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Dwyane Wade: LeBron James’ Post Game Improving

Following a few summer workouts with his teammate, Dwayne Wade is encouraged by the progress LeBron is showing in the post. From the Sun-Sentinel: “For now, Wade said he is taking the long view with James, vowing to make their somewhat overlapping games compatible. ‘We’re stuck together,’ he said with a smile during his SportsCenter interview. ‘We’re married together for the next five years, so we want to do our best.’ Wade again downplayed concerns about the duo’s similar styles. ‘I think me and LeBron just got to come back as better individual players,’ he said. ‘I think time has helped and will help us as players.’ James put a bit of his post game on display in an exhibition this past weekend in Philadelphia and Wade said he finds such growth encouraging. ‘Well, I’ve worked out with him a few times this summer, so I’ve seen that the progress is going well,’ he said. ‘I mean, obviously he has the ability to be one of the best post players in the game.’”

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  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Seeing in believing.

  • BlackStar

    Bron also has the ability to be the best player of all time … but we can all see he doesn’t “want it” as bad as we would like him to. SMH …

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    i mean he’s improving his post game and 3 point shot.. so clearly he does lol

  • BlackStar

    @ datkid – Yeah and it only took him 8 years to realize that had to be done. If it took you (or any of us) 8 years to understand how to improve on our job, I’m pretty sure we would get fired. Homie’s a beast, I just wish he put two and two together a bit sooner.

  • Zabbah

    I want to say Lebron shrinks under pressyre but he just finished the first half of his NBA career. The next 6 years he’ll be playing at his absolute peak and then I’ll make a comment. Hope everyone remembers.

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    People are funny. How many cats were posting up by their 5th or 6th season?
    None. MJ didn’t favor a back to the basket game until the second Bulls 3peat. Kobe just recently (’10 season) began to post up on a consistent basis, but somehow, everyone is disappointed with Bron’s lack of a consistent post-game. Why should a 23, 24yr old Bron be posting up when he had all the athletic ability in the world and succeed without one?

  • bike

    Proscribophobia: A fear of posting up.

  • BlackStar

    @ JTaylor – You make a valid point, but Bron would be able to help his team out a lot more if he can play both on the block and the wing, instead of just the wing.
    He could either score or assist from the post everytime down the court because he’s so strong and his court vision is nice. Barkley used to do it, so I know
    Bron can do it even better than him because he’s bigger, stronger and faster. Plus he doesn’t have to stay there the whole game, just a quarter or two.

    And actually, MJ and Kobe have worked the post in the early parts of their careers much more than Bron has and Bron is definitely stronger and more athletic than both of them. MJ and Kobe would post up smaller guards all the time (e.g. – Reggie Miller, Joe Dumars for MJ; Rip Hamilton, Chris Childs for Kobe), but Bron seems to avoid working the post like the plague.

  • Ali

    “is encouraged” Hahahaha…..

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Black, I hear you but you’re acting like Kobe and MJ lived on the block during their athletic prime. Every now and then, those guys would post up smaller cats but the majority of their time was spent on the perimeter.
    People act like Bron has never posted up in his life, every now and then with the Cavs he went to the block and abused cats. I remember that 09 playoff run, dude was beasting down low.
    His problem is not a lack of basic post skills, it’s a lack of self confidence and trust in it.

  • BlackStar

    @ JT – Sounds like we need to connect Bron to Ron Artest/Metta World Peace’s psychiatrist to get his confidence up … we all know how a little mental assistance helped Ron Ron

  • Kadavour

    KObe’s been posting up since 01, and more heavily since 04 after the shouler injury. youtube it.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Rose’s working on his post game this summer. Supposedley

  • MLK4Life

    Bron won’t be playing at his peak for the next 6 years. I’d say more like 4. Especially if his jumpshot doesn’t continue to improve along with his postgame and footwork. His athleticism has to go at some point. He’s almost 27.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Boy, his jumpshot is so bad that he was the 7th most efficient mid-range shooter in the League last season. Oh..wait

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Bron is a above average shooter now. Don’t let them fool you into saying he’s elite. Defense sags big time on him. They want Bron to shoot even though he’s a much improved shooter because thats still the best option when handling the beast. Bron rarely shoots with guys up in his grill. Which is smart. Just saying he is not an elite shooter by any stretch. Last year and the year before he started to knock down open shots with regularity.

  • bike

    If LeBron develops a post game he will up his potential to be the G.O.A.T.

  • bernie

    Le Bron should improve his post game? Why not Wade?
    Just that everybody can make LBJ again the guilty one again next season?

    I am not a LBJ fan but he was the one that did the right plays last postseason.
    Wade wanted to show that he is the hero again.

  • slam-man

    How much will posting improve this basketball squad when there isn’t any good perimeter shooting? It’ll be interesting to find out. The best thing would be for LBJ to score of the pick n roll even in half court situations. But mostly they need better perimeter offense. The addition of shooter and a Center would help greatly.

  • derek

    oh… when i read the article title i thought it was about Lebron improving on his post game interviews or shaking the oppositions hands etc. IM EMBARASSED!

  • Kerry

    Maybe cuz Lebron is 6’9 270!!!! If your ass is that damn big you should DEF know how to score in the post! Jordan and Kobe were never that big on the floor. LeBron is actually the size of a PF ppl!

  • Masterless Swordsman

    “We’re stuck together,”
    Cal Lightman from Lie To Me would say “That’s a rather interesting choice of word there, Dwyane.”

  • Yesse

    I have seen improvement in LeBrons game, but one thing that i have seen as well is him not playing the last minutes like he should. You have to fight to the finish.

  • AP

    And a huge WTF goes out to Bernie for a particularly idiotic post.
    I hate Miami but can you guys honestly not imagine the potential devastation of Wade feeding Bron in the post? Coming out to set the pick if necessary and rolling or popping. It’ll be a nightmare for all opposing teams. Virtually impossible to cover the two of them playing a two man game. You wouldn’t necessarily double Bron on the perimeter especially with Wade prowling around, but Bron in the post will demand a double team. Arrgh, I only hope Bron reverts back to his neanderthal ways under pressure, long shots and rhino charges, otherwise they just might realize their dream of multiple chips.