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Miami Heat Interested In Shane Battier

Free agency is on hold until after the lockout ends, but when it does take place, the Miami Heat will be ready. Via the Miami Herald: “Regardless of whether James Jones re-signs (and there’s mutual interest), we hear forward Shane Battier will be very much on the Heat’s radar after the lockout. The Houston Chronicle, after interviewing Battier, said ‘don’t be surprised’ if he signs with the Heat or Bulls. The Heat long has admired Battier and fellow free agents Tayshaun Prince and Grant Hill, but the question is if any will take less money to sign here. Hill told The Arizona Republic ‘it would be nice’ to re-sign with Phoenix. Detroit wants to keep Prince.”

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  • http://zogs.com zogs

    Shane would fit in perfectly (chemistry wise) on any elite, or rebuilding team. Although i honestly can see him averaging a solid 27 minutes but averaging like 5-7 ppg. He would have bigger expectations that he would be able to fulfill.

  • http://zogs.com zogs

    ^^On MIA that is

  • http://Rockafella.com Rockafella@hotmail.com

    Cosign zogs

  • RunNGun

    Only scrubs will take the minimum to play for LeChoke, D-Wasted, Chris Bashed, and the HEAT.

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • http://www.listerblister.blogspot.com rainman10

    Battier would have bigger expectations than he would be able to fill in Miami? That doesn’t make sense. He would be a backup to Lebron James. He would be asked to do what he always does: play good defense, hustle, and shoot the spot up three.

  • dma

    Hey Miami. I don’t think you need another 6’6-6’8 guy

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    Clearly Miami are planning to sign anyone who can guard LeBron as well as those who compete with him. This is an interesting plan, but how well will it work under the new cap?

  • rich

    we dont even know what the rules for signing ppl wil be like. if they end up being only able to have one impact free agent it will be a big man. shane would have to sign for the minimum to play in miami and i dont think he will at this point in his career

  • SikhWitIt

    Don’t do it Shane! He’s one of the few character guys left in this league, I’d hate to see him on the Heat.

  • rich

    rainman, the heat are looking for a steady wing player coz they plan on moving lebron to the pg position give him free reign on offense and run old school la showtime plays ala magic.

  • http://slamonline.com Jacob J

    Why would Detroit want to keep Prince? Its dumb if they do because we need to rebuild and move on! We need to start have Austin Daye start at the 3 and let him develop and theres too many wing players!

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    so do heat haters want Shane on the Heat or not? On one hand, he’s a perfect complimentary player and can hit big shots and play solid D which would no doubt help Miami. On the other hand, how many Dukies actually win in the NBA? Only one I could think of is Danny Ferry

  • 6marjons

    im not a miami fan but whilst trying to remain unbiased, i think he’d genuinly be better off going to the bulls or he might just be another mike miller

  • http://www.nba.com piq

    Please dont compare Bron to Magic. A superstar without basics, cant be in the same sentence with Magic Johnson.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    If we let him go to the Heat, the whole Grizz front office is going to end p on The First 48.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


  • LA Huey

    Slim chance he goes to Miami. He’s just playing the game to drive up his price.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Oooh, Battier on the Bulls sounds intriguing. We can ALWAYS use more defenders, even if it means adding another Dukie.

  • Niio

    I can’t see him going to a different team that isn’t the Grizzles or Rockets. Didn’t they trade him back and forth to each other like 3 times? Lol

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    @Joey E kyrie Irving will win in NBA. book it!