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Carlos Boozer: ‘I Definitely Plan on Playing Overseas’

Carlos Boozer will be hooping next year, regardless of the NBA’s labor situation. He tells ESPN that he plans to play overseas should League games get cancelled (cue many Bulls fans probably hoping that he stays there for good): “I think as players we have to look at this lockout as an unfortunate challenge, but one that can create other unique and positive opportunities,’ he said. ‘When I was part of Team USA that won Olympic Gold in Beijing, that experience changed my life in incredible ways. If the NBA season gets delayed or postponed, I plan on using those months to experience something similar to what I did in the summer of 2008. That’s why, if the lockout continues, I definitely plan on playing overseas.’ Boozer declined to say whether he already had a deal in place or a specific country he was targeting, but a source indicated that the reference to Beijing reflects an inclination to play in China.”

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  • Klav

    That way he can take his defensive deficiencies to a team that plays zone to cover up his lackluster play.

  • bull22

    the bulls have pretty much kept a lid on it and now this clown has to make this statement. he needs to work on staying in shape and staying healthy,
    he also needs to correcting the flaws that prevented the bulls from advancing further.. i highly doubt he would try and play elsewhere because one injury and the bulls are free from his overbloated contract anyway.

  • BBaller

    Go overseas,and when you arrive back to the USA, make your first stop Orlando and tell Dwight you want to swap places.Most over rated player this side of Christian Laettner.

  • BBaller

    Sorry more like Vin Baker

  • LP

    please go over seas, carlos…we cant afford you to be out of shape in any way…

  • hiphopcop

    well Boozer is already injury prone, so Bulls fan should hope he goes oveseas, because I’m sure by game 5 overseas the bulls will def. be able to void his contract.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Carlos Boozer: “I Definitely Plan on Playing No Defense and Getting Injured Overseas”

  • http://bulls.com airs

    “I definitely plan on signing a huge contract overseas and only playing half the games”

  • CubicleWorker

    I can’t stand Boozer since ’04. It seems like everything this guy does is about the money. He needs to get healthy.

    Side note: How about instead of playing overseas, all these players go back to uni and take an introductory economics class and approach the collective bargaining agreement negotiations with some actual educated insight.

  • World

    Just dont comeback to the bulls…stay ova there… way ova there.

  • campehead

    boozer is injury prone he needs 2sit down and rest nd comeback better den ever cuz if he gets hurt 1 more time i and chicago vote his ass is out bye bye!!!