Night ’96, not the Jordan crossover, not the MVP Press conference (showing up in a do-rag and a t-shirt), not the practice rant. His press conference the day he resigned with the Sixers is my favorite memory. He came back after unsucessful stops in Denver, Detroit & Memphis and looked like a broken man. He laughed, smiled, shook hands with the same Philadelphia Media who killed him in their papers; the same media (RIP Phil Jasner) who loved to hate and hated to love him. He cried and even SOBBED when discussing his relationship with the fans of Philadelphia. My wife and I watched this “Must-See” TV moment and cried with him. We both love AI (her for different reasons obviously… lol) & as soon as that conference was over bought floor level seats for his 1st game back home vs Denver. He left a defiant man and returned a broken one. He needed us when “we” (the fans in Philly) needed him 1 last time. Our Sixers weren’t giving us to smile and be happy about, but with AI hime, we had something… someone to root for! Hopefully, us 76er fans will be able to give him the proper send off he deserves.

  • http://slamonline.com Yusuf Y

    My favourite Allen Iverson memory has nothing to do with his mad crossovers or his funny interviews. In early 1993, Iverson was involved in an altercation with a group of white people in Virginia. After punches were thrown and chairs were hurled, Iverson was charged with maiming by mob for hurting a white girl with a chair and leaving her with stiches. He said about the situation, “For me to be in a bowling alley where everybody in the whole place know who I am and be crackin’ people upside the head with chairs and think nothin’ gonna happen? That’s crazy! And what kind of a man would I be to hit a girl in the head with a damn chair? I rather have ‘em say I hit a man with a chair, not no damn woman.” Many white people were against Iverson in the issue and painted him a no-good no-class hoodlum. Despite this, he stood up and maintained his innocence like a true hero.
    Don’t get me wrong, Iverson was strong on the court with some crazy game. However, this was when Allen Ezail Iverson showed his real strength, the inner strength. PEACE.

  • a.kacsa

    The espn 30 for 30 story. everybody knows what kind of player he was, but dealing with a situation like that, was more than anything on the court

  • Paul Mai

    I remembered being on my couch watching the Nuggets play the Spurs back in January 2008. From the start of the game, Iverson kept the steam going with his 29 points contribution. That night, was one of the best games i’ve ever seen him play, beating the Spurs 80-77.

  • Brian Perez

    My fav memory of AI, was when he took the 76ers to the finals, and it was game 1 against the Lakers. It was even in LA, Lakers had home court. So Allen, shoots a fade away against Tyron Lue and Lue just falls down, then Allen walks over him as if to say “WHAT”. That was so awesome!

  • Troy Gibson

    My fondest Memory of Allen Iverson is His Rookie Year when the 76ers played Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls when He hit Michael off with the Killer Crossover it blew My mind and sent a message to the entire NBA that Allen Iverson is here..And ever since I’ve been a fan and I really hope an NBA team signs him so He can go out on his terms..BTW Loved the Article in the SLAM Magazine,You guys did him JUSTICE!!!


    There r so many memories, gr8 memories when it comes 2 A.I. The stepover on Tyronne Lue, the dunk on Marcus Camby, the crossover commercials and the now infamous “practice” rant. I just luved the way he played. The way he got n2 the painted area, where he had no business being, and scoring on the opposing centers and forwards. The crossovers on David Wesley that sent Wesley on his @ss, the crossover on Jason Terry when he was still playing n Arizona is still freshly n my mind, the crossover on a young Derek Fisher, and of course, the crossover on MJ. All spectacular and jaw dropping. Those I would have 2 say r my fav memories of The Answer.

  • Ai come back

    Allen iverson defines true hustle my favorite moment was watching ai go for the ball against the pacers. Mark jacksons got the ball and ai is chasin after him like crazy jackson gave up the ball and iverson just wouldnt give up he stole the ball from i think it was smits and then found the open teammate for the 3. Ai never gives up and thats why we love him.

  • Paddy

    when he dropped 50 on toronto in the ’01 eastern conference semi-finals. he was absolutely unstoppable that series. he outplayed vince carter and became my favorite basketball player after that.

  • Aziz Sanusi

    “Practice? But we talkin bout practice though…”. My favorite memory of AI was when he got all emotional during his press conference. Not just any player has that kind of heart; you know he loves what he does.

  • Nathaniel Fedalizo

    I have 2 moments of Allen Iverson that really stands out to me. The first one is when his mom had told him to try playing basketball sometime in his high chool days. He was playing football and had an award for being the best state QB or something like that. Then, he started to play basketball and loved it. However, the second moment, which is my favorite, is in the 2001 NBA All-Star. He led his East team to come back from 21 down, scoring 25 pts (15 in 4th), with help from Dikembe Mutombo’s 22 rebs and Stephon Marbury’s 3-pointers, to beat the West 111-110 and get his 1st All-Star MVP.

  • Nathaniel Fedalizo

    I have 2 moments of Allen Iverson that really stands out to me. The first one is when his mom had told him to try playing basketball sometime in his high chool days. He was playing football and had an award for being the best state QB or something like that. Then, he started to play basketball and loved it. However, the second moment, which is my favorite, is in the 2001 NBA All-Star game. He led his East team to come back from 21 down, scoring 25 pts (15 in 4th), with help from Dikembe Mutombo’s 22 rebs and Stephon Marbury’s 3-pointers, to beat the West 111-110 and get his 1st All-Star MVP.



  • rob stewart

    My favorite Allen Iverson moment was when he rapped on his own commercial with Jadakiss. Those A5 and A6 commercials were fire. That was the first true hip hop basketball hybrid moment of sneakers. I would say that was like the first youtube mix before youtube existed. To bad Iverson can’t rap as well as he can play

  • DJ

    The night he returned as a sixer in 2009. i was in attendance that night at the wachovia center. the week before i was at the sixers // hawks game at it was bare 1000 people there. But when chuck came back it was pandemonium. I remember getting there right before player introductions and when he came out i was almost in tears. He didnt have his best game and it took him a couple shots just to get his first bucket which was a tip-in lay up, me and the rest of the crowd went crazy. Happy I got to see my favorite player play in the city that’s his home.

  • Nicholas

    My favorite play would have to be when he ran in and got his missed free throw and dunked the ball over the rebounder. It showed how crafty he was and how athletic that a 6’1″ guard could play above the rim.

  • Dan Bell

    The 90′s were a dark time for 76ers, and when we drafted Allen Iverson to be the franchise savior I was skeptical. However, when he crossed up the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, I knew he was for real. That’s when I realized he truly was The Answer. That’s my favorite Allen Iverson moment.

  • Colin Quinn

    When I was around 10 years old I was at a TGI Fridays with my friend and his parents and he just happened to be there. He was in a corner booth with all of his huge friends around him. My friend and I walked up hoping for an autograph and his friends told us no autographs before we could even say a word. We turned around in disappointment and he told them hold on and he signed two index cards for us. What really made him the favorite player that he was was not only the best player only the court but he truely loved his fans. Not that many players would do that for thier fans, but he did.

  • EtheKnickFan

    Fave AI moment– The time – Feb 1996. The place – USAIR arena. The teams – Georgetown vs UCONN. Iverson vs Ray Allen. Beginning of second half. 19min 13 sec to be precise. Iverson runs upcourt and dunks ferociously on matador defending big. After the game he tells announcer ” I was going to pass but I saw the defender keep backing up so I decided to flush it on him” Greatest player pound for pound of all time.

  • Double J

    I will never forget being back in the day, watching Allen Iverson (or Ive Iverson as my Momma used to say) hoop it up against the biggest and the baddest. My all-time favorite moment would have to be watching him go toe-to-toe with Kobe Bryant in the 2001 NBA Finals. The cross-overs, fingerolls in traffic, and “downtown” threes were a sight to behold. In those few games we all knew who the best player in basketball was (And in contrast, the best team). His fire and tenacity was something to behold. He motivated me as a young basketball player and still does today.

  • tshane3

    My favorite was game one of the finals against the Lakers. The way he was able to carry the entire team and somehow win game one was amazing. I loved how he stepped over Lou as if he was saying Im above you guys and im not scared of anything you throw at me. Its just crazy to think that he got the Sixers to the finals by himself and gave the Lakers their only loss of the playoffs. Too bad he couldnt cap it off with the ring though.

  • T

    My favorite AI moment was the day after game 2, it was a Saturday morning and I came out of the Rite Aid on City Line Ave, AI was parked next to me, slumped in the passenger seat of the Bentley. Some dude was talking his ear off about God knows what so AI acted like I was a friend of his, called me over and shot the sh!t with me for about 3 minutes to make the guy go away.

    Basketball wise, the entire Raptors series in 2000-01.

  • balher

    I got to say my favourite move was his between the legS step back over tyrone lue. But more than any single move or game,it was his attitude and personality leaves something more. The whole hip hop and nba culture truly meshed together with Allen’s true personality, and I mean true. He gave you 100% of him on and off the court whether you want it or not. That’s revolutionary to me he was the first athlete not sugar coat or hide what he is, when I started to watch the nba. I know he’s not the first nor the last but someone with as much star power as him really makes it more eminent. Especially when you have guys in the league today who care more for attention than playtime and wins.The attention on Allen was never begged for but earned. So no matter how many less points he scored in his final years that will alaways stand with me…and that’s the REAL ANSWER.

  • Zach

    My favorite AI moment is the the “Practice!?” Interview.

  • Roly Palacios

    My favorite memory of iverson was in February of 2005. Iverson scored 60 points in a win over the Orlando Magic, which was a record high he was only the second player to record a 60-point game in there franchise. Iverson is an icon to the NBA and will be talked/compared too for years!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Bacon

    When he was traded to Denver and played philly and kissed halfcourt

  • James

    On June 16, Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers stole a nail-biting game 1 from the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2001 NBA Finals. While wearing a black and white version of the Reebok Answer IV, Iverson crossed helpless Tyronn Lue over, drained the shot and politely (if you will) stepped over a grounded Lue as he made his way to the other end of the court.

  • Marcus Beard Jr

    When I was seven, AI gave me my first basketball memeory. My father raised me to be a Laker fan. Therefore I was requred to watch the NBA Finals, drink too much soda and stay up past my bed time. My father is a basketball purist, so he belived Iverson was a selfish waste of breathtaking talent and the 2001 Sixers were set up for him to “gun”. Being little, I did not have an opinon on this, so I wanted to see for myself, and when AI took the court I knew he was the Answer. He dropped 30 points in the first half, crahing down the lane and palying as hard as I’d ever see anyone play. I

  • Marcus Beard Jr

    When I was seven AI gave me my first basketball memory. My father raised me to be a Laker from the day I was concived. Therfore I was required to watch the 2001 Finals, drink too much soda, and stay up past my bed time. My father is a basketball purist, and like most of them, belived Iverson to be a selfish waste of breathtaking talent. I, being a little kid at the time, I had no thoughts on this, and was wondering how true this all was. Once the game started I knew that Iverson was the Answer too all my questions. He dropped 30 in the first half, and I remeber vividly the first time I saw a player take over a game. Then I find out he was injured! At seven when a cut on the leg is a big deal, this was remarkable to me. But I was never more exited about a second half than I right then. The Lakers subbed for T-Lue and it looked like my dad was right. He was able to limit Iverson some, making some good defenseive plays and annoying my new favorite player. As the game was gettig into cruch time I knew in my bones AI would make a play. All of a sudden, Iverson unleashed a absurd move on Lue leaving on the ground, cause me to leap my little behind out of my chair and shout as AI spalshed a three and stepped over Lue, basicly finshed the game. I was happy the Lakers went on to win the title, but all I remebered was AI heart, courage and guts. Looking back the crossover it defined why AI had to be the Answer. He answered all my questions with one play. Do you have to conform? Do I have to do it their way? Can I do my thing and be sucessful? AI answered them all effecting society with his answers to the most difficult questions. He is bigger than basketball.

  • BostonBaller

    I think it was a ’96 Regional game against UMass Massacusetts, AI broke Carmelo Travieso’s ankles at the top of the key then punked Marcus Camby and Edgar Padilla as they met at the rim for his dunk. Camby backed off which was not the norm then or now. I went with this one because every fan knows about the NBA exploits of AI but not many actually witnessed the pre braided GTown Hoya. …Plus it lines up with how SLAM, AI & I go back to the start of all this history we call SLAM!!

  • http://www.danchamb.com.br Lz – Cphfinest3

    My favorite Allen Iverson moment happened in every single game he ever played in. Watching Allen Iverson fearlessly literally throw himself into the teeth of the defense time after time, more often than not ending up sprawled out on the floor. To watch the huge heart, never-say-die attitude, extreme aggresion towards the hoop despite his tiny build and the reckless abandon that the Answer played with really inspired me to keep attacking the rim, me being a slasher with a suspect jumpshot and give or take a pound exactly the same size as AI it was amazing to watch a guy playing that way and being among the best players in the world. Using that playing style eventually cost me my left meniscus and today I can’t play anymore, but thinking back at the numerous times getting right up after being decked by a big guy and watching the moral of the opponents crumble because the smallest guy on the floor just didn’t fear taking a beating make me not regret a single hazardous drive to the cup. Iverson showed me that one could play that way and be succesful no matter how many times you got knocked down. For that I will forever be thankful. Iverson’s headstrong insistence on playing that way eventually cost him his job in the NBA, but he just couldn’t change it, for him this was the only way to play. Whether it was smart of not I don’t know, but a guy sticking to his guns like that has to be respected.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Game one of the 2001 Finals. Nobody gave the Sixers a shot and even though I had been riding with the Sixers all playoffs I had doubt in my heart. But I believed in AI.
    Dude came out killing. The jumper was wet and that meant nobody could hope to stay in front of him. I was the happiest I have ever been that first half as he torched the Lakers for an easy 30. Easy.
    At halftime I ran across my front lawn in the rain just to yell to my neighbor “He is a beast!.”
    The second half was great and the move on Tyronn Lue was iconic. Dude put up 35 a game for the series the cap on a playoffs filled with amazing displays by him. I have never been happier.

  • Gez53kg

    My favourite ai moment is in his game against the bulls when he did the crossover against mj and in front of the world

  • Nithin Thomas

    My favorite AI moment was when he got drafted. He love for the game and his hustle he brought every night made him one of the most loved Sixers of all time. He is a hall of famer in my book

  • cmAc

    When he crossed up Antonio Daniel’s and broke one of his ankles then gave him time to think he could pick himself up just so he could break the other one before rolling that rock smoother than Barry White off the glass for his 40th point. I watched A.I from the age of 7 I still got those bad boys recorded on old school video! His days in Philly were what inspired my love of the game and turned me into a Philado faithful and even though he’s gone now thats still my team! I’ve never seen anything quite like him in my life and I know I won’t again.

    Question “Answer”ed

  • John Sharkey 3

    My favorite Iverson moment was when I accidentally walked into home at the Trump Casino in 2000. He said “DAAAAMN, WHITEBOY!” and then looked at me and smiled. I had an Aaron McKie jersey on. We pounded and both walked away laughing.

  • Drew Hemmert

    Being a lifelong Philadelphian and Sixers fan it is hard to pin down one AI moment as my favorite, he rejuvinated basketball in this town after many dark years for the franchise after the trade of Charles Barkley. So im just going to go with a whole year as my moment, 2001. This will always be my all time favorite Philly squad and was without a doubt AI’s best year as a pro. What a wonderful team of hard nosed scrappy players surounded by one mercurial superstar. Everything fell into place that year for the team and AI, starting out the season 10-0, the blockbuster Theo Ratliff for Dikembe Mutumbo trade after the all-star break, Larry Browm coach of the year, Aaron Mickie 6th man of the year, Dikembe Mutumbo defensive player of the year and of course AI MVP. But true memories and greatness come in the post season and in the 01 playoffs AI did not dissapoint. Starting out by excersing some demons and out dueling Reggie Miller and the Pacers who had eliminated the Sixers from the playoffs the previous two seasons. No one will ever forget the two 50 plus performances and out lasting Vince Carter and the Raptors in a classic 7 game series. There was the amazing performance in a game 6 loss to the Bucks where AI single handedly rallied the Sixers from 20 plus down in the second half by dropping 26 pts in the 4th quarter and setting the tone for a game 7 rout of Milwaukee. Then everything culminating with the stunning upset of the Lakers in game 1 of the Finals with AI dropping 48 points and the infamous step over Tyronne Lue. AI is truly one in a million and in 2001 he captured the hearts of a whole city, that is my moment!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    People on here know I am a huge AI fan and the off season after that season in Detroit, I would be on this site and many others trying to explain how he still had it and what team he could fit into, I was upset when he signed with Memphis I knew he wouldn’t prove me right, I knew the end was very close. AI left the Grizz and retired, just like that my hero was gone the guy that connected me to the game was booted out of the league, no ring, no farewell. Then it happened. Lou Williams broke his jaw and the stage was set for an AI comeback to Philly, I was pumped. No longer would I have to stand up for him, he was back where he belonged he could play one game here and I would be happy. AI finishing his career where he wanted to and where he should have. I bought my tickets and caught a flight from Vancouver to Philly to watch his return against the Denver Nuggets, I felt like a kid when I saw A.I. in the warm ups smiling, the arena went dark ” a 6 foot guard from Georgetown number threeee”….. AI kisses the Sixer’s logo, I view this as his comeback/farewell the night he returned home an older,slower, weaker version he put in 11 points and 6 assists-something he would have done in the first quarter during his prime, but I still felt the same magic I felt watching him throughout his legendary career. I will not forget December.7,2009 the night I watched my idol return home, the night he sold out an arena for the last time in his career, the night he was King once again, that whole night I had the vibe that AI was back but he was going and in my mind that was his farewell, It was my favorite moment of his legendary career.

  • Miklosh

    What a gangsta.

    Seriously, can one remember the last time one felt overwhelmingly awed by a man whose physical stature and weight are roughly my own? He is one of those very few people whose singular presence and intensity draw everyone’s attention towards him, though not in the way that Jordan had with his fluid grace and commanding, often calm demeanor. Rather, it is the absolute desire and passion, the angry intensity and love, the violence, really, with which he goes about his life’s work, which captivate the audience and the imagination. Men like Iverson, whose actual feats are already so incredibly daring, have the ability to make one believe, on certain nights, that he could just about pull off any feat imaginable, no matter the implausibility. Never have I seen so small a man seem so big among men easily twice or sometimes even three times his size. Barreling headfirst into a patch of raw muscle and power, he has never seemed to me to be outmatched in any way whatsoever. If anything, he has always seemed underplayed. He has made what most dare not dream of seem simple.

    Like I said, he has never seemed small.This is not to say that everything he has done has looked graceful or beautiful; though, granted, much of it has. However, some of his most powerful statements have been made in the ugliest and most awkward of fashions. What sets them apart is the absolute devotion and drive with which they have been delivered. One witnesses in these moments an explosion of pure spirit form as opposed to a stylistic condensation harnessed into fluidity and motion.

    I think what sets him apart, at least in my own mind, more than anything, is how, when watching one of the old Finals games between the Lakers and the Sixers in 2001 (I can’t recall which specific game), although Shaq and Bryant had a terrific individual and combined performance, the only palpable image I can readily recall is that of Iverson standing on the sideline with his arms resting on his haunches (and here is where I may have mashed together other images in my mind and not quite remembered this right but, regardless, this is the image that is burned in my memory, I’ll go rewatch this game later), a slight pout on his face, having kept his team in the game countless times with an absolutely dazzling 40+ point performance, scoring at will and with staggering ease, and a fire in his gaze that was truly unquenchable, that screamed invincibility. A violent, angry, powerful gaze. A gaze that was begging to ”get it on”. A gaze that touched me and certainly everyone who witnessed it. A gaze that truly, one knew, belonged to a man who would never accept defeat or compromise. A gaze that simply elevated him and his life to eternity and timelessness; a gaze that will never again be reproduced.

    What a gangsta.

  • pennydunk_1

    Nba had gone cable in Greece back in ’97. Internet was slower than a dead horse. I knew he was killing it, on and off the court.. I didn’t have an image of his passion for the game, and then I stubled on 2k3. Check the last scene of this trailer, how he’s jumping. How he interacts with the crowd, and with Deke. And the times he swirls by himself, for himself. I wonder what he was thinking. The hip hop swagger forever links him with the rest of hip hop’s elements; tats, headbands, shirts, jewelry, Slam (no kidding here).

  • nm2ny89

    My memory of The Answer started in ’96. I am originally from New Mexico and always and continue to follow UNM men’s basketball. In the ’96 tourney, UNM was set to play Georgetown. I had very little access to ESPN and no internet and knew nothing about this Hoyas’ team except word-of-mouth knowledge of a quick scoring guard named Iverson. Two of my friends and I found a spot to watch this game and were all intrigued by this quick, flashy, efficient guard. As the story goes, A.I. quickly began to build a legacy in the L and in the spring of ’00, I had the pleasure to see him play in person. However, the pleasure and amazement was at its most during warm-ups. Before stadiums cracked down on letting people with even the cheapest tickets (my dad and I) walk down to courtside behind the baskets, my dad and I stood about 30 feet from A.I. taking warm-up J’s in Oakland. Like many, many games, he did his thing and will always be a fan no matter what he does and where he plays. – I usually never comment on websites but I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect and write a tribute on A.I. and maybe win a nice M&N jacket.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    The moment that HAS stand out, is Game 1 of the 2001 Finals. I remember feeling every bit as defiant as this generously listed 6’0 guard from Georgetown, when I watched him carry his team on those slender shoulders, shutting EVERYBODY up in that first game.
    I was the only Sixer/AI fan among my friends, while everyone else was predictably riding that Hollywood train. I guess I don’t blame them…Shaq and Kobe certainly looked unbeatable that year, but I knew Ivy, who was always lightning in bottle, could make something happen.
    And he did. 48 points later in the biggest game of his career, I was alternating between grinning ear to ear and mean-mugging it up for all to see.
    Sidenote: AI needs to come back, and retire in the NBA. It’s only right. Somebody, make it happen.

  • Karley

    His best moment is not only when he breaks a few ankles or scores a ton of points. But in the 2001 NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors Allen Iverson had 21 points and 16 assists. It was considered an off night but this was amazing! He shared the ball better then Nash and Stockton combined. Best PG played game I’ve watched. He led his team to a win and to the Finals. Amazing moment that I witnessed and I thought it was great. 16 assists was his career high at the time. It was truly where amazing happens.

  • K- Fizzle

    Wow.. This is a tough one. I have to say that the best moment that comes to mind for me with the great Allen Iverson would be the game in the 2001 playoffs against the bucks in game 6. I just remember him dropping 46 on them. He had a record high 9 three-pointers. Even though the 76ers lost that game it was an amazing performance by AI.

  • Tad

    Being a laker fan watching the 2001 Finals billed as David Vs Goliath, and that first game AI was just crazy good. People forget that the Lakers had not lost a playoff game going into the finals. So to watch this little guy going up against the defending champs on the road and leading them to an OT victory was incredible. Sure they lost the next four games and the Lakers had the best Postseason in NBA history, but that one blemish was all due too the greatness of Allen Iverson.

  • Parker Lewis

    When AI crossed Michael Jordan for the J. May sound simple, but as long as I can recall witnessing that, I just knew that we were in a new era of basketball.

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    My favorite AI moment was when he crossed up Tyronne Lue and the Lakers. Not only does he cross him up, he steps over him, making a “Screw the Lakers” like statement. It was so good to see him show Zero respect to the most disrespectful team that everyone leans over backwards for. That just sums AI up, he don’t care who you are.


    It has to be the jordan crossover.I think if there is something that allen iverson stands out the most for, is his fearless competitive nature…and if that means crossing up god himself, allen was up to it.

  • Matt Scott

    My favourite moment would have to be the moment when AI jabbed at Jordan to see if he would bite at it and came back a second time and broke mj’s ankles and knoked down the J this was the moment where the in entire world knew that AI was something special

  • http://slamonline.com coldasice

    damn i done read everybody comments,remembered so many scenerios. its hard to choose 1. what i wanted to write i damn there read already. so im going with the article i read on slam a lil while back. think it was the noyz section. but what i will always rememeber about is the size of his heart. how bad he wants to play. hurt and all.i remember a.i was on philly and it said they was playin my knicks. he was hurt and the medical staff told him he wasnt playing. he went berserk. they took his jersey and shorts. he told them if they aint giving him his stuff he going to the nba store to buy his gear to play. lol! well he didnt play. but u get the point. 85% of these ballers would sit there asses down over a spit nail then suit up. thats why i respect the man. put it all out there on the floor tailbone and all.(aint that right vince) chancey billups quote(respect the body of work!) free a.i!!free a.i!!!

  • REM C.

    A great career with lots of unforgetable memories BUT I trully hope that the best memory of Iverson is still to come. No lockout, sign with a contender and helping them to win it all would be a great achievement for a true warrior of this game. That’s my ANSWER !

  • alamo50

    Flying in from Europe for my very first trip to the US to see NBA Basketball. My very first NBA game attended live in person was AI vs. Stephon Marbury in ’01 in Brick City.

    It was a pure battle of the pg’s and I will always remember the roars in the crowd especially rooting for AI.

  • http://Www.youtube.com/blackmac95 Lamoni

    Ah man, iverson is the reason why i love basketball as much as i do, im a convert, basketball aint that popular over here, i always was into boxing and football strate up, but i remember watching this one game when ai said something about how he aint the strongest or the biggest but that hell always give his best til hes aching all over, alot of athletes say stuff like that but hes the first ive heard to say that an actually mean it, he wasnt even 6ft yet he was out there wit the big dogs, takin on giants head on, much respect ,
    i got alotta great memories of ai but its down to a battle between 1. 05 all star game when he won mvp, this meant alot coz for the past 2years ai had been windin down abit an was rather underappreciated roun the nba world, he was the star of the nba that night, it was good to see him do his thing he really deserved it, that was my fave year for AI, i mean how many other players recently have dropped a 30+ppg 8apg 2spg season? No one

    and 2. When he dropped 51 against the lakers in 07/08, man i couldnt believe it, when he was in denver many thought his 50point days were over, 30s usually 40 maybe but 51? I didnt see that comin, he scored 47 in 3 quarters against the lakers, i mean come on the lakers? Thhat really reminded everybody how great he really was.

    This is iverson we talkin bout, we talkin bout iverson, not lebron, not lebron we talkin bout iverson, the greatest in my mind, if kobe or lebron were his height you think theyd be dominatin like they do today? Think about it

    2011/12 hope ta seeya there AI

  • http://Www.youtube.com/blackmac95 Lamoni

    No lie readin all these comments jus took me back a lil summ, really missin this guy, hopefully he be back

    jus like to add that another favourite moment off the court was when the sixers beat the lakers in game 1 10 years ago he said somethin along the lines of “man lotta people counted us out before the series even started, alotta people bet against us,all i can say is there some broke people out there tonight, and they very lucky they didnt bet there life on it, coz if they did they woulda bbeen dead right now” summin like that pretty sure the vids on youtube somewhere, but that line was jus killer!

  • Scott

    As a Raptors fan, my biggest memory of Iverson was when he torched VC and the Raps with two 50 point games in the second round of the 2001 Playoffs in an epic shootout. They cruised along to the Finals and the way he led that severely undermanned, undertalented team past my team’s best squad ever just showed how dominant he was as a small but heroic scorer.

  • http://twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    My favourite memory of Allen Iverson, was his first ever NBA field goal. (It was a goal-tending violation by the Bucks btw). But it was the way it occurred. A lighting fast left-to-right crossover on the right wing (the type that became illegal later, as it was deemed carrying), and a two-foot take-off at the basket. That one play almost personified everything about Allen’s game. Amazing ball-handling, agility and explosiveness, but it was reflective of his life – nothing came easy. You’ve got to EARN respect, and EARN your points on the court, same way it is in real life.
    Allen’s game reflects that of Philly, tough, hardknock, Sometimes even desperate.
    But that one play, it was reflective of his entire NBA career. Tenacious, fearless and a ‘kill’ mentality. It was beautiful to watch.
    And that sums up everything about Allen’s game. Speed, skill & heart.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Tzvi Twersky

    OK, good stuff y’all. Time for us to sit down and select a winner! Stay tuned…

  • http://slamonline.com/ Tzvi Twersky

    A lot of great entries, so this wasn’t easy to decide. But Tariq is now the owner of a fresh M&N Windbreaker. Congrats to him, and all of you for entering. Plenty of more contests to come in the future!