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Italian Team Offering Kobe Bryant $6.7 Million Deal

Italy’s Virtus Bologna says it’s been in touch with Kobe’s reps, trying to get them to accept a $6.7 million, one-year deal in the event of a lengthy NBA lockout. Per the AP: “Kobe Bryant has been offered a $6.7 million, one-season contract to play for the Italian team Virtus Bologna, appealing to his childhood memories of growing up in the country. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar spent part of his youth in Italy while his father played there. He speaks Italian, prompting Bologna to hope he might return if there’s an NBA lockout. Virtus Bologna general manager Massimo Faraoni tells The Associated Press he’s been on conference calls between Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, Bologna president Claudio Sabatini and main sponsor Canadian Solar, which would provide the cash for such a deal. ‘I think the fact that he’s lived in Italy makes this appealing to him,’ Faraoni said. Virtus has given Bryant four different contract options, stretching from the one-year deal to two-month and one-month options, and a per-game deal that would come out to $739,640 per home game. All of the offers are pretax and would allow Bryant to return to the Lakers immediately if the lockout ends.”

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  • misso

    Sounds good take it Kobe

  • tomtom

    His dad is a legend in italy, the attention this would bring the club is unlimited. So 700000+ per home game sounds pretty fair, but that being said it’s a grotesque ammount of money for two hrs work. Wowza.



  • JEr dawg

    It’s so far the best deal I’ve heard given to any NBA player so far. Crazy to think that’s essentially mid-level exception money he’s being offered for global superstar.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    He might as well take it since they all include opt-out clauses in case the NBA season starts.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Yeah, so once he gets injured playing at least he still gets that 6.7 million. That 30 million a year the Lakers are giving him would be kinda shaky though.
    Kobe has things to think about, people.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Save the knees.

  • Red Star

    In my opinion Kobe needs to rest during the lockout. It would do his body good cause he loves to train and probably can’t remember when last he has taken an extended break from ball!


    true dat ^^^^

  • Libby

    On one of the San Antonio news websites, they stated that this team is trying to get Ginobili to play with them again as well (I think this is manu’s former team). I don’t know how they’d pay for that, but I’d love to see a Kobe/Manu team!!! Both guys are so competitive and Manu is such a team player, that would be exciting…

  • Marco

    @tomtom, I don’t know if virtus’ arena can reach 10000 seats.
    Once I played in the Pala Sojourner, where Rieti plays, which is a Serie A arena, and it barely had 2000 seats

  • Miami361

    @Libby…Yeah Virtus Bologna is the Manu’s former team ! It would be amazing to have him back…with kobe too! Forza Virtus ;)

  • brandon

    playin bak @ home

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Libby: Oh god, Manu and Kobe running at the two and three… holy, I’d tune into every game!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    I first stated Kobe should save his knees, but now I feel he should play. Its not like he playing ALL STAR talent. He can take plays off, then when he feels like going hard he can push the knee. Kobe loves bball, so him playing would be a great idea to me now to keep him ready for the shortened basketball season. BOOK IT!!

  • Yesse

    How the heck all the Nba players play for Bologna. If Kobe takes the deal, i’m glad to see him with the Finnisher.

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    He should have fun, but then again i think he should rest and just train train train

  • Ronald

    Can he “save” his knees yet train train train train?

    Might as well make some money and increase his popularity.

    He still has to pay US taxes right? Or is that covered in the salary?

  • http://www.slamonline.com McGruff

    This lockout is the best thing that could possibly have happened to Kobes worn out knees and right index finger. The Dallas series proved this. Father time caught up with 24, and he’s lost that youthfull ability to play-thru injury at the same high level. However, We all saw how a banged up Kobe came out in the ’10 playoffs against the Suns after a relatively small amount of RnR and treatment on his sticks.(fire) Imagine an entire offseason plus an entire regular season, or even just an added half of a regular season off to rest n recoup? Yall are tripp’n if u think Kobe would… or should sacrifice his last serious shot at ring #6 and catching Mike. For 6 milli? Homeboyz made his $. Right now he’s focused on putting the finishing touches on a career and legacy.

  • asgf

    He should just makes sure his injureryz are fully healed up. Man could live of his nike endrosment alone. I just jus want him at 100 for when the seasons start [for my thoughts on the locout reffer to . And i agree with what gruff said. Just end your last seasons with grace [and points and 6 ringz]