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Vince Carter Donated $2.5 Million to University of North Carolina

As a show of gratitude for his act of generosity, UNC will name a building after Vince Carter. From the News Observer: “Letterman’s Lane,’ the brick walkway between the Smith Center and Koury Natatorium on North Carolina’s campus, will now be named for one basketball letterman in particular: Vince Carter. The school announced [Wednesday] that the former All America has made a $2.5 million donation to the Carolina Basketball Family Fund, which paid for the renovations to the Smith Center basketball offices in 2010 and will support the operating endowment for the men’s basketball program. It is the largest gift, to date, to the fund, earning him more than a brick on the walkway that honors every varsity player, coach, trainer and manager in the history of UNC basketball. ‘My days as a Carolina student, both pre-NBA and during the summers after I was drafted, will always be special to me,’ Carter said in a prepared statement. ‘It goes without saying that I am a Tar Heel. For several years, I have been thinking about something I could do to leave a legacy at UNC. Lettermen’s Lane is a perfect fit.’ Carter starred at Carolina from 1995-98, helping to the lead the Tar Heels to back-to-back NCAA Final Four appearances in 1997 and ’98. He left UNC to become an NBA lottery pick after his junior season, but returned to earn his degree in African Studies in 2001.”

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    VC !

  • BBaller

    Wasn’t there another pretty high profile basketball player who attended UNC. Why has he not donated 2.5 Million or more, thats spare change.

  • Nella

    I don’t think you can say MJ hasn’t definitively donated or not donated money. I think him lacing them up with J’s and helping create the legacy/history that has led to 30 years of recruits having UNC in their mind when considering schools is valuable too.


    Way 2 go Vince. Go Tar Heels!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Man, I still get heated when I think about how media and fans criticized VC for attending his graduation ceremony on the morning of that game 7 between Toronto and Philly.
    I’m sorry, but even if my current favorite player, Derrick Rose, were to hypothetically decide to attend his graduation ceremony at Memphis the morning of say, a game 7 between the Bulls and Celtics, I’d still support the man.
    Basketball is just a sport at the end of the day, attending your college graduation is much more special than any game, in my opinion.
    And all them cats saying Carter was selfish for doing that should’ve looked in the mirror cause they were the selfish ones for criticizing a man for celebrating an achievement he and his family were happy about, just because they felt his doing so jeopardized their favorite team’s opportunity to play a few more games.
    Man, f*ck that.


    you know Enigmatic that year all raptors fans knew we had the best team in the east. I don’t know if they could beat prime shaq and Kobe but we sure had the east. vince anthonio davis jerome & alvin williams oakley curry mo pete. it brings tears to my eyes every time I see these euro pu55ies running down the ACC

  • http://www.yomamajokes.com LilKDub503

    As I do often, cosign Enigmatic. I faintly remember that (I wasn’t even 10 at the time), but people need to calm down. It’s not like he missed the game; he was celebrating his family achievement, something that his mom and dad would cherish for the rest of their lives. I bet that his parents hold that day over any game he’s played. It’s not like it took away from his game, something like that makes you play better. Maybe a little jet lag, but in the NBA that becomes moot. Anyway, good to hear that Carter is donating this giant wad of cash to UNC. Going to Jordan: recruits come for the gear. Kids in the 3rd and 4th grade want to work hard to play at Carolina, some of which is attributed to Jordan and Jordan Brand. Think of the chance to play in some Concords or some OG 1′s. Hey, that’s significant in itself.


    Jordan is cheap. People can come up with a million excuses for him but he is a tight wad. I just hope that Vince Carter will give to NC AT&T b.c he needs to know if he wasnt running and jumping UNC probably wouldnt have wanted anything to do with him.