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Stephen Curry, Dorell Wright Want to Play in China During Lockout

According to Golden State Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright, China is the new hotness during the NBA lockout. The Contra Costa Times reports: “China is looking promising,’ Curry said via text message. ‘There’s no deal yet on the table, but my agent is going to entertain offers and see what happens. If it works, I’ll go.’ Wright said China would be his first choice. He has an endorsement deal with Peak, a Chinese basketball shoe company. ‘I would definitely like to play in China,’ Wright said via text. ‘But I’m open to other options. I’m going to China for a week (in August), so I’ll definitely see how it is.’ Curry said his priority is rehabbing from offseason surgery on his right ankle and finishing up his degree at Davidson. He also is getting married at the end of this month. He expects to be 100 percent healthy and ready to play basketball by November. If the NBA is still shut down by the lockout, Curry said, he is more than willing to look elsewhere.”

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  • hushabomb

    While everyone is thinkin of playing in China is a good idea both endorsement wise and money wise (in the short term) you also realise that imports (which they will be classed as) will only get to play 1/2 the game. Its unfortunate that there is not enough money for a team to sign an NBA player in Australia as I think that there is viable benefits for a player to come over to Australia. Similar in culture. Good enough comp to keep you’re game tight. You’re also playing in summer here also. The exchange rate is also good as well. Come on over NBA guys and enjoy playing in Australia as a lot of players that have played here loved it

  • bull22

    two more nba players who no one knows are talking about going overseas right now, LOL… billy hunter must be laughing his behind off influencing these morons into saying we are leaving, funny thing is if they do go, all they will do is collect a check like they want, but who seriously here is going to be looking at the box scores or watching them play over there…