Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 9:20 am  |  5 responses

Report: David Stern Paid Less Than Roger Goodell, Bud Selig

Following reports claiming that David Stern wasn’t getting a dime of his massive salary during the NBA lockout, the League office is now doing some PR work, claiming that Stern makes far less than other commissioners of major pro sports leagues. From the AP: “Two league officials say NBA Commissioner David Stern makes less than baseball’s Bud Selig or the NFL’s Roger Goodell, leaving his salary far below the more than $20 million that’s been reported. Some reports had Stern’s salary at $23 million, angering locked-out players being asked to accept pay cuts in a new collective bargaining agreement … Selig makes more than $18 million annually. Goodell receives about $10 million in salary, bonus and incentives.”

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  • Brahsef

    They’re all loaded. Whatever

  • http://www.hoftorrents.com/torrents.php SparkJ23

    Well they both managed to get their seasons started on time so there’s that.

  • chingy

    Gary Bettman??!!

  • Will Lee

    thats what I will make in about 25 years without eating and spending.

  • anthony y

    Until I see a check srub…DON’T YOU BELOVED IT!!! Lol..