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Stan Van Gundy Thinking of Becoming a Politician

Once he’s done with coaching in the NBA, SVG tells the Orlando Sentinel that he wants to work in politics, mostly to see if he can change things in Washington. Riiiiight, good luck with that: “Like most Americans, Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy was fed up with the government’s protracted fight over the national debt ceiling. Unlike most Americans, Van Gundy wants to do something about it. Van Gundy, who enjoys watching political shows and reading magazines such as Time and Newsweek in his free time, said he’s thought about pursuing a career in politics once he’s done coaching. He isn’t sure what level of politics, but he has seriously considered the possibility. ‘I don’t like what’s going on,’ Van Gundy said of the recent happenings in Washington, D.C. ‘I think sometimes you can sit around and complain. Look, I want to coach for as long as I can. But when that’s done — depending on where my family situation is — yeah, I’d think about it. I certainly would think about it. I’m fed up with the people in our government. Because I’m fed up, instead of complaining about it, I plan to do something about it.’”

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  • Ryan D.

    Stick to Ball Stan.

  • rainman10

    He can’t be any worse than the people in Congress now. Go for it Stan. We have nothing to lose.

  • emrod900

    hahahahahhahaha, this is probably his way of making fun of players who are going to overseas to play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    At least he’d be better than Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann

  • JD

    with you on that one blackphantom


    im with phantom on this 1. he just can’t be any worst

  • Aizen

    @BlackPhantom – Partisan hack…

    Everyone knows 99% of the politicians in Washington suck hard, including that hag Pelosi. Please Stan, you can’t be any worse than what we’ve got now. Good luck!

  • kbj

    damn.. people cant stand his voice already, imagine him giving a 30 min speech. They would throw shoes at him like they did bush.