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Rudy Fernandez Mulling Over Deal from Spanish Team?

According to a report in a Spanish paper, the Mavs may not have the services of the recently-acquired Rudy Fernandez for very much longer. From the Dallas Morning News: “As Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported on Sunday, Real Madrid is set to take advantage of the NBA lockout by offering Fernandez a chance to come back home to Spain with a proposed six-year deal for roughly $4.35 million a year. Fernandez was set to $2.2 million next season before becoming a restricted free agent with an option of $3.2 million for 2012-13. Based on the numbers, it would make financial sense for Fernandez to leave Dallas for Spain. But the report says he’d honor his deal with the Mavericks when the lockout ends, and then leave the NBA and head home after this year, meaning fans shouldn’t get used to seeing him in a Dallas uniform.”

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  • Mike From Spain

    I hope that Rudy does not do this, he will go from the defending NBA champs to a team which basically is a bunch of scrubs. Please Rudy, don’t do it… even financially it may be better in the long run to stay in the NBA.

  • Gogs

    what are you on? he’s Spanish so he’d get to play in front of fans there to see him specifically, make a butt load more money and chances are he’d be one of the leaders of the team. In the nba as good as the glimpses have been of him playing there has been no consistent minutes for him an chances he’ll be little more than a 7th 8th even 9th man in this league. European and world ball has definitely improved over the last 20 years or so, so the comment about Scrubs is insulting and rather simplistic

  • david sanchez

    But spainards are all dumb ass scrubs look ay pau gasol

  • Groves

    @mike. Real Madrid isn’t a bunch of scrubs… @david sanchez. your sarcasm doesnt translate well to print, so it seems like your being serious, if you are, don’t be so bigoted

  • Remo Williams

    @david, yup… way to sterotype and look racist.

  • Mike From Spain

    @ gogs, I am from Spain, more specifically from Madrid. Their best players are D-league Americans and Sergio Rodriguez. ’nuff said. I like Barcelona better, that team runs circles around Real Madrid. Won like,… 7 of their last 8 matches, by margins like 25 points (with scoreboards like 85-60). So in my eyes, yes, Real Madrid are a bunch of scrubs

  • Sean

    Rudy needs 1 breakout season. If he simply matches what he did his rookie season, he is up for a raise to the 4-6 million dollar a year range. He can earn more money in the NBA IF he can even be 70% of his potential.

    He was pretty giddy when he was traded to the Mavs. I think he will think this over long and hard and eventually choose to decline the terms. He has a bright future in NBA.

  • Gogs

    how would they get on with Rudy though are you just scared they’ll kill your team now, joke I don’t really care. truth is a professional athletes career is very short so I wouldn’t hold it against a player for making the best decision for themselves and their family and taking a big payday, even against lower level of competition

  • Mike From Spain

    true… but it is a pity considering that he was touted to be the greatest player to come out from Spain after Pau Gasol and Navarro.