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Pat Riley Laughs Off Shaquille O’Neal’s Criticism

Shaq, as the kids might say, went in on Pat Riley in the writing of his heavily-promoted book, but O’Neal’s former coach took the harsh criticism in stride. From the Sun-Sentinel: “Monday, at a Miami Heat Thanksgiving event at the Miami Rescue Mission, Riley took a moment from assisting to address some of what recently has come his way from his former star center. ‘He’s marketing. He’s a marketer. He’s just marketing right now,’ Riley told the Sun Sentinel with a dismissive laugh. ‘That’s all he’s doing.’ Riley then was asked specifically about the use of the term ‘Gestapo.’ ‘I’m trying to figure out whether or not Hannibal Lecter, the Gestapo or John Gotti, I don’t know which one is worse,’ Riley said of the characterizations he’s received from O’Neal over the years. ‘They’re all equally insulting.’ He smiled, then paused, ‘but Coach is good enough for me.’ O’Neal’s book chronicles the deterioration of their relationship after Riley coached O’Neal and the Heat to the 2006 NBA championship. At one point in the book, O’Neal writes of Riley, ‘He had cameras everywhere. Cameras on the practice court, cameras in the locker room, probably even cameras in the bathroom. He wanted to know everything.’ Of Heat employees, O’Neal wrote, ‘They were all scared of Pat.’ And at another point, he wrote, ‘You can’t stand up to Pat. If you do, you’re gone.’ Aware of what O’Neal has circulated amid the media tour that accompanied the book’s release last week, Riley joked to the assembled media at Monday’s event that they should wish O’Neal a happy Thanksgiving.”

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  • Jam.C

    lol nurse Ratched anyone? Dwade as mr. Broom

  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    What I really took note of with this is – How are the Heat doing a Thanksgiving event at the mission without any players? More importantly, This makes me think about all the things the NBA has it’s players do for the poor, underserved communities throughout the year and how many events and fundraisers that feature players are going to be cancelled because of the lockout. So many people are impacted by this lockout in so many ways, it’s hard to really understand how this really impacts communities beyond the individuals who work in and around the arenas.

  • Heals

    Way to put things in perspective NUPE. Damn you figure the home building during ASW, Thanksgiving, X-mas, school visits, etc. Fingers crossed some of those struggling this holiday season run into Shaq-a-Clause before the end of the year…

  • robb

    I liked Shaq’s yo mama jukes

  • John

    Team-sponsored events will be cancelled,but the players have their own charities, outreaches, event and games that raise money and give back to the community. And they don’t spend millions of dollars marketing it so that everyone will think they’re great guys.

    ANd the Heat are doing an event without players because they are a multi-million dollar organization that has other employees and on top of genuinely being altruistic, need to continue outreach to ensure they have a fanbase to come back to after all the greed that’s been displayed in the last few months.