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Dwyane Wade Blames David Stern for Lost NBA Jobs

Wade and Stern have squared off before during this NBA lockout, and last night when word came down that regular season games would be lost, Dwyane once again lashed out at the commish (via Twitter) for the hurt this will cause. Per the Palm Beach Post: “Dwyane Wade has stepped out on Twitter to say his piece. It couldn’t have helped that his Bears were losing to the Lions: STERN’s ‘WORDS’ 2day hurt the ppl who work at the AAA,other arena’s,as well as local businesses &our fans..’ And then: ‘Those are the one’s who are affected by STERN’s ‘WORDS’ 2day..its a Lockout-NOT a Strike..’ So far, nothing from LeBron James, who been busy marveling at ‘Megatron,’ the Lions receiver. It’s clear that Wade has embraced the role as heavy during the lockout, while James has been advised not to get too far out front. The frustration is understandable, and at least Wade’s comments addressed the real victims in this standoff — the bystanders.”

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  • Z-Bound

    glad to hear some passion. not sure it helps the cause though

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    If and when the league starts, Dwyane’s going to be lucky to shoot a FT after Stern gives the “no fouls for Wade” edict to the refs.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Nash also said something along the same lines. It’s good to see players saying what’s on their minds.

  • jimmythesaint67

    i’d MUCH rather have Steve Nash in the room than hot headed whiny baby Wade .. he has no vision outside his bubble & takes everything personally pfffft

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    More passion than grammar, but hey.

  • http://Www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Freethrows, E?
    He’ll be lucky if he receives a ransom note for Gabby when ‘they’ come for her.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    How is he taking “everything personally” when he’s talking about all the jobs lost and businesses affected because of the lockout? Reading is fundamental.

  • bull22

    the pot telling the kettle, wade also needs to shutup! crying like a little baby because daddy stern did not send him to the free throw line like he was accustomed to….


    jtaylor a lot of people can read not all can understand

  • L

    Can’t he just write in proper english?

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    What does LeBron James have to do with this story though? Stop reaching.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    And, some people wonder why P. Ewing can’t get a real post playing career NBA gig.
    Hope Wade isn’t going out like that.
    The King is exacting intellectual honesty by following advice to not say anything that may jeopardize his chance(s) at a job in the NBA after he is done playing.
    In my judgement.

  • Walter L Andrews

    “Can’t he just write in proper english?”
    Do you realize this sentence isn’t proper english?

  • mike d

    looks like no title for miami this year

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    I don’t understand why he put quotes around “words”. David Stern was using words, its not like they weren’t “words” per se.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    Also, Wade has looked like a punk these entire negotiations. I don’t care if you’re in a labour dispute, don’t drag your boss’s name down the mud just because there is a work stoppage, it will have consequences one way or another in the future. What an idiot.

  • TrueFan

    Here is what I think, if Kobe Bryant would have said this, there wouldn’t so much negative reaction. But Because 1. Dwyane Wade is underrated by many. 2. He plays for the Miami Heat. 3. He is saying what others won’t say directly.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Barkley used to come out and speak for Jordan.
    Well, Michael would say that Chuck would say things that Mike would want to say, but couldn’t, or didn’t.
    Jordan did not want the bad publicity.
    I wonder how it has worked out for him…

  • Red Star

    ^^Not everyone is scared of there boss or in this case David Stern!! Wow, your favorite color must be yellow. Get a back bone! What would you say to your boss? Would like me to hold onto my ankles too! Weak people make me SICK!

  • L

    Walter L, at least i try to speak proper english.FYI i’m not an english native speaker like Dwade..L

  • Red Star

    My last comment was @OffTheBackboard

  • Joe Cain

    It was on Twitter so don’t stress the grammar. Check the facts that he’s presenting. The NBA is trying to hurt the players when in fact, they’re effecting the economy.

  • T-Money

    1- this seems to be lost on many but stern is not the players’ boss . he is paid by and works for the owners – they’re his bosses. wade’s boss is micky arison. usually, bosses make more than their employees.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @ RedStar

    Blaming Stern alone and trying to drag his name down due to some stupid vendetta stemming from a negotiation meeting is childish. Stern, in public, does not single players out. Likewise, the players shouldn’t be calling Stern out – especially not in a weak manner such as this. Judging by your own lack of grammar and sentence structure, I’m not the least bit surprised that you are siding with Wade on this.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    He might as well. Stern and the Owners are the reason why we are in this mess in the first place, so those guys deserve all the criticism they get.

  • NBA Fan

    Wade needs a history lesson – he and others have strutted and spouted about how the current crop of players are “the game” and thus deserve more than a fair share of the BRI. In the 70′s there were fewer than 2 dozen teams and the League was bleeding money. Stern (then as a conselor to OBrien) and owners, and sponsors had the vision, patience, skills and courage to build the League. Along the way players helped (and many of those players are owners and NBA management today), but a single set of players is not the reason the NBA has become a global success.

    It seems like today’s NBAPA has lost touch with current economic realities, have no sense of history and no vision for the future other than $$$$$$$$$$$.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    this is amazing… so bc wade plays for miami everything he says when he’s angry makes him a punk? @offthe backboard @jimmythesaint and of course @bulls22 you guys disgust me.

  • wishuwould247

    @Off The Backboard. Is this english class? LMAO

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    @offthebackboard are you out of your mind? he shouldn’t be calling stern out? GTFOHHHHH

  • PeteRubens

    @NBA Fan The globalization of the game isn’t credited to a core group of players? if there’s any sport that leans on their superstars to carry a brand, it’s the NBA. The Association was near death before Magic & Bird came along, & reached global heights almost solely on the back of Jordan & the Dream Team that won in Barcelona (completely independent from the league). To say the players arent focused on the future is ignorant; they know the league is in for a HUGE payday in 2016 with NBC & don’t want to get cut out of their share. The owners make terrible basketball decisions, overpay players & now want to get some of that money back & make sure it won’t happen in the future. Too many owners with non-basketball minds running the organization is why teams are losing money.

  • DG

    I hate how anything wade says is wrong all the time since lebron and bosh joined him. Hes a punk now ? Can he use proper grammer ? Really, its twitter, not a big deal. If this would of been KD, Kobe, Nash, or Dirk it wouldnt be a problem though.

  • Chukaz

    I don’t have a problem with Wade speaking out against Stern, but I do have a problem with Wade trying to take a leadership role on this. Realistically, the closes we’ve come to ending the lockout was when Kobe and KG met with the Spurs owner and some other dude. Kobe and KG will put an end to this non-sense at some point. I think if we put Jerry Buss, James Dolan, and Mark Cuban is the same room as Kobe, KG, and Fisher this thing could be over soon. At some point i expect those owners to come out against some of the b*tch owners like Dan Gilbert and the cheap Suns owner.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    It’s not English class, but if Wade wants to act like he’s e a leader in all of this (when he is clearly not), at least speak eloquently, even though it’s Twitter. If you’re going to be representing the players and carrying yourself like a spokesperson – act like one. Little things like this matter in the real world, believe it or not.

  • bull22

    hahahahhahhaha, i dont know who off the back board is or nba fan… but man you both have no problems punking the little unified smurf club that likes to try clobber anyone who does not share their opinions…. keep it up because iam laughing my behind off….

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @Pete – Sure, the players have a lot to do with it with, but you’re completely ignoring the business aspects of the league. The NBA does a great job in marketing its players and broadening their appeal internationally. Here’s the thing – there are ALWAYS going to be great players that come and go. In an elite league like the NBA, the talent pool is never going to be short because there will always be players who are above and beyond the rest. The longevity of the league, its finances, and its stability, however, are largely dependent on what happens behind the scenes. Its easy to say “the players make it all happen!”, but that completely dismisses the fact that the league is a BUSINESS first and foremost, and is executed like any other company.

  • B

    Man some of y’all are a trip judging this man off of bad grammar… All he said is he feels bad for the people that aren’t NBA players that are losing their jobs because of the lockout… Get off his back… Majority of the ones knocking his comments probably don’t live in the real world anyways… Y’all probably still stay with your parents and play online games all day…

  • bull22

    @b i get what you are saying, but remember wade is all about publicity stunts… if he really feels sorry for these people, he then needs to donate money out of his freaking pocket rather then talking about how sorry he is.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    Again, it wasn’t so much about the grammar, I was just amused that he put the “words” in quotes for no reason – it literally doesn’t make sense.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    **amused that he put “words”

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Is there a figurative way it wouldn’t make sense?
    Because if you’re using the term “literally” shouldn’t there be a figurative meaning as well?
    Oh, look what I did right there.

  • fish sticks

    @Off The Backboard so you’re saying that for Wade’s words to mean anything he has to donate money to each and every person who is affected by the cancellation of the first two weeks? MAn, if it was rose or durant or anyone else, y’all would be on their jock. I still believe Wade is one of the classier players in the NBA. Sure LBJ rubbed off on him a bit. But the man is class. Why can’t he say how he feels about the lockout. And you know what? He’s right. NOne of the comments he made are incorrect.

  • MLK4Life

    Respect to D-Wade. Stern obviously believes that he’s a man dealing with boys. These are intelligent grown men in the NBA who know what’s going on better than the guys who were around in 98-99. The players need to stay strong and get a good deal for them.

  • _Silverwolf_

    I would like to give my opinion. I will say that I have lost respect for Wade. His actions are not helping to get the lockout settled. Now I really enjoy watching the teams play but there is a point where the players wants to much money and of course the fees are passed onto the fans. Well, there well be a point where the fans can not afford the tickets. Well, the owners have to make money to stay in business. If the teams are losing money, it does not matter if it is just one dollar, they are losing money so the players have to give up a few things for the owners to stay in business. The players have became ver spoiled in what they make. A 50/50 split is good for the players and the owners. Reducing the salary will help for all teams to stay in business so us fans can enjoy the game and not have to pay through the nose to go to a game. When a business has more money going out than coming in, that business soon goes broke and out of business. The players should agree to these points because teams could fold and an all those players well be out of a job. So what is more important you working for a bit less money or not have a job at all. Think about it.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    @AllenP – Again, you’re missing the point. I was simply amused that he put quotes without there really being a reason to do so – I don’t understand why people keep thinking I was complaining about his grammar. If you actually scroll up and read my posts, I did not claim that Wade had bad grammar at any point. My grammar comment was actually about one of the other posters who failed to distinguish “there” from “their”. Sue me for trying to increase awareness about the fundamental differences between homophones. My problem with Wade was that he keeps trying to attack Stern.

    @fish sticks – What? I said Wade’s words shouldn’t hold much weight because he keeps attacking Stern as if he has a personal vendetta against him. It’s not that difficult to take a professional stance on the issue (such as that of Derek Fisher, for example) and refrain from attacking Stern. To answer your second point – neither Rose nor Durant would do that, for starters, and even if they did, I would still have the same reaction. Wade is one of my favorite players in this league (much more so before the 3 Amigos formed, but nonetheless).

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    This is wack. PR move by Wade.

  • Rg

    You all are wasting your words worrying about who’s getting hated on n who used right grammar..oops look at that no periods anyway we all lose in the war of the rich vs the wealthy it’s all bull whatever the players do is for publicity n whatever the owners do is for more money greedy ppl man I just wana watch Miami lose again.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    seriously bulls22 why hasn’t anyone banned your annoying f@ggot @ss yet?

  • http://Bleacherreport cassandra


  • Chris

    Outspoken players like Dwyane Wade will lose this battle! When is the last time you saw an owner driving his Bentley with his diamond earings. There is being greedy and then there is excessive greed! Most of the NBA teams are not breaking even, this is a real problem! Keep in mind the owners portion goes to pay all the costs from the ticket taker to the receptionist. In this economy fans where people are just trying to survive the last thing they want to hear about is millionaires who want more and more! The players need to wake up and realize they DO NOT own the team. Bottom line! If they want more than 50% they should take a note from MJ and buy their own team!

  • Red Star

    @OffTheBackboard Why stand on a slilent platform fight the war F the norm! You have a weak mindset!! What does it take for you to stand up? What’s the deal with you and English? I tell you this, a man who does not stand up for what he believes in is not a man but child! A weak child!

  • Billy

    Some people is slamming Wade I do believe that he is so right with the statement that he made. Yes the lockout effect many people and the ones that slam him should acknowledge that. This economy, is very bad now lot of people depend on the season to go to work. The ones who saying that i am sure that they have a job . These owner are rich. We all knows that they can come to agreement but that is just greed the more money they have the more they want.That is why i agree with the President make then pay there full share of taxes, they can afford it. They can afford to lockout as long as they like, they have no feeling for the others just themselves. And Wade slamming Stern he is right to stand up for his right if no one else has the backbone, someone has to speak if i step on your feet and you do not say anything how would you know my feelings. Continue to speak your mind Wade let then know that you not taking any wooden nickels.

  • PeteRubens

    @OffTheBackboard I understand your point, but you’re not giving the players nearly enough credit. I get that there are much bigger behind the scenes details than the average fan will never know about that takes making a league successful, but the NBA is ran off of it’s superstars, plain & simple. There arent enough marketing dollars that could buy the juxtaposition that Larry Bird & Magic Johnson presented on the basketball court & social life, saving a league from bankruptcy & leading it to it’s golden era. The league was dead in the water before Magic & Bird & seemed to be headed in the same position when Jordan left, before LeBron came. There’s a reason ratings struggled in the early-mid 2000s, even though players like Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett were elite-level talents, they couldn’t carry a brand (Adidas learned that lesson the hard way). It is not just the NBA who markets these players, billion dollar shoe and apparel invest millions in these athletes (with the precedent that Jordan set), the league happens to take advantage of their superstar’s pop culture status, as they rightfully should, but superstars benefit the league way more than the league benefits the superstar. Unlike any other sport, one player can change the direction of a franchise dramatically in terms of finance (Blake Griffin comes to mind). & to your point about the league broadening the appeal of the game to outside of the US, the first major step was taken in the ’92 Olympics when, you guessed it, Jordan, Magic & Bird headlined that group to an Olympic gold medal. Give credit to the league for again capitalizing on it’s (then) newly found popularity, but also give credit where credit is due. Again, I am not disagreeing with your point, I’m simply stating the obvious; the NBA is a player’s league & to think that it hasn’t gotten to the level it’s currently at because of a core group of players is ridiculous, as history tells us differently. You

  • kbj

    Wade better watch his mouth about stern, because when the season resumes, he wont be getting much fouls called for him, with a lot of Techs.

  • shm

    Everyones hatin on Off the Backboard but his point is pretty good. If ur gonna call out ur boss, which, despite red star’s disagreement, is often retarded, do it professionally not in some half ass twitter post that hardly makes sense. And its not like stern is calling out certain players’ salaries and saying “ur costing people jobs for maintaining ur stance and not accepting pay cuts”.

  • http://bleacherreport Norm Richardson

    The big spending teams, are getting their two cents worth in eg, the heat and the Lakers ( Jerry Buss got Darrik Fisher at the top) They are fighting equality to keep the small market teams out!

  • Mike

    This has nothing to do with whether you like the heat or Wade. You fools calling him whinny when he is a top 3 player standing up for what he believes in while others remain silent. He is fighting for a season and that goes for all teams not just the heat you idiots.
    The Gms are the whiners. Who do fans go to games to see? Do any of you have a poster of David stern or Jerry buss in your rooms? Right, then stfu and let’s get the season started.

  • http://bleacher toni

    You numb nuts get on my nerves, I would love to see all of you who calling DW punk, whinny, etc etc, let’s see how you would handle your bosses telling you ” well we can’t reach an agreement right now so you’ll be out of work w/o pay until we do”. Let’s just see how non- whinny you all would be. But then again maybe some of you have been unemployed for so long you don’t know what it is to earn a paycheck anyway. As far as grammar, its freakin twitter, there’s only so many characters you can use. Get over yourselves. Better yet, gtfoh!!!!!!!!

  • Hague77

    I have no sympathy for the players! The structure needs to change! And to start mentioning the guys who work at the arenas from a players point of view is just grinding! Look at the world around you, people struggle to get the next meal on the table, you play in a league that has proved nothing but profitable to you and yet you begrudge the league for wanting to break even. For future players, the league needs to be profitable, if the league profits, the players will profit. I understand the owners have goofed on the past, but that is the past! Wade…. Get real!

  • http://yahoo fred

    Hello all, get off of Wade’s horse, He has all right to stand up to David Stern and anyone else. Its not that the players did not negotiate, it is that owners just want to have it their way. The Players went from 57% to 53 that was very resonable. But for the owners to demand fifty fifty its ridiculous. Furthermore to say that Dwayne Wade is not the leader is ignorance. Wade has all right to represent any position he chooses. Dwayne Wade is the NBA best all
    round player whether or not they want to acknowledge this fact. He is the NBA finesse player,with great leadership skills, knowledge and techniques in basketfall. Please give this youngman a break. Please do not criticize his grammar, he is on twitter and not taking an exam or writing college paper. Give this man a BREAK. Someone must standup. Everyone cannot be a passive turtle.

  • Val

    There is something about American culture that seems to favor the big wigs, businesmen, so-called job creators and begrudge the workers, artists, laborers who stand up for themselves. Keep in mind here, that it is the owners who are on “STRIKE.” It is the owners who are asking for more money. The players did not create the current market, the salary inflation, or any of this situation. Now, they are being asked to not only to take a pay cut but also accept a cap on their salary (a limit on their income potential). How many people woud accept that?

    The only reason people can’t see this is because we think of players as undeserving millionaires. If we saw them as independent contractors who create wealth and produce jobs for many people, we would see this differently. Fact is, that is exactly what they are. The players are not on strike, not asking for more money, and did not create this situation, yet some are accusing them of being greedy. Think about that.