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Dirk Nowitzki: DWade and LeBron’s Mocking Was ‘Childish, Ignorant’

A couple of days ago a video surfaced of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade cracking jokes about Dirk Nowitzki’s illness, which plagued him during Game 4. Asked about it yesterday, Dirk implied that he wasn’t feeling their jokes very much. Via Yahoo!: “Dirk Nowitzki said Saturday that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were ‘a little childish, a little ignorant’ in a video that appears to show them mocking the Mavericks star’s recent illness. Wade said he really did cough and turned it into a generic joke because cameras were rolling. He and James blamed others for trying to make a big deal out of it. The video taken by the CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth shows Wade walking alongside James following a shootaround the morning of Game 5 of the NBA finals. Wade coughs, then says, ‘Did you hear me cough? Think I’m sick.’ Nowitzki was coughing and sniffling throughout Game 4 because of a sinus infection that also left him with a 101-degree fever. He played anyway and led Dallas to a victory over the Miami Heat that evened the series at two games each.”

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  • john

    old news, idiots.

  • http://slamonline.com Saviour

    f**king f*ggot heat….give me a break, walking like you all that – YOU DEAD TONIGHT. oh….and first.

  • Joblo

    Yes, we already know they are douche bags

  • http://slamonline.com Saviour

    It appears all you yanks are sleeping…so I’ll go second and bet my entire wealth on tonights Heat loss – mark by words the Mavs are champs. Eboy can finally stop bandwagon riding this joke of a team and show some respect, whilst also finally gaining a little basketball knowledge in what a good team looks, acts and performs like.

  • Exile

    Interesting take on this…


    Fits with Dirk’s comments, but with a different target than most of the population seems to be aiming at.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Eboy and Cheryl are the only true Heat fans on SLAM, Saviour

  • http://jayemmbee23.tumblr.com Clutch Performer

    thats low, karma


    I can mos def c how Dirk would b offended. But @ the same time, Dirk indeed was a kid @ 1 point n his life as well. Kids will b kids. That’s a fact.

  • http://www.youtube.com/tripledouble Triple Double

    I think when it comes down to it, D-Wade and Lebron are just not very smart. Particularly Lebron. In addition to that, they are d*cks. I have not an ounce of hate for either of them, I think they are amazing players but as people, they are d*cks. I feel sorry for Lebron, he’s just a lost little boy.

    Go Mavs… These kids need some humility. A loss would do their character good. Actually, hmmm, I second guess myself on that. Due to Lebron’s lack of intelligence, it may just spiral him deeper up his own a$$ somehow.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com karma

    Wow, you guys are late with this.

  • BostonBaller

    WOW!!! Relax folks, it’s just a game. Even though what they did was kinda childish it was not something to crucify them over. On the other hand I can’t justify their antics by calling them young kids, they’re grown men with kids. I’m not a Heat fan nor am I a hater, therefore throw the ball up and get it on. To be honest, we should lay off of the personal attacks and personal name calling. None of us know them personally and can’t honestly say how they are or what they do. This is blown up as much as Dirk being compared to Willis Reed or LBJ to MJ. Have fun family.

  • http://slamonline.com truballer

    War begins 8pm hope theres a game 7 this may be the last nba action for 1 year because of lockout july 1st..!!
    Lebron has to step up or step out..! coming from a true lbj fan persective. the heat is really on..!

  • http://nba.com EJ

    I’m telling you, don’t piss a German off.

  • http://ZOGS.CA ZOGS


  • robb

    To their defense I’d like to say they weren’t mocking Dirk, they were mocking the media. Their comparisons to MJ’s flu game were totally out of proportion. Of course these two were not very smart. They intended to mock the media but the media used that to their advantage and add more fire. These made up controversies sell.

  • http://nba.com EJ

    What’s wrong with the comparison to MJ’s flu game? How sick was Mike when he played?

  • tomtom

    @EJ Michael scored 38…but i know what ur sayin.

  • Red

    Saviour shut up you dumb European, ya’ll don’t know anything about the NBA, an AMERICAN sports association.

  • http://fkjslf.com Jukai

    I’m with Robb, Wade already explained this— he said they were mocking how the media picks up on certain things and glorifies them, and ignores other things. Everyone is banged up in the playoffs. Wade acknowledge Dirk was a superstar player but he didn’t need the media dramatizing him to make him even better.
    I don’t get why he had to throw in the “oh we knew you guys would blow it up” comment the next day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    C’mon Red you’re sounding pretty racist.

  • http://fkjslf.com Jukai

    BlackPhantom: First off, Red would be prejudice, not racist. European isn’t a race. Second off, Saviour said a homosexual slur which you largely ignored.
    So, you know, just pointing those two things out.

  • http://nba.com EJ

    Red, is Toronto in America? (I know they’re not very good but still)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    For some reason I didn’t notice his slur at first. I just saw words blocked and thought “Ehh nothing really important to read there and moved on”. And sorry bout the typo.

  • http://slamonline.com Fut.

    Yo EJ Imma let you finish but you do realise the ENTIRE continent is called North AMERICA. SO yes, it is in America, just not the US of said America.

  • fliopnoyce

    I really hope DIRKVADER go Blitzkrieg on MIA tonight. I’m not hating on BRON and Wade but they are a bunch of grown men acting like a punk! Just play ball, they don’t need to call out Dirk to prove anything. Like I been saying I just don’t see the HEAT winning two in a row at home. If not this game next game for sure it’s a wrap, DALLAS for a W!

  • http://nba.com EJ

    Oh yeah. I got it confused cause people who live in USA are Americans, Canadians are Canadians and Mexicans are Mexicans.

  • flipnoyce

    @EJ, its all good dude, a lot of so called Americans are confused. They also believed ASIA is a country and Europe is a continent. And, also the majority of them thinks that there’s no white people living in Africa. Just sayin from my very own observation growing up!


    Mavs win the Championship. Dirk gets last laugh. LeBoy chokes.

  • Barton Aaron Porter

    Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks. Although, I am not a fan. The best team won and as for Wade and Lebron’s mocking Dirk. It’s no big deal. Boys will be boys. I really don’t think they meant anything by it and if they did. I bet they’re sorry about it now.

  • Karley

    It’s not late news idiots.. The news isnt that they mocked him itsnabout what Dirk said in response. Yeah it says what happened when they coughed but the news is what Dirk thought not what DWade and Lebron did.. Read the headline idiots

  • David

    it doesnt matter if its late news. its funny how people make a big deal out of this crap that doesnt matter. dirk was their opposition you expect them to say “poor dirk” and go give him a hug? its competition whatd you do when you play? you didnt make yourself seem better before a game to pump you up? whatever. just cuz its lebron you gotta complain.

  • Red

    No, but they’re in NATO & considered a part of us. & yes it’s not racism genius. Maybe next time don’t refer to us as “Yanks” as though you know more about the sport which is ours. :|

  • phildo

    Dirk had the last cough! :-)


    God just didn’t want the “King” to win the championship this year. LMAO

  • Yesse

    Ofcourse it was. What makes it worse is, that the Heat actually lost the finals.

  • BoBo

    What a win for Dallas!!! They desreve to win a champion!

    I would say that Lebron never win a champion…..he is not a great player in big time…..no matter what team he is in!!!!!!! He doesn’t like MJ,Kobe or Dirk….they are all great time players….

  • BulleN

    Honestly how can people say “I’m not hating on Lebron and Wade” yadayadaya.. then go right to the next sentence and hate continuously

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    cosign jukai.. alot of you mad a big deal out of this bc it’s lebron though.. and your stupid.

  • Adam

    It’s funny how you guys are like America this and eff the Europeans when a German just lead his team to a championship and won the finals MVP less than 48 hours ago lol
    Basketball is a world game and has knowledgeable people from all over.
    Look no further than Dirk’s shot doctor to see my point.

  • dattaboy

    Wait a minute, I hope people are aware that the sport of basketball was invented in Canada by James Naismith.