Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 9:58 am  |  8 responses

Polladaday: NBAers in Europe?

Deron Williams just signed in Turkey, and it sounds like others might be headed in that direction as well. What do you think of that?

Do you think NBA players should sign overseas?

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  • Morgan

    It will be a huge boost for the NBA (international fan-wise) the more big names that play overseas. Once the lockout ends and the players return to their nba teams I’d imagine a healthy percentage of those fans in europe/asia/wherever who got to see them will start to follow the NBA games a lot more.

  • http://SLAM FLIGHT 9

    they need to stay in shape simple as that with real competition. My request is very simple. Slam should just buy 15 teams and run the SLAM LEAGUE with NBA PLayassssss!!

  • EmCee

    ^ Dope idea. Come on slam, dish out the chedda!

  • Bimmer

    I think younger players especially should go over there and continue to develop. Maybe not so much guys in their prime. But older guys should go also, to stay in shape.

  • Jose

    If we can get the hook up to some of those international games then i say ‘let our people ball’

  • Yesse

    Agreed with Morgan.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    The only downside is the injury risk..

  • add

    if i were a player i’d only play if i could opt out of the contract once the lockout ends like deron william’s contract