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Dwight Howard Urges Magic Fans To Be Louder

If Orlando Magic fans want Dwight Howard to stick around, they’ll have to step up. Although the Amway Center is usually filled with bodies, Howard (via a Twitter conversation) believes fans aren’t fully concentrating and supporting the team like they should be. From the Orlando Sentinel: “A Magic fan named Otiga Ogubi, under the twitter handle of @tstreetz77, sent a Twitter message to Howard saying, ‘we sell out the Orena and 85% r just there to look good until the playoffs.’ Howard agreed, expressing concern about the Amway Center crowd. Howard wrote back, ‘that upsets me cuz I don’t wait till the playoffs to play hard. I give y’all my best everynite. Y becuz some people don’t get a chance to be at everygame. And I want them to always remember the nite they saw me play. So. I play for y’all. I feed off the fans. ESP at home. It’s a different atmosphere in the playoffs at the arena. That same atmosphere should be during the season.’ If you’re not adept at Twitter-speak, Howard said he plays hard every night because he wants every fan to remember the time he or she saw Howard play. Because he’s bringing his best every night, he wants fans to bring playoff intensity every night. This year, Howard didn’t feel like the fans brought it all the time. ’I can always go back to the year we went to the Finals,’ Howard said right before the playoffs this season. ‘It was so loud.’ Howard said there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with the Amway Center and its amenities.”

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  • jumpman22

    I understand the frustration. But it is the other Magic players need to get ‘louder’ in games.

  • http://Nba.com GP23

    Does it matter?? He will be a laker next summer anyway….

  • jumpman22

    Oh yeah, that’s true. Forgot this, my bad.

  • Chris


  • MLK4Life

    His last request before he leaves town. Good for him.

  • John

    What he’s really trying to say is that Magic fans are a bunch of bandwagoners. Not too surprising though, considering Miami’s massive increase in fanbase.

  • misso

    It’s true cause I go to a lot of games & I get frustrated that the fans at the Amway center don’t get loud enough like okc & that’s the way we MAGIC fans should be but i think its also due to the fact that we have the best arena & some of the fans are busy walking & looking around

  • rich

    cp3 and ariza to orlando for gilbert nelson picks daniel orton and trade exception. sign and actual power forward and go pick and roll offense and stop chucking contested 3 pointers

  • http://slam.com Chris Mullin’s Accent

    But the fans in the upper deck like to hear Stan Van squeal too.

  • bike

    Magic fans urge Dwight Howard to shut up and leave. Dwight must have a brain the size of a pea.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    If your bringing playoff intensity every night…. then it’s not called playoff intensity is it.

  • Magicfan


    It does matter and he will be Laker next year, on your xbox360 – not in real life. He has already stated that he wants to stay in O-town and start his own path. He’s just keeping his cards close to his chest. The Magic will NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER TRADE HOWARD FOR THAT STIFF, INJURY PRONE, HANDICAP PARKING BUM KNOW AS BYNUM. HE’S YOUR STARTING CENTER FOR THE NEXT 12 YEARS!!! DEAL WITH IT. DWIGHT WILL BE RIGHT HERE IN O-TOWN WHERE HE BELONGS. LAKERS ROACHES………….

  • Magic Fan

    He needs to clean his ear’s because everytime I go to Amway it is ALWAYS loud.

    BTW, Dwight Howard is not leaving Orlando, keep dreaming.

  • Waggle

    Whoa there MagicFan, better sit the next few plays out!

  • ENDS

    I do kinda hate the New arena cause there is too much to do and you kinda get caught up in seeing every inch of the Orena and forget the game is going on. Not I, but those fans in the expensive seats, who come to the game in slacks and a polo. Wear a jersey for Cripes sakes!