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Rajon Rondo: Chicago Has the Most Obnoxious Crowd

The Bulls and the Celtics have scrapped together a nice little rivalry these past few years, as the two have evolved into a couple of haevyweights in the Eastern Conference and a steady dose of competition has ensued. Apparently, Boston point man Rajon Rondo hasn’t exactly loved playing out in Chi-Town, according to a feature over on the Red Bull website: ”Although the Celtics were knocked out in the second round in 2011 against the Heat, Rondo says he enjoyed playing the revamped New York Knicks. ’There were some intense games, and it could have gone a different way if our guys didn’t make shots for us,’ he says. ‘It was a fun series, though, being that the Knicks hadn’t made the playoffs in so long — and the Celtics going against the Knicks is a good rivalry.’ Madison Square Garden however, does not harbor the noisiest fans according to Rondo, an honor that he says goes to the Golden State Warriors. ‘They got a pretty loud crowd,’ he pointed out. The most obnoxious crowd? ‘I’d say Chicago. Ever since a couple years back in the playoffs, me and Kirk [Hinrich] got into it and they’ve been booing me and heckling me ever since.’ As for Rondo’s home court, the TD Banknorth Garden? ‘It’s very intense, even on Sunday games,’ he said. ‘Sunday afternoon, it’s still alive in the Garden.’”

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  • MLK4Life

    I think Rondo is just upset with how D-Rose crushed him in their last meeting last season.

  • Jeff

    Chicago Fans: Rondo has the worst jump shot of any point guard in the league. Still wish captain Kirk would have jacked him in the playoffs.

  • Wray

    I assume he’s bringing this up because we actually have a point guard people care about and don’t vastly overrate.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Still remember him running away like a b*tch from Hinrich

  • http://hansdeiter33@gmail.com Bmack

    @ wray, well said

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    well he obviously hasn’t played @ Philadelphia in a meaningful game.

  • smack

    rondo is a better pg and will show the world that this year if there is one he just needs to work on his offence and then would be considered a mvp candiate

  • http://bulls.com airs

    i’ll make sure to be extra obnoxious during boston games, mr. rondo.

  • Heals

    I’m thinking this is more of a personal thing towards him and not so much the team in general. The Rajon vs Rose debate (we all know who’s better, I’m not saying it is legit), him with the hit on BMiller and then him with the push-push on Hinrich. NBK that might be Kobe’s choice, but yeah I think this is a personal choice. The Bulls fans hate him first; whereas Lakers fans hate the Celtics first and then the guys in the jerseys…

  • Cameron

    I’ve come to respect DRose a lot last season…….but Rondo’s better and no one can convince me otherwise

  • RaZkOL

    Rondo better than Rose? you out yo DAMN mind!

  • RaZkOL

    Rondo is an overrated player. He’s Thinks he’s the next Jason Kidd….He’s not. Once the big three go, Boston with Rondo will be garbage. The only thing he’s gonna help Boston with is getting the First pick in the draft so they can have a REAL player.

  • Young C

    Unfortunately nbk, when the Celtics come to Philly nowadays there are just as many bandwagon Celtics fans as there are Sixer fans, and they’re louder.

  • http://twitter.com @mmj122

    lol he just mad cuz the president who is from chicago told him to ask ray to teach how to shoot. On top of the fact the best pg in the league is from chicago and always does him up when he come to the CHI

  • simeon

    eh I don’t see this as being an insult on Chi. just means that they go hard. not a diss per se. he actually has some fanfare in LA so I don’t know what that says about some LA fans.

  • Galagu

    ^^^haha who cares then… y post that?

  • Galagu

    that was @cameron btw


    most chicago bulls followers are pretty obnoxious on this site too so…

  • clos1881

    Anybody that thinks Rondo is overrated does not watch or understand basketball. Was dennis rodman overrated because he wasnt the best offensive player in the world. I think Rose is better but outside of scoring Rondo is better at every facet of the game.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Where did all these bulls fans come from?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    No offense to Detroit, but every big NBA brawl I’ve heard about happened at the Palace… And I mean real brawls, like Chuck giving Bill Laimbeer a black-eye and security guards trying to mace Ron Artest-type brawls.

  • Hoop

    @wray …I’m pretty sure he brought it up because someone asked him.

  • Hart

    He has an obnoxious jumpshot.

  • MotownBadBoy

    Rondo could fit seamlessly on any team because he is a pass-first point guard. If he ever gets a shot, he could end up like J-Kidd. He’s already got the ring, but he needs to win one for himself. If I were the Thunder GM, I’d trade Westbrook for Rondo because Rondo wouldn’t compete for shots and he’d make the whole team look better.

  • Eric

    It’s no secret that nowadays people prefer Offense > Defense.
    It’s also no secret that Rondo is one of the best defenders in recent years.
    I just don’t understand why all this hate.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric


  • MikeC.

    Rondo has a nice game. Ugly FT %, but a nice game. He’s a fantastic 2nd or 3rd guy on a contendor. He does what championship teams need: D up, hit the boards, set screens, dive for loose balls. Hit a J though dude. C’mon!

  • riggs


  • Joblo

    Hes not a good defender, watch him he can’t stay with anybody he just plays the passing lanes well. And u can put any pg with the big three on that team and they will avg around 10 assists. He takes advantage of having those guys and is a stat padder for it. he’ll have a breakaway layup and pass it just to get an assist. Its ok once those teammates of his r gone, his game will b too. I don’t even consider him a top ten pg right now.

  • fish sticks

    I would take cp3, dwill, and then maybe rose over him. People seem to forget that rose’s fg% isnt exactly great

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    ^ you forget he been playing for three years thus far and not one.

  • Youngindy21

    He is SOOOO Right. I absolutely HATE the Chicago Bulls crowd. They are the worst. The are really really big Hecklers. If you haven’t been to a Chicago Bulls playoff game in the United Center then you should definitely check it out if you want to know what Rondo is talking about. I am not saying all Chicago fans are like this but there are a TON of obnoxious fans in the United Center.

  • kbj

    all you little girls got your panties tied up just because Rondo answered a question truthfully, get over it!

  • zach

    Rose IS not the best pg in the league despite what all the bandwagoners think. The only fans who thinks he runs a team better than CP3 and DWill are Chicago fans. Damn fine player, but NOT the best pg. And let’s keep it 100, John Wall will turn out to be much better.

  • vtrobot

    yeah, he can be overrated, especially by himself, but no one on here is underrating the dude, right? don’t let your d. rose lust crowd the fu(king common sense out of yr heads.

  • Higgins

    RONDO HAS A RING. end of story

  • robb

    If Rose had KG, Allen and Pierce, he’d have a ring too, probably more.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Is this even debatable? Rose is the better player. To those saying Rondo “runs a team better,” yeah, he gets his assists but look at the team he has. Put Rose on the C’s and they’re favorites. Put Rondo on the Bulls and they’ll be an 8-6 seed.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    People kill me with that “if he didn’t have KG, Pierce and Allen, they’d suck.” Umm yeah! No one can carry a team by themselves and a pass first point guard needs playmakers around him in order to be effective. Everyone would agree that Chris Paul is one of the best, if not the best PG in the league. But the Hornets will contiue to suck if he doesn’t get any help. A PG success individually, is largely based on how well his teammate perform. Unless you’re a shooting guard disguised as a PG like Rose. And I love Rose, just the logic that Rondo is inferior because he has a good supporting cast is stupid.

  • wamit

    rondo has a ring build a team around rose then we can talk.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    “A shooting guard disguised as a point guard”,
    Rose doesn’t play like a shooting guard at all. He’s the primary ball handler, and has played point his whole life.
    And dude’s passing skills are so underrated.
    All this talk about Rose not being a true point, or being a combo guard is stupid.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    *”true point” in a sense that he’s not really a point guard, not “true point” in the traditional, Jason Kidd pass-first type.

  • kbj

    rose better scorer, but offense is only one facet of the game, its ez to get caught up in crossovers, dunks, and flashy play, but Rondo has better defense, better court vision, better passing, hes just as fast if not faster then rose, and he is the epitome of a floor general. Once again Rose is great pg but not impressed with his turnover to assist ratio.

  • MLK4Life

    Rondo isn’t as fast as Rose, sorry. Rondo was very close to getting shipped out of Boston not that long ago. He has a ring because of who he was playing with, period. We all should know that. Rose evened him out in the first round during his rookie season, Rondo had been in the league a good amount of years. Rose is a better player. Only 22 and will get a lot better. Already has one MVP and a team that plays great defense every night. The Bulls have a chance to get at least two or three rings. The Celtics are pretty much done if they don’t get it this year and if the lockout erases the season, there won’t be any rings left for Rondo to get. When the Celtics rebuild around Rondo and dismiss KG, Paul and Ray, we’ll see what happens.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    “RONDO HAS A RING. end of story”
    Right. So does Darko Milicic, Adam Morrison, and a bunch of others.
    Not saying Rondo’s as bad a player as them, just saying the “he has a ring so he’s better” argument is stupid.
    I guess that makes Shawn Marion better than LeBron James, right?
    Maybe I should just say “Rose has an MVP. End of story”?

  • MLK4Life

    *Rose is 23 now.

  • MLK4Life

    Dead on brother.

  • Heals

    Thanks Matic, I can’t stand when people misuse a stat/fact to make an absolute/blanket statement…

  • RaZkOL

    Rondo will never be better than Rose, Period. It’s not gonna happen. No point in arguing about it. Oh and Boston fans are just as bad as Chicago fans if not worse. Plus they have crappy JFK accents. Nuff said.

  • simeon

    Rondo was integral to the 2008 championship than any of those scrubs mentioned. Even Phil Jackson said this. His performance in game 6 sealed the Lakers fate according to him. so it’s a joke to even jokingly compare his part in the 2008 team to those scrubs’ role.

  • Heals

    Razkol, JFK accents? You must’ve never been to Chicago or seen the SNL skits for “Da Bears” then…

  • mike

    @Enigmatic – I’m late on this but I had to chime in. You cannot compare the impact that Rondo had in winning the championship to players like Milicic and Morrison. Milicic and Morrison were not contributors to those teams. Rondo was the starting point guard. He was instrumental in winning many games during that title run. Terrible argument.

  • zach

    Offensively, Rose is better than Rondo. That’s where it stops. MVP or not, he’s not the best pg in the league.

  • TruthHurts

    Iverson doesnt have a ring either.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Boston would trade Rondo so fast for Rose he wouldn’t even have time to pack. And, unlike with the trade of Perkins, not a single Celtic fan or teammate would complain. NONE OF THEM.
    That tells you who is better.

  • simeon

    Rose would not work well with the big 3. he hardly worked with Durant in the USA team. he needs to be the man. works better with no constructed offense and in isolation. that does not work with Boston’s offensive schemes with the Big Three. I personally would say hell no to the trade as well as many Boston fans. You must not know how we get down. His teammates would feel the same. They know he is the best for the currently constructed team. Ask Ray Allen. so you reachin there. Now if you had said CP3 then there is an argument. if Boston blew it up started over than I would maybe agree. but with the team now? naw.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Are you serious Simeon?
    YOu really believe that Boston would have problems succeeding with Rose at the helm? That is crazy talk man.

  • green7

    when rondo played against the bulls in td garden in November and December he played great made a huge steal on rose to take the game into OT but when he played in the chicago arena his game was way off he needs to take his self out of the mind set and hush that crowd doc needs to tell him that assist are not that important in key games vs d rose & the bulls get the ball to the basket boston is now on his back it’s his team his jump shot has gotten better over the summer i understand in that last game vs the bulls he had a wrist and a ankle injury that’s why he didn’t play against minnesota but still that’s no excuse if there’s a season rondo just needs to hurt that crowd and rose with his style

  • jsmallz

    In the rondo rose debate you have to give it to rondo. You watch him from his first season to now.Which is not to long ago at all. He has grown so much. He’s now showing that he is gonna be ready when the time comes he will be able to lead the celtics when the big three leave. People may say that the only reason why he is good. So what are you saying its a crime to set your players up for success . A crime to give them passing options to be a true point? He give the team what they need. Rose is awsome but hes the scoring point. RONDO is the definition of a pure point guard. Bostopn needed some one to pass the ball and make people happy not try to be mr.hotshot. He jump starts everybody else thats on the floor with him does he not? look at highlights and tell me he doesnt make it easy chances to score that even me or you could score on his team

  • RaZkOL

    The definition of a point guard…..They guy barely makes lay ups….how do you brick lay ups?! and I’m from Chicago, and we do have accents, but not as crappy as Boston! + I don’t see Rondo with an MVP! Case Closed

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @Mike – I hear you, and no doubt Rondo was/is a huge part of Boston’s success.
    But my argument is not nearly as terrible as “Rondo has a ring.”

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    And Rose would be SICK on the Celtics.
    The assumption that Rose’s presence would somehow having a negative effect on the other Celtics is hilarious.
    Rose is an outstanding teammate.
    This is a dude that honestly didn’t care whether LeBron signed in Chicago or not, NOT because he wanted to still be “the man”, but because he wasn’t about to throw Luol Deng under the bus like that.
    Rose absolutely deferred to Durant and others on Team USA so not sure where you’re getting with that.
    Dude just wants to win, you obviously don’t know much about his game if you truly think Rose would ever have a “this is MY team” mentality.

  • simeon

    the all star game is another example. when there are other good scoring players on the court he doesn’t play as well as he does when he is the main one. just an observation. he is better as a number 1 option. the Big Three Celtics wouldn’t need him to be that because they have three more efficient options. Rondo does that role best (the facilitator) and obviously has won a ring when folks doubted on him more than now. thats why they kept him over telfair and the others. not a slight to Rose. he just wouldn’t work on that team. If they blew up and started over…then there is an argument. to say teammates and fans wouldn’t care at all if Rondo was traded for anybody is ridiculous. he played injured with one arm for that team. fans don’t forget that. I wouldn’t want Lebron to replace Pierce either. The team has/had good chemistry and any other piece would mess that up. that’s why the Perkins trade had such a bad effect on the team.

  • BostonBaller

    I love it when ppl pump up the big 3 & call them HOFers only to try and validate their point about RR. It’s the same ppl who say the big 3 are washed up and overrated when they are the topic. Classic. How many times do we have to say “the player was just answering a question?” Know the game folks…leave the overrated tags for those who deserve it. When the big 3 are done and there is absolutely no one to pass to then yes the team may suck. Take away all of DRose’s or CP3′s decent players and see how far their teams go then.. Take away Karl Malone from Stockton, do you get those assists numbers?

  • Kevin

    First off, I’m going to admit that I’m a Rondo fan; however, I do admit that Rose definitely deserved his MVP. Until Rondo has a better offensive game(mainly jump shots and better free throws), I don’t see him getting an MVP anytime soon. Rondo is lauded for his defense to the point of making first team defense, but he tries to strip the ballhandler on a blow by waaaayyyy too often. He gets rebounds, but some of those are a result of cheating the offensive boards, which can lead to him not getting back on time for transition D. He also passes up good layups. I understand that his role requires him to distribute, but he is definitely stat padding when he tries to give Allen a contested 3 rather than a contested lay-up that he can make. But sometimes those dishes are necessary cause he migth get blocked by guys like Noah or Bynum. Nevertheless, a lot of his assists are legit though, especially on his penetration. For example, he gives Davis or Garnett great mid range shots or Allen nice open threes when Allen’s man helps against the penetration. I acknowledge that Allen is one of the best if not the best 3 point shooter even, but you can’t take his assists away from his just because his teammates are good. Like you can’t simply take away Mark Jackson’s assists simply because he played with guys like Ewing or Miller. And to people who say Boston fans wouldn’t miss him, he played with one arm guys. I understand that some people might say that he was simply trying to be a hero, but it was inspiring nevertheless and fans appreciate that. He still has a LONNNNNG away before he becomes a Jason Kidd, but lets not say never cause you never know what can happen. And of course he’s gonna suck when teams blow up, it simply takes time to build up a team again and create chemistry. I’m not gonna put all the blame on him if Boston sucks after the Big 3 retire. Unless of course he starts averaging like 8 turnovers.