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Agent David Falk Thinks He Can Single-Handedly End the NBA Lockout

… And so in just one day, no less! The former NBA super agent — who’s voiced his opinion on the lockout quite a bit this year — doesn’t think it’s that complicated an issue, this work stoppage. From SRI (via The Fan 590): “We’re right up against the deadline. Unlike ’98, when we had a 50-game season, I would bet a lot of money that if we miss one or two games, we’re going to miss the whole season. This is like Texas Hold’em; it’s all in. Everyone has to understand what’s at stake. It’s my understanding that the owners project if there’s no season, they’ll lose $1.5 billion and if there’s no season the players will lose $2.167 billion in salary, probably another $200 or $300 million more in endorsements.’ What would you do if you could get in that room and play the role of mediator?: ‘I volunteered. I’ve given both sides very, very specific suggestions on how to get over the hurdle. … I think that I could make this deal in one day, with either party. I really do. I know it sounds egotistical saying that, but I know all the owners well. … Obviously I’ve represented players for 37 years. … I’m disappointed that the young stars of the NBA today, the LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, those guys need to be involved full-time, not part-time. … I think that they are allowing other people to determine their future financial fortunes, which is a terrible mistake.’”

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  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Agent David Falk is still waaaaay too gassed up from having been Michael Jordan’s agent.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/670447-dwight-howard-and-andrew-bogut-a-tale-of-two-2011-all-nba-defensive-centers nbk

    Atleast he is talking. lol David Stern has such a tight leash on the owners and his minions that I swear their voices are getting raspy and I’m seeing bruising. The PA seems to say the same thing every time they speak. Atleast Falk could be a somewhat neutral party, his relationship with the owners is just as important as it is with his clients….from a business perspective

  • AD

    all talk no walking……….

  • JEr dawg

    The superstars talk and they are going to sound dumb. They ARE smart enough not to talk anymore. Patrick Ewing and his “players make a lot of money, but we spend a lot of money” statement. Go Falk yourself, David. If he thinks he can help then do it. Most players aren’t going to always say the right things. Let the guys do their job and keep the jocks and the smart guys out of each other’s way. Let smart people and smart people hash this out.

  • bike

    Rumor has it the owners and players are beginning to come to agreement on the revenue split. If the owners would let the players retain their guaranteed contracts and the players would give in to the hard cap, that would go a long way to getting this thing settled.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Man, I don’t care who does it. As long as someone ends the lockout, BE MY GUEST!

  • robb

    Outsiders always think they have it all figured out

  • http://www.mvp247.com Greg Tanner

    He listed Kobe Bryant as a “young star of the NBA today”. I am Kobe’s age. Glad I’d be considered “young” in the NBA. looool

  • Heals

    Robb that’s a ridiculous statement, he is anything but an outsider. At least NBK sees the light. He is spot on about many of the younger stars in league; when pressed about the actual economics of the situation they often come off sounding amateurish. Lebron should have his rep’s do the #’s on how much revenue he generated for the Cav’s and local businesses in comparison to his contract. Then hit the press and negotiations about how the owners bare more responsibility for their financial woes because of paying none-revenue generating players too much. Matic don’t jump to conclusions, Falk knows that when the posturing and grandstanding is removed from negotiations, there is no reason the issues can’t be ironed out relatively quickly…

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    @bike, NBA contracts aren’t guaranteed by mandate; it’s not a rule. It’s negotiated as part of the contract. Players and their agents are too smart to sign a non-guaranteed contract though.

  • http://Zogs.ca Zogs

    Ya and I can suck my own d!ck

  • http://Eboy.ca Eboy

    Co-sign Zogs

  • sup3rstar

    @Robb He was no ordinary man, he was MJ’s agent also is considered the most powerful man in the NBA behind David Stern.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    I somehow think a lot of NBA owners think David Falk has a lot to answer for with how high player salaries are these days – I’d hardly think he’d walk in there as a ‘mediator’.

  • jayb

    hey if he can end it..i am game..i want a full season and more importantly i want to see the xmas day games and yeah i want my kobe xmas vii!!! period!!!

  • jayb

    david falk created this but the most powerful person sans stern in all this is phil mcknight..except for rose and dhoward. the whole redeem team is nike/jordan..if the owners want to go back to taped delayed finals..try selling a league to espn and tnt without kobe, bron and wade, melo, amare, cp3 and durant..there is no league…period!

  • Zabbah

    Coach Nick from BBall Breakdown can solve this in one day.



  • logues

    @Zogs: you too?

  • bike

    LA. Right, but the players are concerned that the hard cap would hamper their negotiating a guaranteed contract. That’s the main reason the players are worried about the hard cap.

  • kj

    @Greg He meant the young stars of today AND Lebron and Kobe etc.

  • http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7021031/the-nets-nba-economics Allenp

    You can’t have a hard cap and guaranteed contracts
    That would only make things worse.
    If you sign a guaranteed contract, and the player gets injured or is a dud, with a hard cap it penalizes you even more. You are stuck with an unproductive player eating up salary cap space and no recourse for improving because nobody is going to take your bad contract and bump against the cap themselves.
    The players aren’t stupid. Any time you have a hard cap, non-guaranteed contracts will follow. It’s the only way the system works.

  • bike

    You can’t have a sudden imposition of a hard cap and guaranteed contracts. But if a hard cap was phased in over a period of several years and existing contracts paid at their existing level, new guaranteed contracts could be signed that fit within the system. It would eliminate some of the idiotic loopholes that result in idiotic contracts. It still hinges on owners exercising discipline and good management.

  • Heals

    @ Zogs, Eboy, Caveman and logues – Unfortunately for rest of us that leaves your hands free to type unfunny comments…

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    I agree with Falk’s last sentence. (I forgot his first name) Davis told a story that he and other players during the 98′ lockout were advocating for the players at the meetings; the owners looked at them for 7 seconds and left. He stated that the next time they met, MJ, Ewing, Pippen, Barkley etc. were in attendance, and their entire attitude changed.