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Kevin Garnett Earning Players’ Respect for Battling Owners in Labor Talks

KG has been quite emotional and firm during the labor meetings in this NBA lockout, something his fellow players appreciate. From Yahoo! Sports: “He’s 35 years old, on a bad knee, and near the end of a Hall of Fame career. And yes, it takes some guts for Garnett to stand there in these Players Association news conferences, strong, defiant, and take the arrows again. He’s made more than $200 million in his career, and there are no more big contracts awaiting him. The Boston Celtics have one more season to make another title run, and then, with Garnett and Ray Allen free agents, the team will probably start to rebuild again. For Garnett to privately fight for the union in meetings, to implore the players to make no more undue concessions even if it means they sit out the season, has to be one of the most unselfish acts in these labor talks. They’ll call him greedy, ungrateful, a pig, and they’ll be wrong. There’s no winning for Garnett in this labor fight, unless he’s left something for the next generation of players, the way his predecessors did for him. ‘What he’s doing now, to me, it says a lot about K.G.,’ says a younger NBA player who made about $5 million last season. ‘He’s willing to sit out the year, and give up [$21 million] at the end of his last big contract, and probably his last really good chance to win another ring. For him, this is about the principle. I don’t want to hear this stuff from our guys saying, ‘Oh, he can afford to sit out. He’s made a lot of money.’ I respect the [expletive] out of those guys standing up for us right now, him, Kobe, all of them.’”

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  • Justin

    You may not want to hear it but you’re going to. He can afford to sit out

  • andre anglais

    “KG has been quite emotional and firm” – I think KG is quite emotional and firm at everything.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl

    andre, I was thinking something similar, like “KG is quite emotional and firm about the crunchy edges around his pancakes in the morning”. You know, something like that.
    Respect to KG, on the real, though.

  • Rainman

    ihate crunchy edges around my pancakes. It just ruins homemade pancakes.

  • P. Shephard

    KG been that way since AAU…. He’s a team 1st guy and will go to battle for his team mates period. Money has nothing to do with it….

  • Will Lee

    KG prolly gets the biggest coutract in the history, ever.

  • memyselfand9

    @ justin. no, he cant. it might be his last dance.
    plus, most people are greedy, especially with 20plus milllion on the line.
    cmon. give kg props for this.

  • Jason Heartly

    Frankly, anybody that wouldnt do that would be considered a cancer to his team and the league.

    *see what I did there? Mega callback!*

  • robb

    I dislike KG but he’s a team player, and his example will have a great impact among the other players including those who look like cancer patients, wouldn’t you agree Jason?

  • MikeC.

    Mental picture of union vs owners meeting: KG enters the conference room, walks the length of the room while pounding his chest, walks up to a wall, headbutts the wall, screams a lengthy list of profanities at the ceiling, walks behind David Stern and elbows him in the back when nobody is looking, then gets down on all fours and barks at Michael Heisley while Glen Davis looks on and cries.

  • Jason Heartly

    LMAO @ Mike C

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Nice one, MikeC!


    Ppl saying K.G. can afford to miss out…MAN, EFF THAT!!!…21mil is 21MIL!!!…NOBODY WANTS TO LOSE OUT ON THAT!!!

  • bike

    And here we have, yet again, another player who is set for life getting praise for standing up to the owners. And to top it off, this is the guy that broke the bank when he got signed on as a rookie and set the stage for the dispute we now have.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    He should get praise. He’s one of the guys that doesn’t need to stand up to anyone. He’s had a full career, plenty of money and success, but he is still involved.

  • axxx

    GOOD ONE MIKEC!!!!!!!

  • LA Huey

    You can say “He’s made of ton of money and can afford to sit out” but you’re making that argument when that players are matched up against BILLIONAIRES during this labor dispute? The are trying to convince their employees they’re losing money in their NBA business and using dishonest math to back up those claims. Props to KG and the other vets for standing firm for the sake of the next gen. Because we should all know, whatever they give up in this CBA, it’s very unlikely they can get it back in future negotiations.

  • robb

    @MikeC lol I could swear you were there

  • Heals

    Justin you’re killing me man- j/k. Where’s Charlie V, Peeler, Pryzbilla and Noah when the owners need em’. Mike C took thought right outta my head” – I can just see Sarver and Gilbert at the owners breakfast talking a big game about they are goin’ to “muscle” the players at the next negotiation. Meeting begins and Gilbert starts ripping players, then Ticket enters (maybe to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wrestling theme music) mean mugs him, drops plenty of profanities, Gilbert wets himself and the players leave with a 51-49 split and no hard cap…

  • Heals

    Bike my man,m that’s a valid position, but I disagree. He was at an MVP level and selling the arena out every night with that contract, which is totally different that RLewis, Gil and JJohnson. KG, Kobe, etc. are the examples of guys that can “earn” that money for their markets, whereas the others are the ones that “set the stage for the dispute we now have.” Too may to list (which is a good thing), but props to the folks arguing the stance opposite “of course he can miss the season cause”…

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    i’m standing firm on the side of arena staff and teams/league personnels who are the real victims of this rich vs mega rich battle.
    “if this is a class war, then you need to be a classy warrior.” ~ Yasiin Bey, FKA Mos Def

  • http://counterkicks.com Quinned

    one of the most selfless guys to ever play the game

  • David Moore

    KG was the reason for the ’98-’99 lockout. IJS

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    KG is a total and complete douche on the court, but everything i’ve heard and read suggests he’s a downright standup guy off it.

  • SikhWitIt

    Mike C killed it

  • BostonBaller

    Even during labor talks and lockouts ppl can’t help throwing shots at players even while they do something commendable. lol. As far as KG being a %^#$&& on the court, it’s a matter of opinion..some say Kobe is too and i disagree but no one can questions KG’s loyalty.

  • bunn3

    wheres kobe and lebron? yah they have been there but why arent they making headlines like this? they need to become more of an asset to the union to get the season started

  • golakeshow

    Kevin garnett is a damn piece of cat crap. Whoever respects Kevin garnett is an asshole. KG should stand for kick garnett. KG lovers! ASS

  • http://tweeter marcel45

    at (golakeshow) shut up kg is one of the greatest players to play dis game along wit shaq, duncan,and etc he has made ways for big men like griffen, stoudamire, bosh, howard and others like kareem and the others did 4 dem u gota respect wat d man is doing 4 d game nw n he isn’t doing bc of d fame bt d respect of d game he is a fan just like me n u hw come kobe and lebron aren’t doing dis they are d ones makin d big dollars f**k outta here dude and at (mikec) good one lmao i cn c kg doing dat

  • ClydeSays

    Who doesn’t like the crunchy edges of pancakes? Do you all cut the crust off your sandwiches too? wtf?!