Friday, September 9th, 2011 at 5:20 pm  |  13 responses

Photos: Shaq’s LSU Statue

The Big Diesel immortalized at his alma mater.

It’s hard to recap Shaquille O’Neal’s lifetime accomplishments in a few sentences, or to describe his incredible power on the court in a handful of words. Sometimes building a giant statue is just easier. LSU’s way of honoring The Big Aristotle came Thursday, when the school unveiled a 900-pound likeness of the program’s most prominent basketball alumnus outside its hoops practice facility. (Yes, only about 580 pounds more than Shaq Fu weighed in late in his career.) Check out the photos above, from of LSU’s athletics page.

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  • LA Huey

    A 1st ballot HOFer that’s played for 6 NBA teams but might only be immortalized by his alma mater because he had a penchant for burning bridges. Nice gesture by LSU.

  • brandon

    shaq should dress up like the mascot

  • Kas


  • Yesse

    Congrats to the big fella.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    LAHuey, cmon man

  • irondan21

    Kareem: Really?! Omg! Where’s mine? I invented the sky hook!

  • ripslam

    …You realize Kareem went to UCLA, right?

  • Jamaal87

    Still can’t believe he’s retired. :(

  • Bill Sunday

    Pete Maravich should have a statue there man. He did more for that school than anybody.

  • Double J

    that’s a sick statue

  • LA Huey

    Pete Maravich?! At no point in his life was Pete Maravich a bigger deal that Shaq was during his time.

  • Donte

    is that Stanley Roberts in pic 15 and why does he still dat that hoe

  • Bill Sunday

    I am not saying he was a bigger deal than Shaq, what I was saying is that Pete Maravich did more for that school than anyone else. I think 44.2 ppg over 4 years at LSU deserves a little credit, that is all.