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Polladaday: Best Dunker?

We’ll never get a dunk contest to prove who was truly the best, but in your opinion, who was the top in-his-prime dunker of all time?

Who was the best dunker of all time in his prime?

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  • APL

    It has to be Shaq… when somewhere near 75% of a top ten scorer of all time’s points come from dunking I’d have to lean towards them.

  • http://slamonline.com Fut.

    Has to be Vince but Blake should give him a run for his money over the next decade.

  • Ronan

    Vince had by far the best combination between power (à la Kemp), creativity/finesse (à la Jordan) and height (à la Julius).

  • MikeC.

    I pondered on Vince for quite awhile before going with Nique. Vince had some amazing dunks, and probably the greatest in-game dunk of all time. Nique had a much longer run of huge dunks. His athletic prime wasn’t spent launching fadeaway 3s while inventing a new injury.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Vince was freaking insane.

  • http://hotmail.com The WZA

    I agree with Mike C. Nique was doing crazy things before Vince was even though of and longer. Nique would jump over whole teams and dunk on them. Headz need to go back to there vaults and look at Nique, then look at vince and you will see that Nique was the ORIGINATOR!!!! Nique wins hands down.

  • Migs

    The only reason Vince doesn’t have as many votes is because he played for the Raptors, and for a large part of his rookie and sophomore seasons, they didn’t get any national TV play. His softness during the latter part of his career didn’t help either. As a Raps fan though, you knew you could never take your eyes off the court for a second, or else you might just miss something amazing. The combination of hops, power, finesse and creativity made it so that each and every time he was going to the rack, or even anywhere near the paint, you just knew something spectacular might happen, and you’d be witness to another poster victim.

  • Migs

    … oh, and it wasn’t even just regular dunks. Vince had that ability to stretch out for even the craziest of lob passes from Alvin Williams, Muggsy Bogues, Chris Childs, TMac, or whoever else had the sense to throw one up. Some of the alleys that VC caught and threw down just defied physics.

  • Marc

    what about HAROLD MINOR & JR RIDER, ….& SPUDD WEBB for his size

  • cramzy

    Im going with Vince. Dude was just freakish

  • Yesse

    I don’t know was he necessary the best, but Jason Richardson was my favorite back in the day.

  • logues

    top 5 no order:
    just like there will never be another mj as far as best player ever, i dont think there will ever be another vince carter as far as dunking. i sure hope there is tho, cuz that $hit was fun to watch


    Vince was by far the most gifted dunker.

  • Dylan P.

    Shawn Kemp

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    Its Vince and its not even close. If you voted otherwise you just don’t like him for some reason or another.

  • http://www.specialolympics.org/ Frederic Weis

    Gotta be Vince…

  • http://nicekicks.com meloman2.0

    I honestly don’t see how anyone can NOT choose Vince… like, those who choose anyone else are just trying to not be cliche… but common, it’s obvious, In-game, Dunk-contest, it doesnt matter, VC was the best dunker we will ever see

  • LA Huey

    Too young to have seen MJ in his dunking prime so I can only vote for Vince here. Also, Blake says to “Watch the throne”

  • jadamang

    ronnie fields!!!!

  • joe

    Vince, Bruh

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    meloman, One should never say “best we will ever see.” You don’t think there is a possibilty of someone being as athletic as Vince? Ever? Just a stupid statement. I understand but don’t agree when people say MJ is the best we will ever see. You kidding? The game is ever evolving and kids aren’t getting less athletic and less gear to make them better. The appear to be getting more athletic, so lets just say Vince is the best we have seen. It is possible that someone in the L right now is going to be better…**Cough, Blake Griffin, cough cough***

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Wow, Dr.J came in last. Y’all need to check up on history because no one threw down more vicious slams on opponents heads than the good doctor.

  • Kadavour

    Dr. J was in no shape or form a more prolific in-game or competition dunker than Vince Carter. Honorable mention goes to J.Rich for pulling off some of the most difficult competition dunks. Shouts to my man James White also. Youtube is an amazing resource, so to those who say, “you need to check your history” i say, show me a clip of that m’fcka pulling off a dunk that Vince, J.Rich or James White couldn’t pull off.

  • Ronan


    Vince was tha best dunker but never dunked on Jabbar like Julius did (3 times in these highlights). Julius was… good at basketball (and these highlights are just beautiful).

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Nate Robinson gets honorable mention.
    Pound for pound, the greatest pure athlete in NBA History.

  • Kadavour

    @Ronan: well Jabbar wasn’t on any roster’s rotation when VC was making screen savers. Dr. J never dunked on Mutumbo or Zo! there, we’re even

  • SikhWitIt

    Shawn Kemp is my favorite in-game dunker of all-time. Some of the things he did were simply beyond description.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ 1982

    Vince Carter. Take every NBA Slam Dunk Contest video of these 5 guys and play them in a row and then pick. Don’t go by the way you felt when you saw Nique take off 20 years ago. Dunk for Dunk, his name is Vince.


    The reason why Carter never dunked on Jabbar was cuz Carter wasn’t around @ the time. C’mon! Carter dunked on Mutombo AND ‘Zo, twice! Carter, n my opinion, is the best we have seen. Off 1 foot, off 2 foots, in-game, dunk contest, Olympic play, All-Star games….you name it. He is the best, w/out even trying!


    And there is that dunk that Carter didn’t convert. The one against Duke when Cota lobbed it 2 him. Man! Had he made that 1?!…Whoa!! He was up there, he just missed it. That would have been sick.


    Co-sign Kadavour. Even Brent Barry took off from the free throw line. And I just noticed u had beaten me on the Carter and ‘Zo dunks comment.

  • the truth

    Vince had the best in game dunks hands down

  • logues

    @1982: i agree vince is greatest of all time and the 2000 dunk contest is best ever performance, but if u look at j-rich’s 2002-2004 dunk contest dunks, they are right up there with vince’s. jrich was a really great in game dunker as well, but i guess he didnt posterize ppl as much as the other guys did. but, other than vince, he has the best windmills ever. better than niques. his dunks are so clean, and he doesnt get up as high as the other dudes, but his windmills and double pumps/reverses/360s are lightning quick(not to mention his scissor kick which looks SICK on the windmills) jrich is a very underrated dunker, i think he doesnt get enough credit cuz he wasnt a “star” like all the other guys were. his 3 dunk contests had some of the best dunks ever in them. dude had just a unique style of dunking

  • Bash

    David “skywalker” Thompson is my overall pick.Dude cracked his head open on a backboard throwin’ it down! In games, I think ‘Nique has VC covered. He could consistently dunk over a crowd of defenders in the lane with some fairly brutal reverse jams…

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Top 10 Dunkers of All-Time(to me): Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Julius Erving, Shawn Kemp, Kobe Bryant, Clyde Drexler, David Thompson.
    Honorable Mention: Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Spud Webb, Nate Robinson, Steve Francis, Amare Stoudemire, Connie Hawkins, Larry Nance, Darryl Dawkins, Scottie Pippen

  • ogog

    Jordan could just f-ing explode from anywhere in the key and easily just hang.. Vince could also do that but if he had the chance he would throw down dumb dunks

  • el_larsen

    1 shawn kemp
    2 vince carter
    3 dominique wilkins
    4 jr rider

  • fungila

    SHAWN KEMP by far

  • EJ

    Does this only include NBA players? Air Up There and TDub are the best dunkers ever, but in the NBA it’s VC. JRich should also be an option, he’s so underrated.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    I voted Vince, but JRich was sick in his prime too, especially in the dunk contest. Off the backboard and through the legs? Gotta be the best non-prop dunk contest dunk ever. And the scissor kick he always did was dope.

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    Blake Griffin is amazing, dont get me wrong… but to compare his dunking ability to vc is foolish… Blake won rigged dunk off this year… VC won the best dunk off in NBA history

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Ixy8Uttq0 nbk

    Vince Carter by a Mile. Then, Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Nique, Connie Hawkins, Dr J, David Thompson.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    ya’ll hate vince carter.. blake griffin could barely win the dunk contest without lots of of help.. vc just went up there and did it. THERE IS NO GREATER DUNKER THAN VC. there could be one day though.

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    James White.

  • robb

    MJ’s finesse and hangtime were incredible, Nique’s explosiveness and power too, but VC was just awesome, everything he did looked perfect, his body control and the way he threw the ball down were perfect. Its timing, the aesthetics, the power, everything.

  • SikhWitIt

    If we’re talking dunk contest dunks, I’ll go with Vince. But in-game, I don’t think anyone’s topped the Reign Man.

  • EJ

    Top 3 is Mr 720, TDub and James White

  • clutch23

    Honorable mention dwyane wade is a hell of a dunker but VC is the best of all time

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Damn… I was gonna say Vince or Nique or Reignman, but… Dr. J is just insane. I think people who haven’t really seen him play because they’re too young (myself included) underrated him because all they’ve seen is his free-throw line dunk. That highlight reel is a thing of beauty. Thanks for posting that, Ronan. He threw it down on Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul Jabbar like it was nothing, daaayum!

  • Bimmer

    Lovin the VC love on this site recently.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Vince Carter jumped over a 7 footer. 360′d the wrong direction. Yaked on every big time shot blocker he played against. Julius did just the latter. Dunking on Kareem is the sh*t, jumping over a 7 footer, is the diarrhea.

  • AD

    i laugh at the people who think nigue is the best hands down… I for one thinks its vince….. all of nigue’s highlights consits of windmills and powerdunks… vince had that and SOME MORE……….. and for 1 im glad to see that the MJ worshipers stayed awy from this post

  • fruizm

    no Shawn Kemp???

  • greg

    there might be people as athletic as carter but its really unlikely there will be someone with arms that long, hands that big, and an actual level of talent he can use to set those dunks up in a game

  • Mike Jones

    J.R Smith is a animal

  • Karim

    Shawn Kemp

  • http://na Jason

    1.Vince Carter in his prime.
    2.Michael Jordan
    3.Shawn Kemp


    I had to go with Vince “half man half amazing” Carter but who should be on this list is Earl ” the goat” Manigult! but alot of kids nowadays wouldn’t know who he was.Another choice would be Darrell Dawkins.Darrell broke backboards on a regular.I grew up watching every1 from MJ to all the players now.there are alot of good dunkers & dunks but Vince…..Vince was sick wit it.I saw him when he was playing at UNC.He did the 1st superman dunk(without the cape) on 3 of Georia Tech’s players.He was laid out flat in mid air & pulled off the dunk with time to eat a doughnut & sip some coffee,then against the Pacers,in Indiana,he turned a reverse lay up into an eye poppin jaw dropper reverse dunk…..i think Larry Bird pissed himself when he saw that! Vince jump over a 7foot 4 defender in the olympics then turned around that same year in like the 2nd or 3rd game of the season did it to Tim Duncan! I love MJ,he was my idol growing up & never thought there would be a better dunker but when I 1st saw V.C. playing for my Tar Heels & saw him throwing down,I knew he was special.Then he closed closed the book on doubters in the dunk contest.


    there should be a poll 4 best dunker of todays current players. Dwight Howard would be my pick…..check out that dunk he did behind the basket & the 1 he did where he threw it off the backboard,tapped off the gass while still in the air & then threw it down. that’s some shyt you can’t even do on a video game!

  • Cha

    Shawn Kemp.. Ferocity

  • Nicholas

    Shawn Kemp