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Andre Iguodala Wants To Remain with the Sixers

by Sam Riches / @sam_riches

After the Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated in the first round of the Playoffs by the Miami Heat, Andre Iguodala was asked if he expected to remain with the team next season—he coldly responded with, “I expect to be in the NBA.”

Iguodala then went on to miss his exit interview with Coach Doug Collins and the Sixers’ management, and when Draft night came, his name was constantly included in trade speculation.

But it now appears that the seven-year veteran is ready to put the trade rumors to rest and move forward with the team.

From CSN Philadelphia:

“‘I definitely enjoy being here,’ Iguodala said at a local basketball camp on Saturday. ‘Evan [Turner] and I were speaking late last night. We had a really good conversation about how we can really play well together, how we can make each other better so we are looking forward to next year. We even talked about what we were going to do after practice next year. So I am definitely looking forward to improving myself and playing ball.’


Trade rumors about Iguodala have become common place for the past couple years but he no longer believes that he is going to be moved.

‘I can’t say I would be surprised, because I wouldn’t be surprised, but I am not expecting it to happen,’ he said.

His actions would also suggest he believes he will remain a Sixer. He met with head coach Doug Collins the week leading up to the lockout.

‘We met for about ten minutes going back and forth on how the team can improve,’ he said. ‘You know Doug is a really good seller, so he did a good job on telling me where we are going to next and his vision for where the team will be next year.’

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  • Jeremy

    Iggy should stay.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    He really shouldn’t. I like him in Philly, but he isn’t the right fit for that team. They should trade him for Eric Gordon. Not that that is possible, but he makes more sense for the Sixers moving forward. Evan Turner is equal or better than the other AI right now. And they both should be 3′s imo. Turner can play the 2 better but i still feel he is a 3.

  • Jc

    Evan Turner better or just equal to Iggy? whaaaat

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    better man than most….they not treating him right. He’s been there longer than anybody, playing high level basketball for years and now a new coach (and I got a lot of respect for Doug Collins) is basically trying to move on without him. How’s a guy averaging 18 pts for the last four years gonna suddenly get a drop in minutes throughout the regular season and then be used as a defensive role player during the playoffs. @LakeShow Evan Turner is nowhere near as good as Andre Iguodala just yet. At this point he’s a combo guard that does a lot of things decently but no one thing well enough to really deserve starters minutes.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    What can Iggy do that Evan can’t? (Besides the dunks.) Turners a much better shooter also. He might not be better ‘now’, but give it one more year.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Turner was injured and a rookie. People doubt on this kid way more than I thought they would. He will have a better career than Iggy imo. Time will tell tho.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    they’re not using him right. He’s a point forward, he works with the ball. They’ve got Lou Williams who for some reason they’ve given the key to the city it appears, and Jrue Holliday…two decent young PG’s but neither special enough to be so quickly forced to be the face of the franchise (I personally think Jrue is better than Lou). Anyways yeah, Dre hasn’t been getting touches…Dre is a guy who needs touches, like I say he’s a point forward, a guy whose handle, basketball IQ, and ability to make plays for himself and others goes sorely underapreciated…you know he’s not just a Shawn Marion athlete/slasher/defender. Guys like him need the ball, some games in that Phi-Mia series it almost looked like they hadn’t run a single designed play for him. I’ve been saying it a while, I think he could be a great great fit in Atlanta; another big time athlete, a boost to an inconsistent defense, and a piece to an offense that lacks flow at times…time to move on from Marvin Williams imo

  • Shifty

    I agree with Blck Kamla

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Black Rick – don’t sleep on Jrue. He’s gonna be a great point guard shortly. I can see him putting up near-Rondo type numbers one day. Minus a few assists cause he doesn’t have KG, PP and Ray.

  • Dyce

    I think AI needs to get on a team with an established scorer, he does a lot of things well on the court being a #1 scoring option is not one of them. But he has the ability to score off the ball and defensively still a beast a good pick up for anyone.

  • Rog23

    Iggy is not a franchise player. He can be a useful 2nd option but I truly believe his best fit would be a 3rd option. He isn’t a natural born scorer. He scores off of his athleticism and would thrive with a Nash/cp3/dwill pass first type pg. his best asset is his athleticism, but his most VALUABLE asset is his defensive ability. Imagine him in phx, nj, or nawlins….

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    JUST IN, Lakers trading METTA WORLD PEACE and for AI and will throw in Shannon Brown and cash considerations. BOOK IT!!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Thadeus Young deserves to start at the 3.

  • Fat Lever

    Black Kamla, you’re completely wrong. Doug Collins is not trying to move on without him. I watched every Sixer game this year, and Doug steadfastly stood by Iguodala, even giving him the ball repeatedly in crunch time situations after continuously failing to produce. Doug wants him around, especially since Coach Collins doesn’t have full confidence in ET just yet. And LakeShow, I can’t stand Iguodala and I want him gone AND I’m a big ET supporter, but ET is nowhere near Iguodala’s level right now. Defensively, ET needs to learn a lot more(not saying he can’t be a very good defender). Offensivly, ET’s mid-range game is better, both are below average 3 pt shooters. ET is a better post player, which is something I’ve killed Iguodala for not developing 7 years into his career. Enig, I think you’re going to be right on Jrue. Him and ET are our only bright spots for the next 3+ years. Remember, Jrue’s only 20.