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Toronto Raptors Hired Ed Stefanski as VP of Basketball Operations

As expected, Ed Stefanski wasn’t out of a job for too long. The former Sixers’ exec is taking his talents to Toronto. From the AP: “The Toronto Raptors named Ed Stefanski as the team’s executive vice-president of basketball operations Wednesday. Stefanski previously worked in the front office for both the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets. With the Raptors, Stefanski will report to president and general manager Bryan Colangelo. ‘Ed Stefanski embodies everything I was hoping to attain when the search began for a top level basketball executive to join our staff,’ Colangelo said in a release. ‘Ed brings to the table experience, smarts and a great feel for the game and of people.’ But with the NBA locked in a labour dispute with its players, it could be some time before Stefanski is able to put his stamp on the Raptors. ‘The team has a young nucleus of players that have a big upside,’ Stefanski said. ‘With the addition of head coach Dwane Casey I am looking forward to witnessing their growth and improvement.’”

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