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Photos: Barclays Center Renderings

Interior images of the Nets’ upcoming basketball arena.

Compiled by Kyle Stack

Here are the first interior renderings of the Barclays Center, which the New Jersey Nets made public last week. The architectural firm SHoP Architects PC designed these spaces, which include the Main Concourse, Arena Atrium and various clubs, lounges and suites that populate the Barclays.

My first impression of these images was how Barclays will stack up against Madison Square Garden, which is undergoing the first of three major renovations during the next three years. This is a good head-start since we can expect a similar level of modernization with the new MSG.

My second impression is that, while the key areas inside Barclays look very stylish and sleek, I get the sense it looks more like a luxury apartment building on Wall St. than a basketball arena.

Negativity aside, Nets fans should probably feel ecstatic that their own basketball arena is coming to life, at least in computer graphic form. (The building is scheduled to officially open September 28, 2012.) This is certainly a step up from IZOD Center, which had all the charm of an Atlantic City casino.

Images courtesy of the New Jersey Nets

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  • Taylor

    “it looks more like a luxury apartment building on Wall St. than a basketball arena”

    This was my first thought. I thought “wow, this actually looks TOO fancy for me.” But then again, as with any “NBA-viable” arena, their key demographic is the super-rich casual fan, not the die-hards living paycheck to paycheck like myself.

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  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Oh you fancy, huh?

  • irondan21

    15 years from now the Nets will be whining about needing a new arena. This looks like a futuristic airport not a house of basketball.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^lol exactly what i thought, the first 3 pics looks like an airport

  • http://www.notreal.com LLC#12

    There is literally nothing to suggest its a basketball arena in the pictures, if you showed these to someone and asked them to guess what they were pictures of, they would have no idea!

  • iloveyounot

    whoever designed this sucks; if you take out all of the yuppy looking people, all you get are plain looking rooms.

  • D12FSU

    this looks like an airport..

  • Tony

    @enigmatic, Nice

  • http://slamonline.com Bam Bam

    OK,OK I agree it truly looks like an airport, and I hate to say it but even with the best looking arena the NETS still ain’t gonna get a ring SO bite on that JAY-Z. he should have save it for his kid and got him/her a pimp out crib with spinners rims LOL!!!