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NBA Players Association to File Motion to Dismiss League Lawsuit

According to CBS Sports, the legal cat-and-mouse game between lawyers representing the NBA and its players is just beginning: “Officials from the National Basketball Players Association huddled Thursday and decided to file a motion to dismiss the NBA’s federal lawsuit, a move that likely will come in the next 7-10 days, sources told CBSSports.com. The decision is hardly stunning, considering attorney Jeffrey Kessler’s strident rejection of the basis for the league’s suit, which seeks declaratory judgment from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York that the lockout is legal. Also, the NBA is seeking protection on antitrust grounds from a possible decertification by the players (or disclaimer of interest to represent them by the union) and has proclaimed its intention to void all existing contracts if the NBPA dissolves. Kessler told CBSSports.com Tuesday the lawsuit has ‘no merit,’ and that he intends to use it as evidence of the league’s bad-faith bargaining in a separate charge pending before the National Labor Relations Board. Under intense pressure from prominent agents to decertify and file an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA, union chief Billy Hunter has resisted and instead pursued the case under federal labor law with the NLRB, which some legal experts believe could provide the clearest path to an injunction lifting the lockout. The agents shouldn’t hold their breath, as decertifying or disclaiming interest now now could impede the progress of the NLRB case, for which a ruling is expected in 30-60 days.”

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  • bull22

    stay tuned we will get more idiot comments from allen,nbk and any of you who foolishly side with the players only… stupid comparisons to home depot, a business,etc are pretty darn stupid considering a few billion is devoted to
    about 450 players.. look back at 1999 idiots and remember what happened when the season was about to be canceled, and here is a quiz, who were the players that put pressure on hunter.. come with facts or get the freak out of here
    with useless comments…

  • LA Huey

    Stay tuned to read even more idiotic arguments from those who side with billionaires and back it up with romanticized ideas of “privilege” and “honor” while ignoring free market principles of capitalism.

  • bull22

    like i said before, the owners and billy hunter and some of the players are at fault for this, because NOT every player agrees with this nba lockout but they are scared of billy hunter for whatever reason…