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Tyson Chandler Thinks NBA Owners are Acting Like Dictators

During a sports radio interview, Tyson Chandler introduced a new word into the NBA lockout lexicon. Per SRI (via ESPN Radio): “On his reaction to the stalled lockout negotiations and where he thinks they stand: ‘It’s really disappointing because I’ve been to a lot of the meetings, I’ve talked to Billy Hunter, I’ve talked to Derek Fisher and I’ve gotten information from both sides. And I feel like we’ve come down a lot on the concessions, we’ve given up a lot of points on the BRI, we’ve been ready to negotiate with the system, and I think for the owners to say a take it or leave it deal and we’re not going to talk anymore unless you take this deal 50-50, I think it’s unfair. It’s unfair to the players, it’s unfair to the fans because it’s only going to lead to a longer lockout. A negotiation is a negotiation, and that’s the way it should be, but this is more dictators than anything, and I don’t feel this is going as a negotiation.’ On what he’d say to the question of the players not having any leverage in the negotiations: ‘Well we are the product, and I’ve said from the get go, if the owners want to take that spin than we should take the lockout. The owners, you can’t find any other players like we have in the NBA. You’re not going to find them overseas, you’re not going to find them in college, you’re not going to find them anywhere else. We have the Kobes, the LeBrons, the Durants, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Derek Rose, Blake Griffin — those guys are selling out your arenas night in and night out. There’s a reason the Clippers draw the attendance that they do — it’s because of Blake Griffin. He’s putting the money in the owners pocket. And those guys that are making money, they don’t want to lockout, they don’t want to see this thing drag on. But there are owners in the other cities that aren’t making money, I understand that, and so that’s the reason that we’ve came back so that those owners can at least break even. Now if you put a better product on the floor and you go out in free agency and make some hits and make a splash, then your team will get exciting again and you’ll get some attention and people will start going to your games. But ultimately the players are the product.’”

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  • Overtime

    I agree completely

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • purity

    just shut up and play basketball. Stop whining. Most NBA teams lost money, THAT MEANS YOU CAN’T ASK FOR MORE!!! Dummies, should have gone to college. Sound ignorant as crap.

  • john doe

    that is false, most nba teams have not lost money. most nba teams have made money. the few teams that have lost money are in smaller markets. teams in smaller markets that put a winning product on the floor (okc) have not lost money. so the solution is to meet the union in the middle by negotiating rather than telling them to take 50/50 or leave it. furthermore the 50/50 that they are proposing actually amounts to less than 50/50 because the nba will be allowed to take $600 million or more off the top BEFORE the 50/50 split. learn the facts.

  • CubicleWorker

    “Now if you put a better product on the floor and you go out in free agency and make some hits and make a splash, then your team will get exciting again and you’ll get some attention and people will start going to your games. But ultimately the players are the product”. As a Toronto fan there’s no way I can agree with that. There are certain markets that big time players won’t go to. Every semi superstar toronto has had has left eventually. I’m pretty sure Toronto is one of the profitable teams, but they can’t manage to win games due to a flawed system that allows the three biggest free agents to sign with one team. Revenue sharing doesn’t help Toronto. Franchise player tags, Carmelo rule and a hard salary cap would help Toronto… that’s not what I’m saying should happen, but Tyson Chandler just made an ignorant statement… and I understand the context of what he’s saying but I don’t think dictators pay their workers $5M/season… The players just keep seeming more and more uneducated and uninformed. I wish the owners could speak publicly, all we have from their point of view is Sterns occasional rhetoric and the players’ biased reiteration. I think if we could hear the owners sides the public perception would be a lot more in favour of the owners.

  • john doe

    I don’t agree with the sentiment that hearing the owners side would change the view of the general public. I do agree however that NBA players are reluctant to play in Toronto. But that is part of another issue that the need should address. Teams in markets that can’t support a basketball franchise. Unfortunately Toronto is not one of the profitable NBA teams and they were not profitable when they had Bosh and even when they had Vince Carter they were just breaking even. And while I agree that dictator’s don’t pay their workers $5M its not fair to take his statement completely out of context. When referring to the labor negotiations he is comparing them to dictators who simply tell you to take what they are offering rather than a productive negotiating process. At the end of the day Chandler is 100% right that there aren’t players in the world who can do what these players do on the basketball court. The owners should be more willing to meet them halfway with fair negotiating. 52.5% BRI down from the previous 57% BRI is fair.

  • Morgan

    @purity – the players aren’t asking for more, they have already offered a significant reduction in their slice of the revenue..but the owners still aren’t happy. I have the impression from your statement that the average NBA player has spent more time in college than you, so maybe you shouldn’t criticize

  • john doe

    @anyone who mentions the fact that some of these players never attended college or didn’t finish. since when did college become the measure for a person’s intellect? steve jobs was a drop out. so was bill gates. so was mark zuckerberg. the list goes on. it’s ignorant to think that because a person hasn’t attended or finished college that they aren’t as intelligent or business savvy as someone who has.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    @john doe — yep, it’s ignorant to assume that a person who hasn’t attended or finished college isn’t as intelligent as someone who has. But it’s also a little ignorant to reject the fact that the average college grad IS more intelligent than the average non-college grad. Listing anomalies such Jobs or Gates doesn’t change that.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Then maybe Toronto shouldn’t have an NBA team, ever thought of that? Who in the hell really loves basketball up in Canada when Hockey is the undisputed national pastime? Also no NBA superstar in the right mind would go up to canada to play ball (expect for VC and he wasn’t a superstar). I say contract teams like Hornets (NO is a football city), Raptors (Hockey country), Sota (football state), and Charlotte (football city).

  • bull22

    all this slamming each other and crying over who is right is not bringing the 2011/2012 season any faster.. now is the time to reflect on visiting someone you have not had to chance to see. like your pops,mom,siblings and friends.
    play with your family or friends, because if you see clearly we are not part of settling dispute.. in other words unless your livelihood depends on the nba.. GET A LIFE!

  • LA Huey

    When there’s no NBA games, I don’t see a problem with discussing NBA matters with others who are also NBA fans. People who aren’t spending time with their family and friends or get too emtionally invested in their hobbies and entertainment are the ones that need to “GET A LIFE!”.

  • john doe

    @tealish… is it a fact that the average college graduate is more intelligent than the average non-college graduate? where can i find that fact?

  • Jeremy

    @bull22 Shut The hell up you dumbass redneck

  • CubicleWorker

    john doe, you claim to have full knowledge of the financials of the league even though those figures aren’t public information. We don’t know if Toronto is profitable or not, but I do know that many tix are $400-600/seat and tons of fans fill up almost every game (there’s value packs against teams like Minni, Milwaukee etc). Just because a team isn’t winning doesn’t mean they aren’t profitable. Plus the cost of the raptors in large part helps subsidize the profitability of MLSE in which the Ontario Teachers Pension owns a large stake. And there are tons of Canadians that watch basketball and pay for the Raptors product. Why should they contract when people are wililng to pay and watch them? The problem is that there is a flawed system whereby owners aren’t able to protect their investments. Lets look at the Raptors draft history; T-Mac, VC (both premium players 6-7 years ago), Damon Stoudemire, Marcus Camby, Chris Bosh. That’s not too bad of draft picks imo but they are unable to retain them and attract free agents due to the system.

  • CubicleWorker

    Also there are maybe, MAYBE 50 players (imo more like 25) that are indenspensible to the NBA. The rest are replaceable and at the end of the day there will be new superstars to replace the 10 that REALLY matter just as there has always been a new crop waiting to replace them.

  • Waggle

    Co-sign above. There are some of us Canadians us support the raptors despite their lack of success, and enjoy ball more than hockey.