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Amar’e Stoudemire: Carmelo Anthony More Clutch Than LeBron James

It’s not exactly breaking news from STAT here — Carmelo might very well be the most clutch player in the entire NBA — as Stoudemire says he’d want Anthony on his team over James due to Melo’s late-game heroics. From the NY Post: “Amar’e Stoudemire said he would choose Carmelo Anthony as a teammate over LeBron James, saying Melo is more of a clutch late-game shooter. Stoudemire, who made a whirlwind ESPN tour yesterday on a sneaker crusade, was asked bluntly whom he’d want on his team – King James or Melo. ‘I’m going Carmelo Anthony, baby,’ Stoudemire said. ‘Carmelo is a clutch player,’ Stoudemire said. ‘Carmelo is definitely known for making those last-second shots. Comes down to the last few minutes of a game, you want to have Carmelo on your team. LeBron is a great facillitator and ultimate team player.’ … There’s concern Stoudemire was frustrated early on sharing the spotlight –and the ball – with Melo. But Amar’e has never aired that publicly and he realizes Anthony’s clutch shooting is the key to their title hopes. In Miami Saturday in the barnstorming exhibition at FIU, Anthony hit the biggest shot – a game-tying trey with two seconds left, sending the game to overtime. ‘Carmelo definitely stepped up and played some defense when he came to New York and took on a leadership role and we started to win some games,’ Stoudemire said.”

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  • Kobe fan

    Does Amare realize Melo shoots 35% from the field?

  • BlackStar

    When the Heat play the Knicks, I expect Bron Bron to bang on STAT at least three times … Melo is more clutch than Bron, but Bron will probably win a chip before Melo does due to the make up of their teams. If CP3 goes to NY though, the Knicks will be a bona fide problem.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Captain Obvious.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    “No sh*t” the rest of the world did not necessarily add.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Yeah…. but LeBron is the better player overall. However, saying that, I always thought melo had a better rookie season than LeBron, but ‘Bron got the ROY award. They are both great players (as we all know). Sidenote: I would rather have Kobe taking the last shot more than anyone in the league to date.

  • jessdogg

    Anyone that would rather Melo on your team over LeBron would have to be a team mate of Melo or just a fu(king idiot.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHoliday

    This is what happens when there is a lockout! Amare could’ve said “I’m thinking about playing with the Knicks when the lockout is over” and it would’ve made news. He didnt say ANYTHING we didn’t already know. Thanks STAT!

  • ShotCaller

    Don’t be mad at Amar’e for making dumb statements… hes just now realizing Carmelo is better than him. He needs to stop complimenting Melo and learn to play defense himself. He wimps out in big-time situations, and is nowhere to be found when needed. Seems like he makes the news daily. If the lockolout continues #Amarswitchtofashionforever

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    cosign jessdog

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green…seriously though, Bron is still a WAY better player. Melo is a more gifted scorer, but LeBron is clearly the better all around play. What is Stat supposed to say though? He can’t publicly dog his team mate. They asked him the question, it’s not like he just blurted it out for no reason.

  • KJackson

    I’ll take Melo over Lebron anyday of week. Just because you dont play lockdown defense, doesnt mean he good enough defense to win. Is dirk nowitzki a great defender? Hell no. But he does have a ring, right? exactly. I need somebody who doesnt fold under pressure. Lebron is obvious a better overall player, but shrinking is big moments is a huge deal to me. Clutch is one of the most important attribute, more than Athletic ability and talent. period. Melo ova Lebron.

  • http://slamonline.com LA Huey

    He didn’t say anything a good teammate wouldn’t say. I’ll take LeBron on my team though. I’ll take less-than-stellar moments in the clutch over consistent 1st round KOs.

  • DieselMechanic

    where’s kanye when you need him?


    Simply put, Melo is who I want with the ball in his hands during winning time.

  • mo

    Gotta agree with “jessdogg.” What else is Amare gonna say? Even as a LeBron fan myself, yes Melo is more clutch than Bron. But not on the same level overall as a player. I just have an issue with some people acting like Bron aint clutch at all. Are there players more clutch than him? Definitely. Melo, Kobe, Pierce, Wade Dirk (remember what they use to say about Dirk?)etc. He murdered the Celtics and Bulls. Seemed pretty clutch to me in those series. He just has to prove himself in the Finals after what happened last year. Lets see if he can redeem himself now.

  • johnson

    Yall crazy melo’s offence can never be lock down so and lebrons offence we seen it get locked down who remembers 8 PTs in the play off????????

  • bike

    Amar’e, last time I checked, LeBron has led a team to the finals twice. Carmelo has not. Carmelo makes clutch shots in many games that don’t mean anything. LeBron is a better player than Carmelo by every measurable means known to basketball. LeBron has the potential to be the G.O.A.T

  • ChipS

    STAT said nothing wrong here…. he answered a question and of course he’s gonna say his teammate…. Yall reading into this way to much! If he would’ve said ‘Bron the headline would say “Amar’e Stoudemire: I’d rather play with Lebron James over Carmelo Anthony.” Then it would be “Thats messed up, Stat dogging his teammate.” Yall need to get out of your feelings, and look at it in perspective. Really isn’t a headline here, teammate looking out for teammate.

  • T-Money

    STAT said what he had to say. He’s right in saying that Melo is more clutch than Bron. Heck, I’d say that Melo is more clutch than ANYBODY in the L. BUT no GM or coach would take Melo over Bron and it’s not even that close.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    ^This pretty much sums it up. Lose the outrage people, nothing to see here.

  • Conor O.

    Oh my God, the sky is BLUE?!

  • robb

    Melo’s not a superstar, no matter how hard they try to sell it. GREAT offensive player, but he doesn’t play defense and we all know that, not enough star power and he’s not a leader. Also Lebron was pretty clutch during the playoffs (not the finals obviously) but Melo’s not played enough playoff minutes so we don’t know how clutch he truly is when it matters.

  • Yesse

    Well, i think LeBron is a better player than him, but LeBron’s clutch has been kinda horrible lately so i agree.

  • MLK4Life

    There are superstars who don’t play defense. Steve Nash won two MVP awards in a row and hasn’t played defense a day in his life. Melo is a superstar. Best scorer in the league. Amar’e said nothing wrong here as some of you have mentioned. This isn’t about who the better overall player is. He was asked who’s more clutch, he answered correctly. Story over.

  • Haboogy



  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I’d take LeBron for the first 47 Minutes and trade him for Melo during the timeout.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic


  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    nbk’s got it. You should be a GM

  • KJackson

    People that is using “Lebron went the finals twice” needs to stop. Think about it for a second. last 7 seven years. What the tougher conference to get through? West or East. Definitly the West. without question. In the West u have the Mavs, Lakers, Suns, Spurs consistently ever year. When Lebron went to the finals in 07 who did he play in the first two rounds. nobody. And pistons didnt care after the won the finals in 04. And last year, u have the great Dwade on your team. GIVE ME A BREAK with that arguments. Lets Melo’s Nuggets play in the East and gaurantee u they wouldve made the finals at least twice, with Iverson or Billups or Andre Miller. You pick.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    that’s the dream Wayno lol

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Melo has made it out of the 1st round once in his 8th yr career while Bron has been to the semifinals and beyond every season his teams made it to the playoffs. Open and shut case, johnson. Give me Bron for the entire 48.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    I meant the “First 48″

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Sheep are stupid.
    Men do stupid things for vagina.
    Women have vaginas.
    Just wanted to add some other obvious comments to the collection.

  • mo

    @ KJackson – Melo’s Nugget squads would not have beaten the Pistons or the Celtics teams that Bron’s teams had to go thru. So no, Melo’s teams still would not have made it to the Finals even in the EAST. All that running and gunning the Nuggets do aint gonna work in the Eastern Conference. Thats why the made it out of the first round only one time. They don’t play defense. And that’s probably gonna be what happens to the Knicks unless they get rid of D’antoni. At the very least, both Finals teams that LeBron has been on has been top 5 defenses in the league. Thats why they were able to beat the Piston’s and Celtics. Not that the Pistons “Didn’t care after winning a ship in ’04.”

  • kbj

    of course he is, he is a more versatile scorer period, if he just added killer instinct to that, he can definitely take the torch from kobe.

  • Animalxxx13

    Melo is so overrated and can’t do anything but score with low field percentage. What’s the big fuss over him? He is definitely not among the top twenty players in the league!

  • KJackson

    @mo Cavaliers never beat the celtics . what are u talking about. And u telling the team that the nuggets team that played Lakers in the west finals couldnt beat the ’07 pistons are u kidding me? They also beat the mavericks on the way to the West finals. Give me a break. Lebron has cupcakes in the First round. Melo have to face San Antonio in the first round. THe same team the Melo and Iverson play in the first round (Spurs) and actually won a game is the same Spurs team that Swept the Cavaliers in the FInals. Im Just saying. Its the fact Denver had to play them first. Melo would be outt of the first round on a regular basis in the east. Get ya Mind Right, dummy.

  • Chukaz

    He then went on to say “Kate Upton’s hotter than Rosie O’Donnell”

  • ChipS

    Lebron is the better talent, (but Melo is my fave player in the league right now), But when the game is on the line i’m putting the ball in the hands of the guy from Red Hook that was raised in B-More. Oh yeah if Melo’s not a superstar then niether is: Dirk,Nash,Griffin,STAT,Rose. and I could put Durant in there too but idk. But I gotta a question: If, and big big if, Melo and Stat give/bring a chip to NY, what would that do for them? Will people change their opinions on them? I’m just asking.

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    Melo is the most clutch player in the league… his percentage in game tying or game winning shots in the last 30 seconds is a good 20 percent higher than the next best

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    uh duh, he aint a better player though.

  • O

    I think it’s pretty damn obvious that ANYONE would take LeBron and build a team around him before and THEN take Melo with the next pick. Well, anyone except the geniuses at Detroit. Had they drafted Melo then maybe Melo would’ve had his ring by now…

  • respect

    melo is already on his team! why would he say he wants someone else

  • bull22

    as much asi dont like lebron james, that is an idiotical statement by stoudemire…. figures that this clown supports another one who has never been to the finals.. its seems some players are going to be talking about coulda, woulda, shoulda while there is no season…

  • Dru

    To many moronic statements to address. The bottom line is….’Melo is more CLUTCH. If you don’t know this, you’re a fool or don’t watch basketball. For all this talk about playoffs… it is a TEAM SPORT. How many rings does LBJ have? ZERO! The only thing LBJ does better than ‘Melo is pass and defend…that’s it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BigFutureLG BigFuture37

    Honestly melo is a better scorer than lebron, lebron scores but no where near as effortlessly as melo, i have never seen someone stop carmelo getting 20+ points…ever…but lebron is a better all around player, even tho melo puts lebron on smash head to head lol


    I’ll Hope Lebron Is Clutch In The Bed

    Hey Boo

  • mo

    @ KJackson – First of all, I didn’t say the Cavs beat the Celtics, the Heat did. I’m talking about BOTH times that he’s been to the Finals. That was the issue that you were talking about correct? People saying he’s been to the Finals TWICE. The Lakers perimeter defense was horrible as always that year. The Piston’s defense (7th ranked that year) would have done a way better job than the Lakers (24th ranked that year) against the Nuggets. Yeah, Denver went 7 games with LA because the Lakers made the mistake of trying to run with the Nuggets when the Piston’s would’ve definitely slowed the tempo down and their defense would’ve choked the life outta Denver. So yeah, in my opinion the ’07 Pistons would’ve beat the Nuggets that year too. Can’t run and gun your way to the Finals. You’re gonna have to play DEFENSE eventually.


    so if a Melo led team can get outta the east anytime, how come they got swept last season in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals?

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards/a-quick-guide-to-the-issues-of-the-nba-lockout/2011/10/11/gIQAon1ZbL_story.html unf*ckwitable

    No sh*t sherlock, doesnt make him a better player.

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards/a-quick-guide-to-the-issues-of-the-nba-lockout/2011/10/11/gIQAon1ZbL_story.html unf*ckwitable

    And fake Jtaylor, just stop it cause it funny f*ckwit.

  • Youngindy21

    He’s right. Carmelo Anthony is wayy more clutch than Lebron James. But we all know Lebron James is the better player overall.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @JTaylor – “Melo has made it out of the 1st round once in his 8th yr career while Bron has been to the semifinals and beyond every season his teams made it to the playoffs. Open and shut case, johnson. Give me Bron for the entire 48. ”

    Melo played in a much, much, much, much, much more difficult conference overall in his time in the West. The ultimate proof of that is that since 1999, only three teams from the East have won an NBA championship, and I would argue that the Heat’s 2006 championship could even have an asterisk besides it, narrowing down the magic number to 2. Whether or not it should be asterisked is irrelevant, the point is that its easy to get out of the first round when you face the Washington Wizards…not so much when you’re facing a prime Spurs team (2004), a Clippers team that had a better record than them overall, the Spurs again, the NBA Finalist Lakers (2008), and a 53 win Jazz team in what was regarded as a REALLY difficult Conference race (I think the 8th seed was a 50 win team that year).

  • mo

    @ MUBWAR – Good point as well. “KJackson” is just talking about a whole bunch of nothing. The only thing he can come up with is the Nuggets taking the Lakers to 7 games in 2007. When actually (and I hate the lakers), the lakers could’ve and should’ve won in 4-5 games if they didn’t get bored playing the Nuggets. Every game would go like this: Lakers toy around with Denver until the 4th and then turn it up a notch. Then people was wondering why they didn’t play the entire game that way. It was almost like playing against your little brother in the backyard or something. You don’t want to beat ‘em down too bad.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @Mubwar – That team was assembled mid-season, for starters, so roles weren’t properly established at all. Second, most of the team was gutted to make way for Anthony. Billups sucks at this point in his career, and the rest of the roster are scrubs (I specifically remember Jarred Jeffries somehow turning over a wide open layup under the basket in the last seconds of a crucial game against the Celtics).

  • Chukaz

    In LeBron’s defense, he’s so much better than Melo that his team is less likely to need late game heroics…


    exactly backboard. Kobe would’ve never pass that shot, neither was jordan neither was ai. That’s what clutch player do. Bron usually makes sure they have enough breathing room to win the game.

  • http://slamonline.com wtf

    Why are you guys even talking about who’s better, been out of the first round or whatever? Its irrelevant. Neither 1 has rings and everyone and their mothers should know Melo is more clutch than Lebron. Lebron is an athletic freak, Melo is pure scoring and fundementals

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @Mubwar – So, let me see if I understand your line of thinking correctly: Kobe/Jordan are clutch because they don’t pass the ball in the closing moments. Lebron doesn’t NEED to be clutch, so he shouldn’t be discussed. So…Melo isn’t clutch because he passes the ball in crunch time? What? That doesn’t make any sense – Melo consistently comes in the Top 5 when it comes to Sortable NBA Player “Clutch” Stats as defined by 4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points (the true definition of what clutch is, none of that Henry Abbott-type “24 seconds left” bull). He came in #3 in 2009 (Kobe was #1 by the way) and fourth in 2010, for example. Plus, you and I have both seen him make huge baskets down the stretch – stop kidding yourself.

  • http://myspace.com/gametimeweezy Gametimeweezy

    @wtf We all know LeBron is a freak and Melo’s a pure scorer. What are YOU saying? They are irrelevant because they don’t have rings??? They came in the league as 19 year olds they still got time to get 3 rings EACH..

  • ChipS

    He didn’t get out the first round this past season because the team came together mid-season and they played a veteran Celtic team with 3 HOF’s and the Knicks were without Billups and STAT for a while. He almost carried the team to a win in one of the games where he had like 42 and 17! but passed the ball to a cutting man, who didnt go up and tried to pass around a all time great defender (K.G.). He also couldnt catch Delonte West because he was likely gassed. Dude also played with a dinged up elbow and banged up knees last year which he had surgery on, for the first time in his career. Remember when ‘Bron had elbow problems and how much a problem it was made to be? Anyways STAT just pointing out the obvious and wasnt wrong at all about Melo being more clutch. I’m a fan of Melo and LBJ by the way, so I aint trying to rag on LBJ but Melo and his teams do bust Bron’s behind head to head. And Melo not top 20 in the NBA? Just stop watching basketball to whoever said that mess!

  • ChipS

    @mubwar saying that Bron makes sure they have enough cushion is crazy, So I guess he made sure they had the lead in Game 2 when Dallas made that comeback?

  • Robb


  • ripslam

    Do you guys expect Amar’e to be all “Man, I wish I had LeBron instead of Carmelo”? Not only that, he’s correct. Melo is an infinitely more clutch player. I’d rather have a guy who can play when it counts.

  • http://slamonline.com wtf

    i wasnt saying they are irrelevant becuase they dont have rings. i said, “it” is irrelevant, not “they.” I was saying whos better or been out of the first round is irrelevant because neither of them have rings.

  • LN

    Yall crazy, Yall saying melo is a better scorer than Lebron. Yall say he is a better efficiently scorer than Lebron? LOL Yall listen to reporters instead of watching the game!! First of all James have a better scoring average, higher PERS rating, Higher FG percentage. Mello have a better mid range jumper? Lebron was second in the League next to Dirk in the Mid Range Game!!!!!! So I’m tire of all the clutch comments because a win is a win!!! James has more wins than mello!!!!!!!! So is it a question about who got a better offensive game? Oh yeah he also gotta better drive than mello, better finisher on the break also!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Connor

    haha, defence. what a joke!

  • Roley

    This is funny how i keep hearing melo is clutch and kobe is clutch which i kinda agree even though theres a article that rips kobe and his supposed “clutchness” exposing him for having a 30 percent shooting touch in clutch moments but what i gotta say is where is D Wade in these discussions? i seen Wade sink twice as many game winners as melo am i lost here or what? am i the only one who watched Wade put up MJ numbers IN THE FINALS? whats more clutch than that?
    F**k Melo has never even had a significant playoff game yet ppl are saying hes the most clutch in the NBA? Are u kidding me. I can argue wade is more clutch than kobe. Kobe never even puts up MJ numbers in the playoffs like wade did in the finals. Im not saying he is Kobe fans, im just saying i can argue that with u