Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 at 9:10 am  |  3 responses

Memphis Grizzlies Laid Off 7 Employees Due to NBA Lockout

Seven more folks became victims of the NBA lockout, but some of the jobs may be available again once the lockout ends. From the Commercial Appeal: “The Grizzlies just experienced their first employment casualties due to the NBA lockout. Seven people were laid off by the franchise although some workers will have an opportunity to return to work whenever the league’s labor dispute is resolved. Video coordinator Trish McGhee, assistant equipment manager Vince Ford and scouting coordinator Wendy Smith were among the workers relieved of their duties. The Griz also released a receptionist, mail clerk and members of the claim services staff.”

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  • bike

    If they get their jobs back off after the lockout they really haven’t been laid off. Gotta feel pain for the mail clerk though. I don’t know how an nba franchise can operate without a mail clerk.

  • Heals

    Makes sense cause I’m sure their paychecks over the next few months would’ve been the difference between Mem turning a profit and lossing money. Even mail clerks have Fam, bills and an appetite bike…