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Kevin Love: NBA Players Also Love it When the Miami Heat Lose

It’s not just fans who got a kick out of the Miami Heat going down in, um, flames. According to Kevin Love, other NBA players also greatly enjoyed the outcome of the 2011 NBA Finals. From SRI (via WFAN): “Did guys around the league enjoy the fact that the Heat didn’t win the championship?: ‘Oh yeah, great amount of joy out of it. Plus, for me, they say nice guys, good guys finish last. But Dallas, they just had a slew of great guys and veterans on their team that made for just a great team. It wasn’t just two, three, four guys on the team, like Miami I kind of felt it was. Around the league, it was kind of a consensus that guys were happy.’”

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  • marc

    Kevin Love is now on Lebron’s list lol

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    The whole NBA probably is happy too if the Wolves win a game… :)
    Just because they feel bad for ‘em

  • bigE23

    I would love to swallow Kevin’s kids.

  • gapower

    It’s funny how a player whose team didn’t win 20 games the whole season has the nerve to throw jabs at miami, saying they only have 3 good guys well maybe they need 2 more b/c the timberwolves suck. No one can diss a team that made it to the NBA Finals win or lose. I never knew it was so much jealously in the NBA, Lebron get more coverage in the offseason than Kevin Lame does during the season, so this is becoming a trend mention Lebron/Heat name so you can get some attention.

  • http://slamonline.com Saviour

    do you mean suck his ****?

  • irondan21

    Kevin is the last person who should be talking

  • tRay

    Wow I didn’t know anyone who is on a team that sorry could bad mouth someone who at least made the playoffs. Smh so much jealousy

  • bike

    Why, all of a sudden, does Kevin Love’s opinion mean anything?

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    They won’t be smiling too much in the next 5-7 years.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    I glad to hear that from Kevin Love, I was glad too. BOOK IT!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    kevin love should shut the hell up and learn to play some defense

  • youngmuggsy

    Love was offering an insight on the feelings of other players around the league, of course his opinion means something.

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher


  • http://www.slamonline.com/ 1982

    What’s this going down in flames stuff? 6 Games in the NBA finals… No blow outs. Convincingly beating teams in every series prior. KLove can talk as much trash as he wants, I don’t care until his team makes the playoffs, and plus I know plenty of ppl who were suddenly rooting for Dallas. I’m just saying, even if they don’t win whenever the season starts, they’re going to mash on 80% of the teams in the league. I guess they’re player/haters.

  • Conoro

    Love didn’t spontaneously monologue about how much he enjoyed Miami losing, geniuses. He was asked a question and answered it.

  • http://www.zpringbank.eu Jelte

    Given his team’s record and current state, this comes across a bit silly

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21


  • toronto

    Man, some of you guys are on Lebron/Miami ballz so much its funny. The man gave his opinion that MOST guys are happy around the league that the Heat lost and…this is a surprise to you guys? why are you attacking Love? He’s the messenger. Was there any surprise no one except about 20 true Heat fans and the 2 million band-wagoners that hopped on board last summer actually like the Heat?

  • toronto

    How is Kevin Love talking trash?He was asked a question.

  • SikhWitIt

    I love it. It’s nice to see a guy answering a question candidly instead of saying “Oh no, Miami’s great, can’t take nothing away from them…” His statements don’t come as a surprise.

  • http://Slamonline.com CatKiller

    There was no trash talk from Love. He has been a vocal advocate for small market teams since last summer when Miami decided to take advantage of its big market ( which they should have). Love is an all-star justlike LBJ and DWade so he can voice his opinion whenever he wants.

  • T-Money

    Don’t be stupid, it’s not because it’s your opinion that you should state it regardless of context. Minnesota won 20 games last year, Kevin Love should not be talking bad PUBLICLY about a team that made it to the Finals. And this good vs evil thing is really tired – who are the bad guys again and what have they done that was so reprehensible? It’s hoops, not a novel. If they win it all next year, it’s because they will have been “humbled” by the 2011 Finals and they’ll become “good guys” again right?

  • T-Money

    2 things: 1- It looks bad as a professional player to rejoice in one team losing. The only thing that should matter is if your team is winning and if that’s not the case, your pride should prevent you from going public on this. You’re not a fan, you’re a pro. 2- Kevin Love saying publicly that Dallas had much more cohesion than Miami would be like Waka Flocka Flame saying that Kweli can’t touch Mos Def lirically. It may be true but neither are in a position to make that statement without people looking at their own ish (wins, lyrics). Your track record earns you the right to criticize.


    Kevin love go to hell yo team is the weakest team in the league. How you gonna have a bunch of power forwards and point guards on yo team and be successful? Before you talk bout my heat become a contender first

  • Geezy

    How are yall goin at Kevin Love about his team being sorry? Is he the GM or even the owner? All he does is hustle his ass off. Im pretty sure just being a NBA player period makes his opinion on the subject a lot more valuable than any of yours or mine.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    So NBA players (who play on losing teams) aren’t allowed to have an (negative) opinion on the Miami Heat? OK, got it…

  • dunkbar

    i don’t think it is klove’s fault that minny only won 20 games … cosign sikhwitit: it is nice to hear an honest answer to a question instead of some bs nice bla bla.

  • Riggs

    Reading comprehension is slacking around these parts…

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    Whoa. Once a Waka Flocka Flame analogy arises, it’s time to shut it down.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Kevin, I thought you were better than to give your opinion when asked a question…

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ 1982

    Slow day at work… Here goes: If he said that during the season, it wouldn’t be considered an open opine, but a diss, and a ridiculous one. He can answer as many questions as he wants, just like ppl here can react to his reactions. Everyone knows the Heat were the loathed NBA team – the Yankees of the league. Of course there’s going to be hate. But if your team is the worst in the league, don’t be surprised if people don’t take your “honesty” seriously. That’s not being honest either. “I wish I was on a better team” is being honest. “Of course we’re happy that the Yankee’s lost” isn’t being honest, it’s him being a fan. And he can be a fan of the Mavs if he wants to be. But we’re not referencing his comment as fellow fans, we’re referring to KLove as the star player on a crappy team that won’t make the playoffs for years, talking about how he enjoys watching the Miami Heat lose. Make the playoffs, then you can start being “honest” or whatever you want to call it. If anyone here – as in the average NBA fan – were to say, “I loved how the Heat lost” no one except Eboy would care. But his team was 17-65. Not like kind of sucks, but really sucks. No one said he can’t talk – even if the quoted words are “KLOVE SHUT UP.” He can talk. He can talk all he wants. He just can’t win. And that’s why there are negative comments here. If Paul Pierce said this, he might get a few “SHUT UP PP” comments. But more than likely the consensus would be “well, the Truth lost to them in the playoffs…he has a reason.” KLOVE not so much. Worry about your own team before you celebrate another team losing.

  • damn

    kevin love is getting so annoying, he talks so much, cant lead his teams to more then 24 wins in a season, miami prob. won more games this year then he has in his career. SHUT UP!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It’s cool to hear an honest answer, but that doesn’t mean that his honest answer doesn’t make him look like a hater.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    And 1982 summed things up for me nicely.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Allen, I don’t think he cares.

  • jking6coop

    his bomb ass

  • namik

    So the only people who can have a negative opinion of the Heat(and be taken seriously) are the Mavericks? Got it.

  • zach

    He said most players wanted to see the Heat lose. He didn’t say he did. How is that trash talking? All the fools writing paragraphs attacking the guy for stating his opinion are sr8 up losers

  • zach

    If he wasn’t being “honest” then go find the info that contradicts his opinion. Since when does stating how the rest of the league feels about the Heat make one a hater? So unless your team is championship caliber, you can’t honestly answer any questions about other teams? You know who needs to stfu? These dumb a#* fans in this comment section.

  • toronto

    I’m disappointed at people on this site attacking Love over this, especially some of the older, more knowledgeable commenters. What he said is pretty much common knowledge. Face it, no one likes the Heat, not even players. They saw the same things we did (premature celebrations, predicting 7 rings, etc). Can you really blame them for not wanting a team like the Heat to win, especially with good guys like Dirk, Kidd on the other side?

  • kbj

    Damn fellas pull down the skirt..hes just keeping it real.

  • kool

    First he cant comment cause him team sucks, but when Stevenson does it (he played and beat them) yall still mad?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    who cares? And I bet most of the league’s happiness came from relief, that Miami hasn’t figured out how to be as much better then everyone else as they should be….

  • Drew

    Hi honestly think that Kevin Love can beat the crap out of LeBron in a fisticuffs. Hahahaha.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He said he was hoping for another team to lose. He and most of the League, and he was happy they lost.
    Really now?
    That’s not hating coming from an NBA player who wasn’t even in the playoffs.
    So, Derrick Rose says he hopes the Mavs fail to repeat even if he isn’t isn’t in the Finals because he doesn’t like them because they aren’t a real team, that wouldn’t be hating?
    If Jay Z said he hopes Jay Electronica fails at ever becoming a successful rapper because nobody really likes him because he’s not really a real rapper, that’s not hating?
    He said he was cheering for somebody else to fail, for no REAL REASON! If that’s not hating, what exactly is hating these days?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t care if he’s a hater. I’m just pointing out that he’s a hater.
    Being honest doesn’t make you a non-hater. Just like being honest doesn’t make a you a non-racist, or a non-homophobe or a non-xenophobe.
    Look people, just because an idea is rattling around in your head doesn’t make it valid, acceptable or good to share with the general public. Ideas don’t have validity simply because they are yours.
    Dammit, why is this so hard to understand?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    because your on the internet, where people have to hate people for hating people. Or hate people for accusing other people of hating people. No accepting of anything at all

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Not even of someone else’s opinion, nbk.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    touche BC

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    And here’s a serious question: Which is a bigger problem? People who hate the Miami Heat or folks who get mad because people hate the Miami Heat?
    I’m gonna go with the latter…

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I would just go with both are an equal problem. The latter just inflames the former

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    I think it’s the other way around.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Well yes in the sense that The Hater Haters wouldn’t exist without the Original Hater. I was just saying those that Hate on Hate just inflame the original haters into a Hate war. Instead of a mild, “hate battle” if you will.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Wowwww^^ lol, thats allot of hate! But agree with both you. Everyones hating on whom they think is a hater. Kinda idiotic.

  • T-Money

    BC: Why is that relevant? I’m not down with hating for no reason, period. Be honest, wouldn’t you have been disappointed if Rose had said something like this? But rose would have never said this because he’s a competitor and not a fan. Publicly expressing joy in a team losing – a team that you have no rivalry with – when you’re a pro, a peer is mad weak. Especially when you don’t know what the playoffs llok like, people are going to question your credentiaks for making those kind of statements. Ultimately, this doesn’t matter at all and I’m sure nobody in Miami cares about what Love has to say – but how is it not hating?

  • Armando

    Bryan Crawford, Conoro and Geezy… I agree.

  • Armando

    Btw. I have won exactly zero nba games in my life… I guess I should retire from commenting on these forums. Sayonara fellow losers;)

  • T-Money

    Armando, you obviously dont want to understand why credentials come into play when a fellow nba player is talking and not just some random dude on the street.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Man, I’ve left like 3 similar comments. If they all show up at once, my bad.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Oh, now I can post…
    Anyway, T-Money, who are you to say what constitutes as a “valid” reason for disliking the Miami Heat? People have their opinions and if you don’t agree, that’s on you.
    I don’t care that KLove has never been to the Playoffs, he gave his opinion and I respect it. I never said that he wasn’t hating, but then again, I don’t really care if he was.
    NBA players have rooting interests, too. Their tweets were posted on this very site during the Finals. I’m sure you saw that.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Yo BC, unrelated but I see you managed to ruffle some more feathers on Twitter this morning!
    Only you, fam. Lol…

  • http://Slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Man… I thought that was ridiculously petty. But it just let’s me know that had been building in that individual for a while. Oh well.

  • http://Slamonline.com CatKiller

    If all you guys wanna say he can’t answer an honestly to a question because he is on a poor team and his little success Maybe you should follow that statement when it comes to your comments. I’m positive Kevin Love is more successful than any of we are so therefore you guys are doing exactly what Love did. Your dissing on a guy of higher rank publicly. So when anyone of you guys make the NBA and lead the league in rebounds and double doubles then maybe you can say something about Kevin Love. It’s not his fault he is on a poor team. He is a legitimate all-star and is a leader on his team so in a way he is on the same level as Lebron or Wade. Not same level in skill but same level of leadership and responsibilty. So stop hatin on Love for answering an honest question. Im tired of players acting like they are happy for miami because nobody is. They all envy the stockpile of talent on that team and inside they loved seeing the underdog win.

  • seriousblack

    I think the biggest haters are the people who are hating on KLove right now. Allenp and the rest of you are getting more detailed and in depth about the guy’s comments than necessary. The guy focused mainly on what the rest of the league was saying about the Heat. That doesn’t make him a hater. He’s relaying the sentiments of most of the league. BFD. Calm down; it’s not that deep dammit. Fall back from all the psycho-analysis, ladies.

  • MikeC.

    I’m a hater. Hate hate hate. I’ma go put some water in Lebron’s mama’s dish.

  • bigE23

    Kevin Love is so sexy. I want Love all over me like Monica. BOOK IT!

  • Armando

    Yeah, yeah.. maybe I don’t, or maybe I do and maybe it’s your opinion that credentials play a role… Why are they so important? …please don’t say it has to do with respect, players respect each other way too much, it’s much more fun when they dislike each other… Point is, what’s the big problem here really?… and please can we leave the “hate debate”just for a second, it just seems inappropriate considering that one of the biggest massacres during peacetime in modern history just took place in Oslo, Norway, based on hate…

  • BostonBaller

    Love can have his opinion and voice it (Freedom of speech) but is what he said really accurate about the L’s players (A lot of Heat fans are hoping it’s true so they can feel more of that us against the world mojo. lol) We C’s fan do the same thing. I personally don’t think he knows the pulse of the L’s players that well but what do I know? What I do know (think) is that just b/c his team sucks it doesn’t make his opinions less valid than any one else’s, especially since he made the all-star team and is a double double player. (In my opinion the double doubles are overrated when the player is on a team that really sucks since there are plenty more chances to rebound and score b/c your teammates aren’t capable of doing those things – it’s like leading the L in scoring when your team really sucks and doesn’t have any other scorers-someonwe has to take all those shots. lol You still accomplished something but to me it shines a tad bit less) what was this post about again?


    I like Kevin Love even more now. I don’t think its a case of everyone (Players & Fans) being happy that the Heat lost… I think its more that they’re happy Lebron lost.

  • Tolo

    the third comment on this thread = WTF!

  • http://obsessioncollection.wordpress.com obsessed

    we’ll see if these players can still be happy when the next season starts, and who knows when it will start . . .

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    From SRI (via WFAN): “Did guys around the league enjoy the fact that the Heat didn’t win the championship?: ‘Oh yeah, great amount of joy out of it. Plus, for me, they say nice guys, good guys finish last. But Dallas, they just had a slew of great guys and veterans on their team that made for just a great team. It wasn’t just two, three, four guys on the team, like Miami I kind of felt it was. Around the league, it was kind of a consensus that guys were happy.
    Believe what you want. If you take a great amount of joy from someone’s failure, you’re a hater. You may have valid reasons for hating, but you’re still a hater.
    I have been a hater against the Phoenix Suns. I have rooted for them to fail, not because I disliked the players, but for other reasons. I was still a hater despite the belief that my reason for hating was valid.
    I could understand if Rose, or even Dwight Howard wanted the Heat to fail. They have a legit rivalry and beef with the Heat. They would be haters, but understandable haters.
    I’m a little surprised that a cat who plays for a random team in the West was actively rooting for the Heat to fail. Like T-Money said, it seems sort of petty to me since he has no history with the team. I guess NBA players share the general public opinion that the assembling of the Heat was a problem. I didn’t realize that. I assumed they would have had a different opinion.

  • BostonBaller

    We are such followers, guys drop their pants to show their butts and underwear…millions do it regardless of how it looks. someone covers their body w/ tats or does something else that might not be the norm and millions follow suit. Someone coins the phrases “don’t snitch” and “haters” and they become banners that millions use daily and out of context. I root for my teams to win mores than for another to lose but even if I wanted the other team to lose that doesn’t make me or you a hater..being a fan means you like and dislike teams..haters spew venom and degrade teams/players or are mean spirited. By the sheer definitions of hater there are degrees of hate and when someone is called a hater they are looked upon on the heavy degree of hate. I was called a hater b/c I wanted The Mavs to win (Kidd was my guy & I love to see great vets get a ring) I didn’t hate the Heat & couldn’t care less how they came together..business is business..

  • Big M.D.W

    The heat is WEAK

  • Ballislife

    Hey kevin! You’re team sucks and you talk about the heat when they made it to the finals and it will be a miracle if your team even makes it to the playoffs