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Report: Kendrick Perkins Told Russell Westbrook He’s No Rajon Rondo

After Kendrick Perkins was traded from the Celtics to the Thunder, many wondered why it didn’t seem like Perkins was fitting in well with his new squad. Well, according to the NY Daily News, Perk wasn’t happy with the move at all, and even went as far as to criticize his new point guard, comparing him not-so-favorably to his previous point man in Boston: “Even after going all the way to the Western Conference finals last June, the Thunder faces some big internal issues if and when we have a season. As much as coach Scott Brooks chafes at GM Sam Presti’s meddling, his presence in the locker room, and his demands that the Thunder continue to improve from within, the organization is a lot more concerned with how Kendrick Perkins treats Russell Westbrook. After arriving from the Celtics last season and being looked at as the veteran leader Oklahoma City needed to take the next step to compete for a title, Perkins went hard at Westbrook with his verbal criticisms, often saying that the Thunder’s playmaker couldn’t match Rajon Rondo as a playmaker. Those words didn’t sit well with Westbrook, who already had been criticized for shooting too much and was the subject of a benching heard-round-the-NBA when the Thunder played the Mavs in June. The Thunder gave Perkins a new four-year deal worth $35 million, so the team is committed to him. But it would like him to ease up on Westbrook. A lot.”

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  • respect

    someone had to tell him, perk the only one not scared

  • Heals

    Love that Perk still bleeds green and white, but this debate is very subjective. Rondo’s cast and team’s offensive approach placate his style seamlessly, while OKC requires Russell to be more assertive, free-flowing and feed a “go-to” guy. Russell is more capable of shouldering the offensive load when no one is going, while Rajon is great at getting everyone touches in “their” spots. So yeah Perk is right, but only because Russell hasn’t been given the same responsibilities…

  • Anthony

    where was perkins in the playoffs tho……. yea he won a ring but so what that was the past .. Im not even a thunder fan and i HATE the way they treat westbrook … without westbrook the thunder wouldnt be anywhere they were last year…. They were better with Jeff Green The whole team needs to improve including Durant…….. gO NETS THO LOL

  • Jeremy

    Cosign Perk, he shoulda tweeted Russell #Realtalk

  • Will Lee

    trade westbrook, perk was right. there are so many good PGs out there now, trade for one. Even Darren Collison, Marcus Landry, those will be a better fit

  • OneStep

    It puzzles me that Perkins is viewed as a veteran leader in the locker room when he’s only in his late 20s. Surely there are better veteran leaders out there for a young team like the Thunder? He may have some experience of being on a Championship-winning team but the Thunder need more than that and I don’t think he’s got it. I hope he’s fit and ready to go when and if the season begins because his play was really poor at the business end of last season and his team need more than what he gave them.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Well, Rondo is no Westbrook. As in a PG that could make an open jumpshot and isn’t an overrated defender. Perks talks a lot for someone whose best season is 10/7.

  • http://www.twitter.com/xpotatotitsx mersh

    ahhh well perk is welcome back on the celtics whenever he wants, if it was up to me. and i might be really bias but rondo is worlds better than westbrook.

  • Tully

    Seems to me that both guys are in the wrong, if this story is true. It doesn’t make sense to join a new team and then tell your new PG that he can’t compare to your old PG. That’s just asking for trouble. Leaders don’t cause strife, they alleviate strife. But on the other hand, I think most people agree that Westbrook occasionally has the tendency of shooting too much… but an adjustment period is to be expected when you draft a SG out of college and expect him to become a PG in the NBA. I love Rondo too, but often his playmaking is the product of him knowing he doesn’t yet have a reliable outside shot, so he rarely takes them. That’s just a smart guy who understands his own shortcomings. Either way, you don’t make an agressive comparison like that if you’re Perk– it’s not constructive.

  • youngmuggsy

    @Will Lee – Marcus Landry??

  • Mariano

    What JTaylor21 said… Westbrook is a much better player than Rondo

  • Double J

    ah the argument between second tier nba point guards, glorious. Oh and the vote is rondo for me, just because “westbrook can score” doesn’t validate his supremecy.

  • misso

    i would look like a really good pg too if i was passing the ball to allen, pierce, & garnett every time

  • BuddhaWearsNorthCarolinaShorts

    Perk is just mad that his boyfriend is seeing another center now

  • Double J

    @misso just to stick with everyone else’s story here on slam, “c’mon those guys are old and passed their primes yada yada yada…”

  • C Da Tyrant

    2 chuckers n 1 ball don mix, Perk need to tell that to both of them. (Durant & Russell)

  • Heals

    @Double J, I’d take any of these “second tier PG’s” over their equivalents from previous decades. I know the newer defensive restraints have had a major impact on their success, but don’t act Russell, Rajon, EGordon, etc. aren’t up to par. “ah the agrument…. glorious,” take that pompous BS elsewhere or don’t comment if this topic is beneath you…

  • http://firespo.com KING

    i would take russ over rondo any day of the week

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    If you started a franchise who would you pick 1ste Westbrook or Rajan?

  • misso

    @double j the big three is still good & ray allen is most likely the best player on whatever ur fav team is

  • manu

    im a celts fan but put westbrook on the celts last yr they beat miami guaranteed


    ^STOP TRIPPING. Those old legs are finish. I still didn’t forget when bron made those 2 triples and PP couldn’t help it but chuckle. I seriously doubt Boston will be ahead of the knicks for the top 4 race in the East this upcoming season behing the heat, bulls and magic

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    smh at perk acting like westbrook couldn’t tear rondo up… i mean obviously rondo passes better, but westbrook can at least make an open jumper, and he rebounds and defends almost as well. perkins actually really annoys me… all he does is foul people

  • JEr dawg

    Russell is going to crack and this is a small market team that wasn’t suppose to get this much heat. Russell is getting an early door out of under Durant’s shadow and Perkins’ ire. Break up the OKC Thunder! Let Maynor start!

  • dannyb

    IMHO, Westbrook is almost as good as DRose, and has a pretty similar game. But DRose has nobody to pass to, so he’s the MVP, while Russ has people to pass to, so he’s called a ballhog.

  • riggs

    co-sign perk. Also rondo led the celtics (who have future hof’s) in the playoffs a few years back. so stfu haters.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    If I had Kevin Durant on my team and could pick either Westbrook or Rondo as my point, I’d definitely take Rondo.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Cosign Enig. Westbrook is a good player, no doubt. However, he is not ideal for the Thunder team, I’ve been saying this since last October. A Rondo, Paul, or even Nash would work better on OKC only because Westbrook is a scorer, not a playmaker. In the playoffs, it was often Harden who was depended upon to create something on offense. Westbrook would excel on a team like Philly, Houston, or Orlando where a scoring guard would be valued.

  • Chukaz

    yeah Russell Westbrook is no Rajon Rondo. Rajon Rondo will never be 2nd team all-nba like Westbrook did last season. I don’t see why the Celtics seem to believe that Rondo’s a star. He’s good, but not “i’m a franchise player, build around me” good. Why would you want to build the future of your team around a guy who’s not one of he best 5 players at his position? CP3, DWill, DRose, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Steve Nash and arguably Jrue Holiday are better than him. I can see Brandon Jennings, Steph Curry, and Rubio passing him in the near future and who knows how good Irvin and Brandon Knight will become. Rondo’s ceiling is past-his-prime-Jason-Kidd but without the 3 ball

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Chukaz, you’re seriously sleeping on Rondo.
    See how many of the point guards you mentioned have more triple doubles than Rondo.

  • Redrum

    this is ridiculous.. there is not even a question about that Westbrook is the better player!! he just needs to find the balance playing with KD. I see them similar to wade-lebron. Only that I think KD-Wes has the potential to be better than them. Any team in the NBA is looking for a second scoring option to compliment their star player and Wes can be that as well as anyone, even carry games offensively.

  • Heals

    Wow Chuk, I don’t know where to start with your list and the ceiling statement. You obviously haven’t seen the complexity and angles with which Rajon makes passes or his Ed Reed like knack for finding the ball. Also you give other players the benefit that they’ll improve upon their weaknesses but not Rondo. His contract is team friendly and Bos’s philosophy the whole time has been to add big chips around him once the trio move-on; so Bos isn’t in any way building around him in way you claim. Let him run GS offense and put up video game stats, let him throw alley’s all day to Iggy, Thad and crew, let him have the freedom that JWall has to play his game. It’s all about sysytems and teammates. Just cause his skills don’t translate in a traditional sense doesn’t make him any less of talent than the players you put ahead of him. And Rubio, c’mon now man based off what, please…

  • brad

    two over rated players, perk has a right to talk about offense tho what has he averaged one point a game for his career, wow what a great offense force to listen to, i hope westbrook can take this advice maybe one day he can steal a ring just like perk

  • EtheKnickfan

    Yeah that kid westbrook sucks. OKC should do something dramatic, like ship him off to the knicks. That’ll teach his ass. Really though how good would westbrook be with Doc as his coach?

  • lakers

    russel rondo swap becuz of cohessivness?? maybe..but a trade of talent straight up?? not quite… westbrook cud be a alpha guy on the wolves or something…rondo?? lol yeah right.. westbrook at this point is a #2 option rondo is just a overhyped player..

  • Airnest

    Trade Westbrook for Rondo straight up.

  • NBAHOFer

    basically westbrook has better offense and rondo runs the point better

  • DukeFromDeep

    You guys have it all wrong. Westbrook is overrated, not Rondo. Rondo’s accomplishments speak for themselves. What about Wetbrook? he got NOTHING! Rondo is pure point… believe that!

  • FromtheATL

    Westbrook > Rondo

    Rondo is an overrated troll.
    Go Hawks and f*ck Joe Johnson.

  • lights out

    2010 conference semi-finals. Boston vs. Cleveland. Game 4. A must win for Boston to avoid falling into a 1-3 hole. Rajon Rondo: 29 pts, 18 rebounds, 13 assists. Rondo definitely has flaws in his game, but he’s shown repeatedly that he comes up big when it matters most. Westbrook has yet to show that quality.

  • http://twitter.com/kidprince22 Devonte

    Trade Westbrook & R.Vaden to Boston for Rondo,J.O`Neal,A.Bradley,& E.Moore.
    Rondo is great playmaker beside KD they will make it to the Finals this season next season. Plus Rondo been saying his miss his brother Perk so send`em to OKC so they can kiss and makeup. Boston need a young scorer who can take over the game like Westbrook because the BIG3 is old now and they need aggressive 22 year old like Westbrook who can average 25points,9dimes, & 6boards a game. I will love to see Boston & OKC in the NBA Finals Rondo vs Westbrook but, Boston will win because of coaching and defense.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    knew these lame dudes would bring up D-Rose, no westbrook is not almost as good, and no one is holding him back except himself.

  • Bimmer

    Whoa Perkins just blew my mind! I always thought that Rondo and Westbrook were the same player… I don’t see how/why Westbrook would take offense to that statement lol. And if the Thunder don’t have Westbrook they wouldn’t have one of the best 1-2 punches in the league. The Thunder are FINE. Rondo can stay where he is and I want Westbrook in OKC. The only player I would take instead is CP3. So GTFO of here Perkins, you didn’t help us that much and plenty of people think you are worthless. You better come back 100% and work your ass off. Quit crying and fouling. You are so frustrating to watch. And you are comparing apples to oranges. Sure they’re both fruits but they have different flavors. Idiot.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    one shoots too much, one doesnt shoot enough at times.

  • Niio

    Really? Rondo overhyped? If it weren’t for him and his triple doubles the last two years in the playoffs the Celtics would have been sent packing early 2 years straight! What other point guard in the league would have kept playing after dislocating their elbow? You can’t teach that kind of heart to anyone!

  • Gogs

    Completely different players with completely different offensive stats. Both amazing young players just delivering there game in different ways.
    Westbrrok stat line of 22 pts 8 ast 2 stl and 5 boards is outstanding for a third year player.
    Rondo has three great offensive players he can fire the ball into westbrook has one. Rondo doesn’t have the scoring touch of westbrook, and westbrook doesn’t have rondo’s vision.
    Perk is right about the playmaking but it would be stupid to disregard a player of westbrooks caliber because he’s more of a scoring PG.

  • Gogs

    correction “Completely different players with completely different offensive sets”

  • AD

    ya sayn trade westbrook to celtics for rondo.. but when okc is in da playoffs who will pick up the westbrook’s scoring load…… yall are crazy westbrook took shots becuz he was always doin it plus durant was gettn locked up …….. Rondo is nice but will he be the player he is without 3 hall of famers on his squad?

  • DieselMechanic

    Damn we miss Perk in Boston.

  • Hambone

    Perk is no big baby Davis

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    perk sucks… i have no idea why you guys would listen to his opinion about anything.

  • vtrobot

    Russell is obviously a better athlete/scorer, but if you traded RR for Russell, I think OKC would get better and BOS would get worse. RR completely brings the C’s together as one. Russell doesn’t do a whole lot of that. One of the league leaders in steals = overrated defender. Ha ha. Good one.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    this is about criticism Perk made when he first arrived, BEFORE the playoffs, not after since there have been no practices watched by team staff since the playoffs.
    Basically, this reporter took some old information, used something that happened after those incident like the playoffs, and then cobbled together a story about strife in the locker room even though the reporter and team have not observed the players mentioned in months.
    That is shady and sloppy journalism and it gives the profession a bad name.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Consider the timeline people. Perk was traded in February. The playoffs began in May.
    So, there while he may have jumped on dude initially, there was no indication they had beef in the playoffs.
    And now, months later, the reporter is writing a story about how the team wants Perkins to lay off Westbrook evne though the two haven’t interacted in months with team staff.
    The story makes it seem like Perkins said this after Westbrook had his problems in the playoffs, but only AFTER the story says that Perkins had complaints when he first came over.
    It doesn’t make sense, and it’s just a piece to stir up drama at a time when there are no games. And now people will take it and run with it, not noticing the gaping holes in the way the story was constructed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    And Perk is no Krstic!

  • kbj

    Westbrook sure isnt. Offense is only one facet of the game,his defense is pedestrian compared to Rondo, Rondo is a floor general and defines what a TRUE PG is.(just needs to work on shot)

  • skd

    He right, Rondo head and shoulders above Westbury

  • jimmer

    Westbrook aint a point guard, he just handles the ball. Rose aint a point guard, he just handles the ball. So are we talkin point guards or players who just suit up at the 1 position? Rondo is a better point guard, paul, nash, even kidd. If it was a competition for ‘the player most like AI on ‘roids,’ then westbrook takes Rondo hands down, of course, just like that other fellow in chicago.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    AllenP is right, but for the sake of the arguement… They both have a lot of work to do.

  • sahil

    The name is spelled wrong. It is actually Westbrick

  • samila


  • MrSparkle420

    I love Westbrook but they already have “The Guy” for their team, and that’s Kevin Durant, he needs more touches and pass first point guard to play with him, not to mention they can get a REALLY GOOD OFFER for Westbrook he stepped up his game offensively last season. Westbrook and Drose are good friends and trained together all summer. Some of that Drose take it to the rim killer instinct would rub off.. They have Nate Robinson! Hes a beast, not to mention 3 time dunk contest winner when he played for the knicks. And you know your gonna see some sick jams between him and Perks! Team chemistry is everything the ball will move alot more and give Durant what he needs to get open. ON TOP OF THAT 2 Words JAMES HARDEN, this guy is the best shooting guard on the Thunder period.

  • Shag

    Some guys a just “shoot first” guys. It’s hard to strike that balance if it’s not ingrained. Just look at Iverson career. Look what happened with him in Denver. They were a disaster, then got rid of him. Billups comes in the next year and they almost beat the Lakers.

  • ijoseoa

    Westbrook is a better scorer rondo is a better passer and they are equal in rebounds and defense. The reason westbrook is better is because rondo style of play does not fit with any other teams style except for the celtics. Think about this for a second if rondo is in okc and durant is struggling who can pick up the slack? Th inconsistent james harden people forget that if not for westbrook the team gets swept for the lakers in the 2010 playoffs, people forget that part of the reason why duran is so good is cause teams are worried about westbrook going off, put rondo in okc and the thunders dont win 50 games. Put westbrook in boston and boston becomes a 60 win team.

  • Kevin S.

    Bad idea for Perk to voice his thoughts on Westbrook publicly. He obviously misses playing in Boston, and who can blame him? That was a horrible trade imo.

    As for who is the better PG: I think they are about equal. It’s a matter of how they fit with their team, and I think Rondo fits better with the Celtics than Westbrook fits with te Thunder. Having a scoring PG seems to be unnecessary when you already have the league leading scorer filling it up on a nightly basis.

    Westbrook is a scorer, Rondo is a playmaker (both great defenders). Westbrook gets a little out of control with the ball and can make bad decisions, while Rondo desprately needs a jumpshot.

    Remeber Westbrook was a shooting guard and is still learning to be a true PG so give him time. Improving your shooting is relatively easy for most players, and Rondo wisley plays within his current limitations.

    If either of them improves upon those parts of their game, they will bump up to the elite PG tier alonf with Paul, Williams, and Rose.

  • jason kimbrough

    Perk was probably trying to motivate Westbrook by comparing him to an Elite level PG ie Rondo who he knows well. Sometimes I hate comparing PG’s because everyone’s role is different along with thier skill sets. Rondo is Methodical in his approach and can burn you with his passing and playmaking which works well on a defensive minded team featuring three hall of fame players that can score. Westbrook is explosive and creative and with the exception of DRose will be more athletic than any PG he faces for a long time. Both players are All Stars, Rondo is a bit older and a has a ring so he is more proven. Westbrook is the second best scorer on his team and they need that from him, he is learning to manage the game right now, expect him to walk that line better this season between playmaker/scorer. I Think he has made great strides, evidenced by his All Star selection but he tends to slip back into his UCLA days (shooting guard) sometimes which is normal because OKC expects him to score 20-25, its just about how he goes about doing it. Rondo is ole school in his approach and although limited offensively, he figures out ways to punish defenses. If you dare him to shoot, he doesn’t bite into it, he uses the exposed passing lanes to better create for KG Paul and Ray. Some of that was Perk being upset and basically comparing his new girlfriend to his old one so to speak. OKC will be a really good team, Harden should start at the 2 now and with a full 2 summers of Rehab now, Perk should provide more. Durant will lead the league in scoring forever LOL.

  • homicide11

    “I’d take any of these “second tier PG’s” over their equivalents from previous decades.”

    @ Heals: I’d take Magic Johnson over any #1 guard in NBA history.

  • smuthlvr

    Well Kendrick look in the mirror you’re no Bill Russel, Wilt Chamberlain and no Shaq so go and shut your mouth

  • golakeshow

    This is a big fat chunk of kevin garnett’s ass.Rajon rondo sucks. Westbrook is the second best PG in the league [rose].

  • Darlene

    Russell is ten times a better player than Perk will ever be.

  • anson

    this is ridiculous last time i check westbrook is not even a good shooter, and u guys r saying rondo is worst than curry holiday n jennings. Look at how good jason kidd career has been, when he first came into the league people call him ason kidd because he had no j’s but u look at him now n he has one of the most 3point shots made. give rondo time to develop his jumpshot n he will be one of the best pg in the league. westbrook is a good player but he ball hogs to much n is a selfish player. he need to mature a bit to be put into the same sentence as rondo.

  • afiq

    hurm.. some guys need to understand that tough guys use tough love to motivate the people they want to see do better. kids in middle to upper-middle class communities seem to not understand this and take it as “ooo.. you’re way worse than him and shouldn’t be playing” instead of taking it as “dude, you can play waaay better than this. you’re making your teammates feel angry and disappointed so i’m going to light a fire under you and make you feel angry and disappointed so you’d raise your game to where it should be”.

    Plus, considering the fact that KG kept barking at Rondo to make him better when KG first got to Boston, and Rondo did improve after that, isn’t it obvious that Perks would do the same to emulate his idol/brief mentor?

  • Marcus Ford

    Westbrook is better than Rondo anytime, anyday. The major difference between the two is that rondo is a true point gaurd and they force Westbrook to play point gaurd, he is a scoring gaurd. As long as they have Maynor to back him up it won’t be a problem… All of u act like he stopped Durant from gettin his

  • dan

    perkins is no howard ^^ so what

  • Mooney10

    Westbrook definately needs work, mostly on shot selection, but I really can’t compare the two. It is like taking a 4 spot and comparing Kevin Love to Amare and putting Amare down because Love shoots 3′s. Perkin’s is probably upset about attitude, we all saw Westbrook pouting on the court when he was having a “bad” game and that speaks volumes, but he’s young and it takes sometime in the leaugue to figure out how you fit. But that kid can play! I just hope Rondo can develop a jumper and he’ll be right up there in my book. Crazy defender and the man works!!

  • Mooney10

    BTW Ray Allen can still otushoot anyone, ask DROSE!

  • Outside Assasain

    Double J…u do realize that Rondo IS the best pure point in the league right?! Neither of them are second tier if u ask me…second tier is john wall on down…

  • beachbum757

    You all can say what you want about Westbrook shooting too much. If you Thunder fans want a point guard who will pass more you can have Derek Fisher and Steve Blake from the Lakers and I’m sure the Lakers would love to take Westbrook off your hands.

  • dapluva

    Hustle Westbrook is da man!!! Perkins is just a big body on the court nothing more.

  • bukey

    perkins is garbage. he has always been overrated. bynum was killing him with a bad knee and celtics fans act like they lost because he missed game 7. if bynum was healthy in 08 lakers would have a 3 peat. perkins get cooked by every center that he plays and he just fouls them hard and people call him a great defender.

  • ClydeSays

    I like both PG’s. They’re just very different players. You can’t compare them. I love Perk, but you play with the guys you have on the floor, not your former teammates…

  • http://facebook nate

    um? the same Perkins that shut down Dwight Howard and Dwight says perk is the best defender he has faced in his career!!!! perk is what he is! a big guy that can play good defense and bring toughness buy fouling guys hard and knocking them on thier butts!! he can talk he knows what it takes to win! all he was trying to say was in the term of passing the ball more and facilitating he aint like rondo which we know is true!! people say the big three are old and washed up but then take credit from rondo because he got three hof!! ppl gotta make up thier minds already! rondo is a great point guard who is a jumper away from being the best! derrick rose is like another Allen iverson, can just score!! westbrook is a great athlete who aint a real point guard he is more like a scorer but still a great player! in terms of point guards it goes Paul, Williams,rondo, Nash……now in terms of athletic scoring guards it goes rose and then you can say west brook! rose and west brook still haven’t shown that thier good passers! if Paul can do it with average players so can rose if he was the so called best point guard! rondo is playing with three guys not in their prime and not as athletic! put rondo on golden state or other young faster teams he can still put the same numbers or maybe even better numbers when he gets a shot! ppl gotta be realistic here! gotta Noe the difference BTW a point guard and an Allen iverson type player that can just be athletic and score the ball! west brook dont even shoot that well so rondo is a little better and more experienced!

  • DerekG

    LOL!! Perk really needs to let go and keep his trap shut!! He’s a starting center and has NEVER averaged 10 rpg and only cracked 10ppg ONCE in his career!! He needs to share his salary with Nick Collison after his disappearing act in the playoffs!!

  • kim mathenge

    no easy rings out west Should have kept his B**** @** in boston

  • Michelle

    First of all, Kendrick Perkins’ actions was unprofessional, childish, and very disrespectful. I understand his loyalty to his best friend and former teammate, but now he plays for another team and there should be an alliance between Perkins and his new teammates regardless of what he thinks. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but how and when you go about expressing your opinion, if necessary, shows your character, level of professionalism, level of maturity, and level of respect for your fellow players. In my opinion, comparing Rajon Rondo to Russell Westbrook is like comparing apples and oranges. It is obvious that they have different styles of playing, both of which can be praised and criticized. Rajon is an unselfish player and has great play-making ability but he does not shoot the ball enough or that great, especially on the perimeter. Russell is fast and has great scoring ability but he does not distribute the ball enough. Therefore, one lacks what the other has to offer, so how can you really compare these two players. Furthermore, to be a great point guard, you must embody what both these players have to offer: unselfishness, great play-making ability, speed, and scoring ability. I am a Celtics fan so of course I like Rondo, but I also like Westbrook and the Thunder. I believe they both have the ability to be great point guards and I wish them both much success this season. Who do I believe will make it to the playoffs, well that will depend on each point guards’s supporting cast. No one man can do it all.


    ^^^^^^ TRUE DAT ^^^^^^

  • peter

    Rondo and West. Are 2 of the top 5 pg’s in the NBA. #1 DR #2. DW #3 RR #4. RW #5 CP. It’s very close and both are better fits for the teams they play for. I love Rondo’s game of pass first and when game is on the line he steps up his game. He is the bedt player in Bos. rt now and looks to have worked on his ft’s in the off season. Close edge to Rondo.

  • trueballer

    celtics got rid of the PERK who was that missing pice to win the CHIP! he fit better with boston.., Green and the next dude fit better with OKC younger players mix..

  • Blaze Benedict

    Psst someone needs to remind Perkins he’s no… body.
    Guy is big, a waste of space and not giving Thunder nearly enough that they thought they were getting when they traded for him.

    Calling out the starting PG is a no-no. Westbrook is one of the top 5 best young PG’s in the league, and last year had a season statistically comparable to MVP Derrick Rose. Agreed he is no Rondo in terms of playmaking, but coming into this season Rondo was the worst scorer of any of the top young PG’s. It’s good to see Rondo pick up his offense as he now can be attributed to the the third best young PG behind Rose and Paul.

    As for shooting too much, that’s silly. KD and Westbrook take the shots. That is how that team is built and that is how they win. Perkins job is to grab rebounds and block shots. He is doing very little of that compared to other big guys in the league. Westbrook should fire back that Perkins is no Chandler.

  • ernieD

    He’s one more ACL tear away from becoming a footnote, as much as I love the guy. Danny would not have traded him if he didn’t think they other knee was gonna blow sooner or later. However, it’s clear the guy was the heart and soul of the C’s defense. Even KG didn’t have the stones Perk does. He’s healthy now, so it only hurts Celtic fans more.

  • Taylor

    Perkins just needs to chill out and and lay off for one second. Westbrook has enough stuff going on right now and he doesn’t need one of his teammates yelling at him.

  • Me

    Westbrook should tell Perkins he is no Mosgov, er,..ok bad idea.

  • http://Slam Robod

    I could relate to what Perkins is saying. It’s no secret that Westbrook is a nut. He is not a point guard. Basketball is team sport and Westbrook is no team player. Wrong sport Westbrook, become a fighter.

  • Dhughes

    Durant isn’t greedy I’d rather have him then Carmelo Anthony now anywaay he’s a baller Russell need to make more assist I’m not saying just bad shots I’m saying I don’t think Westbrook is as good as Rose but he has the talent to be himand he definitely has the tlent to be better then Rondo and Rondo is overrted and is pass oriented only we really need to start talking about Brandon Jennings because he’s gotten better a lot better

  • Bill

    He rode the Big 3′s coattails for 1 championship now this dunking dummy thinks he’s Bill Russell when he’s not even Bill Wennington.

  • phamie

    Westbrook is not a good point guard at all, He really shoot too much and so hot while it isn’t.

  • xx_JOMOMMA_xx


  • dan occoner

    Russell has always been overated, hes like Kobe, hes shoots a lot, so he scores a lot, but both of them range in the low 40% bracket. Rondo shoots over 50% is a far better point guard. Hes also all defensive NBA, and has 2 triple doubles already this year.

  • Ron

    Westbrook > Rondo real talk

  • Mr. Dang-Dang

    I have a hard time believing this report. Perkins isn’t a belittler. I think it was a slow news day over at the New York Daily News. Is Jason Blair in the hizzouse?