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Report: David Stern Told ESPN and TNT That 82-Game Season Still Possible

by Adam Figman / @afigman

If you’ve been carefully following the ups and downs of the NBA lockout, chances are that by now you’re stuck with a pretty dreadful headache. Every time it feels like “progress” is taking place, that progress subsequently implodes and the two sides move even further apart. The latest example of this was earlier in the week, after Thursday night’s NBA/NBPA meeting ended, when federal mediator George Cohen—perhaps the best mediator of negotiations in, I don’t know, the entire world—removed himself from the proceedings, saying he has “no useful purpose to continue.” Great.

All of this sounds awfully negative, until you read this: David Stern is reportedly telling his ESPN and TNT television partners that an 82-game season can still be salvaged.

As SI.com’s Sam Amick reports:

While two weeks of the regular season have already been canceled and at least two more are expected to go soon, two sources close to the negotiations said the union believes that Stern assured his ESPN and TNT television partners that, by back-ending the missed games, he can still deliver an 82-game season even if starts in December. Accurate or not, the players’ perception of when their early paychecks will truly be gone for good will determine when they reach for the panic button.

For another minuscule glimmer of hope, the NY Times is reporting that a phone call or two between the NBA and NBPA may take place over the weekend, and that meetings will likely resume once again next week:

Yet on Friday, people on both sides of the divide, speaking off the record, predicted there would be a phone call or two over the weekend and probably another meeting next week. That has been the pattern all month: every dramatic breakdown followed by a brief silence and then a surprising resumption of talks.

Just about everyone reporting on the matter is expecting another round of game cancellations this coming week, so don’t be surprised if/when that takes place, but if you can, you might as well muster up the strength to remain hopeful. At this point, what else can you do?

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  • Heals

    Last week – maybe getting closer then KG is supposedly to blame, beginning of this week – really negative but 50-50 offer on the table?, Weekend hits – more mixed signals and now PAllen blows up negotiations. I told myself I would not get invested in the back-and-forth, but got sucked in. In G-dub voice: Fool me once, ah shame, shame on you. Fool me twi–fool me again, uhh, umm, fool me twice, ah, ahh don’t fool me again.” I’m waving the white flag on trying to refigure out where things are. I’m back to where I was during the summer – late Feb or early March at the earliest. I’m done with the rhetoric (again)…

  • James cutler

    ^ I’ll have whatever he’s on

  • Zak

    Co-sign, Heals.

  • Zabbah

    The lockout is gonna linger on till the year 2525.

  • add

    bull s**t, stop tryin to get my hopes up

  • robb

    @Heals KG is not to blame, the owners lied an KG and co. didn’t buy it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Megatron

    lol @ Cutler

  • hiphopcop

    Yeah right Stern, kissing up to your television partners so they don’t throw you out the window, same BS he’s selling the public, he’s telling his TV partners, Stern= strictly business, just strictly business

  • http://twitter.com/Sylvanusuagbor Sylvanus

    I wanna know how they could salvage a 82 game season without messing up the scheduling with the Finals and the Olympics. They might’ve foreseen this coming so outlined a plan prior to the season ending. The amount of $ being lost is insurmountable.

  • Red Star

    What happen to canceling the season if no progress was made Stern?! Dictator!!

  • Heals

    robb, I know that’s why I put supposedly my man. Imma C’s fan so I’d try to avoid blaming Ticket at all costs. Plus even if that story was accurate, I’d blame BHunter/players assoc leadership for putting him in that situation to begin with and not expecting the obvious from Mr. Mean Mug himself…

  • Eddie1

    Illuminati don’t want us to succeed. The NBA will collapse in 2014. Mayans were off by two years.

  • http://www.novalight-imaging.com novamike

    Owners will make their teams play five games per week. Players will drop like flies, knees explode like fireworks. Lots of forced early retirements, thereby dropping payrolls by 50%

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    82 games still on the cards??? Stern still has a fever.

  • IDOT

    Stern and all these dude are a joke.

  • asgf

    If that thumbnail does’t say i’m kissing ass, i don’t know what does.

  • Shecky Shabazz

    Losing respect for everyone involved in this as each day goes by.

  • http://www.slamonline.com big_ticket

    i need my daily doso of the nba season…complete 82,

  • robb

    @Heals yeah, I mean I’m a Lakers fan, what can I say, but in this case I’m with KG, I know he’s a team player. Those stories try to portray the players as stubborn and greedy, the casual reader may believe that, but we all know who the bad guys really are.

  • http://members.cox.net/pilight pilight

    The NBA is for gay people. Real basketball fans watch the WNBA.

  • Jelte

    @pilight – Thanks for your insightful comment. By the way, your website looks awful.

  • Yesse

    Stern should be captured like Gaddafi.

  • ALEX80

    OF course it is possible , if they play it on NBA 2K12.


    Lots of things are possible, but some truly have no chance of happening.

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    I still dont understand wat is so hard about reaching a deal and getting this sh*t over with. I like football but damn, i love my NBA

  • Van City BBall

    this is just an excuse to crush everybodies dreams of an NBA season again

  • sanman

    Does anyone know where the lockout mode is on NBA2K12??????

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    Eddie’s back.

  • JD

    anyone else a little freaked out by that picture?

  • AD

    eddie is an idiot lmao…… anyway when does college bball start?

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    at the start of November?

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.


  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    That is a creepy picture of David Stern on the front. That is all.

  • gunnygunt18



    College hoops is gonna bank off of the NBA being shut down.

  • http://esmith@pgov.com edwin smith

    Gumbel was right about Stern. I’ve only been saying this about him for four years. But of course the issue is so sensitive that you can not expect to hear anybody echo his senitiment. What a shame that most Ameicans live a life of denial because it exposes them for being the hypocrites they are…

  • http://www.twitter.com/xpotatotitsx mersh

    i hate david stern so much. i’m sure everyone else agrees.

  • Shag

    Sorry Mersh, if not for David Stern, the game would be as big as it is. He’s a marketing genius, and like the late Pete Rozelle of the NFL, he knew how to guide the ship. Yes, he’s a stubborn and arrogant s.o.b., but great for the game.

  • Shag

    Edwin, I don’t know what “Gumbel was right about Stern” means, but Gumbel is an arrogant as, who doesn’t even see his own mom. He also left a pregnant wife for another woman. He’s a hot mess.

  • http://360special.blogspot.com dev0

    has David Stern ever taken a picture that didn’t end up looking threatening?

  • Zabbah

    Why does Stern look like a horny perv on the Slam front page?

  • Justin

    Shag is right. Stern has been great for the league for almost of all of the time he’s been commissioner.

  • Jerry V.

    Stern is the lead pimp for the owners. He is pimping the players and the television networks. It’s all about the money. when he feels he has what the owner and the NBA agreed upon then he will sign.

  • alex

    i love basketball but i also love hokey and i say the lockout is great for the nhl hell most of my school is wereing ducks jerseys now insted of lakers jeresy its for good the sport thats 10 times better than football.