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Giveaway: AbstractMax Tee

Leave a comment, win a shirt.

With KICKS 14 on stands now, we’ve got a kick-themed giveaway for you today…

From AbstractMax, SLAM is giving away three tees featuring the soles of three classic bball shoes. Inspired by the Penny Foamposite, the Air Jordan III’s and the Air Jordan V’s, these tees (pictured above) are ready to be worn by you.

Here’s what to do: In the comment section below give us your favorite memory from Penny Hardaway’s explosive (but too short) NBA career. We’ll take a look and send out a tee to those who drop what we believe are the best three responses. Easy enough?

For more on these tees check out abstractmax.com.

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  • Avery

    This shirt is fresh….surely would pick this up

  • mike shoveller

    Saw the giveaway on twitter would love to get a shirt!!

  • joey

    I love his shoes. that t shirt… however i am gonna be honest, i am too young to have ever seen his games just seen his highlights…

    but yeh anyways ill say first from 230 am over here in australia

  • James
  • Avery

    Best moment- when he dropped 41 & 42 points on the Heat in game 1 and 3 in the 97 playoffs…..he GOT BUCKETS!

  • tom

    the unforgettable no look over the shoulder pass!

    and all of those here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFMBWqffvb0

  • JChau

    To be honest, the best memory is seeing his tv spots with him and Lil’ Penny rockin’ the swag. They were too much fun!

  • blood-orange

    now that’s the type of modern art i like!!

  • Joey

    When Penny scored 36 against Jordan who only had 23. Great game.

  • JSid

    Man, These tee’s go hard…..Love to get one :)

  • http://www.sacktownsports.co.cc Casper

    Zoo tip: Real Tigers often do not follow the rules of “Eenie meenie miney moe” This shirt might protect me from tigers.

  • mike lack

    Doesn’t get much attention on youtube or any other sites, but when he dunked all over hakeem’s face was one of the best dunks on a great i have ever seen

  • Scott

    Winner Winner Sheen Dinner

  • Roysooners

    Well, I will always remember his game against the Spurs with the Suns. Big time triple double in Game 3. Without injuries, he could have been the best, just like Grant Hill…

  • Shajin Khan

    When penny hardaway crossed over Tim Hardaway! (magic vs. heat)

  • Jeff Agmata

    His co-starring appearance in movie Blue Chips as Butch McCrae with Shaquille right out of college. Used his talents and from there it was a showcase. Penny would of been a hall of famer, no doubt, if it werent for injuries. Still accomplished alot. My favorite player of all time.

  • George Burke

    I want to win a T-Shirt!!! I subscribed to SLAM Magazine ages ago and I never win anything:( please please please !!! Thanks :)

  • idrees

    when he went solo and parted ways with shaq.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Best Penny moment ever was during the ’95-’95 season when he caught the ball on the break and hammered down a sick one-handed tomahawk right in the grill of Pat Ewing. Vintage pre-injury Penny was a sight to behold.

  • Aaron Abate’

    When Penny Hardaway went to the Left on a FastBreak and Posterized Patrick Ewing with The BoomShakaLaka DUNK!!! (Knicks vs. Magic)

  • Pic

    Ball was bouncing out of bounds on the defensive end against the Knicks. He chases it just outside the three-point line of his own basket, saves the ball and simultaneously outlets it to a leaking Anthony Bowie. The 40-foot (?) under the arm, no-look save/pass was right on the money.

    Later that game, he threw one down on Patrick Ewing, just in case the pass wasn’t enough.

  • iceman


    surley one of his best plays :D

  • http://gmail.com Brandon

    When Horace grant the starting power forward was out and another starter for the team broke his foot against miami in the playoffs and Penny scored 26 first half points!

  • http://www.twitter.com/truwarier37 James

    Penny’s footwear has lived on for many years due to great designs and colorways, but more so due to his likable personality and his own personal love for his sneakers. Penny’s signature models are easily the most memorable images to me. The issue featuring the “Atlantic Blue” Penny II release, in which he was featured on the back cover, was one that I remember having taped to my wall as a kid. The catalog from 1995 that had both the Air Max Penny and the Air Flight One will forever be a favorite in the photo catalog of my mind. The basketball card inspired t-shirt that was placed next to the only original colorway of the Air Max Penny that hasn’t returned as a retro is a blast from the past on a whole different level. No matter how many colors or hybrid designs are to come, these will be the memories that sit right alongside the memories of spin moves, no-look passes, and the triple doubles of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    when they played chicago in playoffs in jordan’s come back year. when he was on the break and pulled off the spin moove followed by a sick no-look over the shoulder pass to the trailing horace grant who flushed it.

  • George

    Anfernee Deon “Penny” Hardaway is a former American professional basketball player specializing as a small forward, shooting guard, and point guard. His most productive years came in his days as a member of the Orlando Magic as well as the early portion of his stint with the Phoenix Suns. Hardaway was an All-NBA player early in his career, but was plagued by constant injuries which gradually reduced his effectiveness. He played for New York Knicks from 2004 to 2006 and last played for the Miami Heat, who released him December 12, 2007.

  • tekasian

    http://8020.s3.amazonaws.com/041224_1_p.jpg – first memory of a shoe that was on a higher plateau than the others in the schoolyard.
    Seeing my Toronto Raptors play the Phoenix Suns at the ACC. Air Canada put us up by one on a baseline floater with about three seconds left with all of us losing our minds at that point. At the other end, Rodney Rogers makes a drop pass to a snaking Hardaway for a layup to beat us at the buzzer. I went from going crazy to stunned in less than a second; heartbroken and standing in silence while TAPS played in my head before my group dragged me out.

  • Double J

    All about that Chris Rock drop, “I see ya chasin’ penny around!” and can’t forget Li’l Penny

  • evic

    I loved the Nike commercials with Little Penny I can not lie!!! Little Penny was the best!!!!My fav commercial was the one where he is daydreaming while lounging in the pool! All the commercials are classic!

    On the court I remember his dunk over Ewing, Bradley and others. He and Carter were amazing to watch when it came to dunking!!!

  • rob stewart

    His first televised game. it was a mere preseason game and it was Miami vs Orlando. When I saw the BLUE CHIP(movie) type chemistry between him and Shaq I knew Scott Skiles was gonna lose his job and Penny was gonna take over the league. After watching this game I saved up my allowance and skipped lunch just to save up enough money to buy my first jersey ever. The Black Penny jersey!!!

  • Brock

    I liked when he made one last go at it signing with Miami!

  • Fady Farah

    best moments for me was seein shaq carrying penny on magizine covers and watching penny throwin passes to shaq in the post for alleys

  • Andre G.
  • Eddie

    was following penny when he was still with Memphis! saw him evolve with Orlando and beat my Beloved bulls in game 6! saved every penny (no pun intended) to get my first pair of penny’s shortly after. Great talent cut short by injuries. but damn this guy could hoop!

  • Penny fan

    My favourite moment of Penny is when he stole the ball against the Bulls and then runned the court and dunked it to put the magic up by Two with like 2 seconds left.

  • playa

    the penny hardaway puppet…

  • logues

    his performance in the movie “blue chips.” classic movie

  • Armzilla40

    His on court game was unreal! Yet his off court game was only second to Jordan. The “Frozen Moments” shoe commercial is my favorite http://youtu.be/JHZTLKDa_3I and him and Mike were trend setters on/off court. To this day people are rocking Penny’s kicks which can’t be said about anyone else really. Then Lil Penny came around and stole the show.

    So his ‘frozen Moments’ commercial sums up my favorite highlights of Penny. Ahead of his time and so fresh off the spin!

  • Jose

    Seeing him team up with Shaq and having them both put up monster numbers. In any other era, that team would have easily won a championship. That duo was straight up scary.

  • Kenny

    When Penny posterized Sam Mitchell. That dunk was flat out sick.

  • Neon

    My favorite Penny play – nationally televised game against the Spurs. Nick Anderson takes a three from the left elbow, and back rims it. Penny sneaks in to grab the offensive rebounds, and in one motion, goes 180 to turn his back to the basket, flips a pass over his shoulder to a wide-open Horace Grant. Magic went on to beat the Spurs in OT. Remember that game like it was yesterday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnWza3CFQgE&feature=player_detailpage#t=87s

  • kobe

    My first memory of Penny was in 95-96 season, a game against my Detroit Pistons. Although I watched the game because of the young Penny and Shaq, Grant Hill and the Pistons became my team since that season. Penny and Grant will always be in my memories. Because of Penny’s assists great dunking ability and high bball IQ I love this game even now, 16 years later!

  • Juan

    Shirts are sick!

    I’m kind of young to have a good amount of knowledge of Penny’s career. But one thing I do remember was all the “lil’ penny” commercials, I loved those haha.

  • Jamal

    Wow these shirts are tiight

  • shon mcmillan

    LiL penny

  • K- Fizzle

    Penny Penny. If I knew who Penny was I’d love to write a great comment. To be honest I know nothing about him or why his career was short and I’m gonna for sure check it out. I’m sure he was a good guy and a even better player. Sad to hear it didn’t go well. I would have loved to hear much better things about him. Sad to see NBA players not get to their full potential..

  • wendyb

    lovin the shirts–if I don’t win, where can I get one?

  • Sean

    His whole 94-95 season, too sick! I love that foamposite shirt!

  • Josh Gemin

    I will always remember the ’95 playoff Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Bulls he had. As much as I liked the newer generation of players that were coming into the league at the time, I was (and still am) a massive Michael Jordan. I was pretty young at the time, and naive enough to think that even with the 18 month layoff, MJ and the Bulls would romp right through Magic and onto the Finals that year. While Shaq was the MVP of the series, Hardaway played a great supporting role in the series and legitimately made me, and the rest of NBA fans at the time think they were witnessing what the rest of the 90′s would look like. Alas, Shaq moved West and Penny suffered his many injuries. What could have been.

  • Glenn L.

    It’s gotta be the Penny Hardaway Kicks! Those will always look good.


    Seeing him on the SLAM cover doing that behind the back pass around #45 Michael Jordan

  • Karley

    Against the Heat he dropped 41 & 42 points in games 1&3 of the playoffs. Nobody expected it but it just showed me and everybody how great of a career he could’ve had. This guy could’ve done so many things to change the NBA.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Dan Shapiro

    Great responses… Sending out three tees to the winners this week!