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Spencer Hawes Wants Seattle to Have an NBA Team Again

After scoring 27 points in the victory for team “Seattle” in the H206 Charity Basketball Classic over the weekend, Spencer Hawes led the crowd at KeyArena in a chant for the city to get back its pro hoops team. From the Seattle Times: “After a 2 ½-hour NBA exhibition that felt like a celebration of Seattle basketball, Philadelphia 76ers center Spencer Hawes grabbed the microphone and walked to midcourt. The former Washington Husky and Seattle Prep star, who shaved a silhouette of the Space Needle on the back of his head for this game, led a KeyArena crowd of 5,070 in a postgame rally cry. ‘I just want to leave y’all with one last thing,’ Hawes shouted. ‘Come home, Sonics! Come home, Sonics!’ The chant echoed around the building for a few seconds, but it remains to be seen if state politicians in Olympia or NBA executives in the league office in New York — the power brokers who could make Hawes’ demand a reality — were listening. ‘I sure hope those people could see what I saw today and feel what I felt,’ Hawes said. ‘It was real. It felt important. … Today proved Seattle will support a team whenever the time is right. It’s a good message and sometimes you need something, a catalyst to get the ball rolling. I don’t want to say this is going to be that, but we raised some money for a good cause and maybe this is the first step to bringing the Sonics back home. So in my book, it’s a win-win.’”

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  • rudy

    With the amount of pull that Spencer Hawes has in this league, I imagine they will have a team in no time!

  • Ohhitskb

    Haha he’s just mad because they cant beat OKC

  • SIkhWitIt

    Who can’t beat OKC? The Sixers? What are you talking about?

  • Ryan

    This may be the first time Spencer Hawes and I have agreed on anything. I want to see the franchise now referred to as the Thunder relocated to Seattle. Of course I also want to see contraction (at least 4 teams, probably six) and have less pull than Hawes but here’s hoping.

  • Wray

    I have not and never will be able to justify the fact that California has FOUR teams, yet Seattle and Vegas go without NBA ball.

  • realtim

    Who is this guy?

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Move the hornets away from the NO (where no one gives a flying shrimp about the basketball) and send them to SEA (where everyone and they mama loves basketball). It makes sense for the NBA both financially and basketball-wise but I doubt it happens since the league is ran by morons *cough* stern *cough*

  • MrKnowItAll

    @Wray u do know that when Seattle had a team, they’re attendance was in the garbage, the team wasn’t good, and the stadium was outdated and the city didn’t wanna use tax money to build a new one, RIGHT???? U also know if Vegas has a permanent NBA team, by law they have to take gambling off the sports books IN Vegas which will cause the city (and the nba) to lose more money than the team could EVER make….RIGHT????? All I’m saying is, there’s reasons for everything the L does…and doesn’t do.

  • LA Huey

    Lots of clout, this guy has.


    spencer hawes and 27 points. odd

  • doc

    Seattle can have him now for they first round pick if they get a team.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioNrWsLDVjA IAMORANGE4EVER

    There is a difference between wants and needs. Let KRS-One break it down for you. Click my name and listen to the TEACHER!

  • SikhWitIt

    MrKnowItAll, attendance in Seattle was not, as you say, “in the garbage.” Get your facts straight. That team, in the dark years after the Gary Payton trade, still had attendance numbers better than half the cities in the league. The Key was still one of the loudest buildings in the NBA. I think your giving Stern and “the L” a little too much credit with this one. When the Thunder start rebuilding after Durant, we’ll see whether folks there will support their team.

  • Sizzle

    Yes lets build a franchise that will take at minimum three years to be competitive and financially sound at a team when league revenues are plumetting, contraction may be explored and oh by the way the league is in LOCKOUT. Spencer sounds as dumb as he looks

  • SikhWitIt

    Sizzle, moving a team out of an unproductive market to one that’s proven to be productive is exactly the type of thing the league needs to do at a time like this. And let’s not forget the benefits of an NBA franchise for the city of Seattle on a cultural level and the Queen Anne neighborhood on a more concrete, economical, level. Spencer sounds pretty smart to me.

  • 23-DOOM-50

    @ SikhWitt-That’s only if they put an expansion team in Seattle. They could easily move a team. Sacramento, Memphis, New Orleans, and Minnesota could all move to Seattle and be in a much better market and situation then they currently are, and that’s just in the Western Conference.

  • Double J

    What’s with the Seattle hate?

  • banner18

    If I were a billionaire, the first thing I would do is buy an NBA franchise like the Hornets or Bobcats, move them to Seattle, and build a new arena just for good measure. And I would be licking my chops waiting for the day when Kevin Durant becomes a free agent.

    Seattle never deserved to lose the Sonics in the first place. If not for Clay Bennett/Howard Schultz/David Stern and the rest, Kevin Durant would be an even bigger name than he is now in a city that is generally regarded as one of the five best places in America to visit.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Build a modern arena first. No team will be in Seattle till that’s settled. Other then that, move a team to San Diego or San Jose, somewhere the team will definitely make money. Watching teams go to cities where it hasn’t worked in the past is becoming a never ending cycle of watching “expansion” teams go under. New Orleans has had 2 teams, Charlotte has had 2, Minnesota has had 2. Anyone see the problem?

  • matt

    crazy environment! everyone there was rocking sonics gear

  • Quail

    well california has 4 teams and Texas has 3. so leave the Lakers in LA, and the Spurs in San Antonio. then take the other 5 teams and put them in Seattle, Vegas, Kentucky, Hawaii, and Kansas. I think it would work out for everyone.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    3 of 4 California and 3 Texas Teams make money. (The team that doesn’t is Sacramento) — The NBA is a business, and 19 of its Franchises lost money last season. No need to relocate the few that are successful.

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    Yeah, move the champion Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets and leave the small-market Spurs in Texas. Take away professional teams from the two most populated cities in Texas!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    The Key is actually a good arena. It could easily be renovated to fit the needs any team owner wants. I only know this because I have seen hundreds of games there. They want “pretty” stuff. It’s not that the arena doesn’t have a good basketball court and enough seats its that it isn’t as nice as the Pepsi Center… I understand, but it is a bit picky. Just renovate the Key and get a ball team in Seattle asap please.

  • Chukaz

    who cares what spencer hawes wants. I want a 3way with adriana lima and miranda kerr but its not gonna happen. i’m okay with that cuz sometimes sh*t just doesn’t go your way, especially when your spencer hawes.

  • shawnkemp4prez

    Despite my pro-Sonics username, the sad fact is that Seattle had a team and let it slip through their fingers. The league and Stern owe the city exactly nothing. Stubborn ownership and city policy forced the team out of the Pacific Northwest and into the Heartland, where Westbrook and Durant are becoming the new millenium Payton and Kemp. Damn, that burns.


    Seattle should never have lost their NBA team, everyone knows this. Stern needs to do the right thing and move the Hornets to Seattle. IMO: The Clippers, Kings & Hornets all need to be relocated. With Seattle being first in line. Like someone else said; It’ll be interesting to see how the Thunder’s fan base do react when they have to rebuild… can’t imagine it’ll be pretty. Also Spencer Hawes is a decent center… ya’ll some haters.

  • http://ggfhh.com Jukai

    Guys, seattlez attendance rates were bad. Period.

  • jarrett

    Without a new arena, they will never get an NBA franchise, period. If anyones to blame, blame the citizens in the Seattle area that voted no to raising taxes to build a new arena