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Report: Knicks Are Chris Paul’s ‘First Choice’

As soon as the NBA labor agreement seemed to fall into place, the Chris Paul-to-New York rumors began flying, and now ESPN is reporting that CP3 has his eyes set on the Big Apple next summer: “Chris Paul’s first choice is to play for the Knicks, sources say. He’s willing to wait & sign w/NYK as free agent next summer.”

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  • thor

    Another superteam?! It would be a lot of fun to watch, no doubt, but man there’s going to be lightyears between the contenters and the rest. I actually wouldn’t like this one bit, in the end it’s not going to be players we send to the D-league, it’s going to be teams.

  • Bt

    The Knicks better not trade for him then, just wait till the summer

  • robb

    not gonna happen

  • EtheKnickFan

    Stay healthy CP. Only 60sumthin games to go.

  • Rashiodonics

    This is hilarious because same ESPN website is reporting today that Chris Paul signing or being traded to Knicks is HIGHLY unlikely if not impossible. Money just dont add up. Knicks have $45 million tied in into just two players – Amare and Melo. With salary cap set to around $58 million, they’re left with only $13 million to spend for the rest of their team. Chris Paul is making $16 million this season. He would have to take massive pay cut to play for the knicks. I doubt he’s going to do that in the prime of his career! http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/7292666/nba-chris-paul-knicks-highly-unlikely

  • 12ising Phoenix

    CP3 stated that he wants to play in the big apple even before Melo landed there. This will happen inevitably, CP3 is wasting away in New Orleans. He gave that organization his all, but they fell short too many times. They could trade for him during the season, possibly billups and the rook shumpert if he shines , as projected. I say this because if we go back to the Deron Williams saga in Utah, he was surprisingly traded as a result of elaborating which teams he would consider when he became a free agent. Knicks have the Cap space, and CP3 has the motive. Make it Happen (current Knicks GM)!


    Knicks and CP3 want each other…rainman Hollinger just can’t compute that.

  • Rashiodonics

    Actually Knicks don’t have cap space.


    ^ When/if CP3 is a free agent, the Knicks will have the cap space to “make it happen.” BOOK IT in a NY Minute! lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys6VpgI9BHA datkid

    nooooooo cp3 be smarter!

  • meloman2.0

    If there is on super team there has to be 2… if they don’t thats just giving miami the title for the next 5 years

  • Rashiodonics

    How do they have cap space? next season Knicks will have to pay both Amare and Melo which amount to $45 million. That only leaves $13 million in cap space for the rest 13 players they need to field a legal roster.

  • LA Huey

    The writing’s been on the wall for over a year now.

  • Rashiodonics

    Just because thats what the fans want, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Chris Paul is not going to take a huge pay cut in the prime of his career.

  • http://www.nba.com Cheshire

    true that i dont see this deal going down and if it does itll most likely be next season… either D12 or CP3 to LA is fine with me haha plus doesnt the league have to sort out the hornets also? them cats need a majority owner! send em to seattle sign the petition lol!!!

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Perkins would have taken a huge pay cut in the prime of his career.

  • T-Money

    hollinger is usually spot on but is dead wrong on this one. the knicks are going to amnesty balkman and let douglas walk. the only two people on its roster come july 2012 will be melo and stat. that’s a little less than 40 mil (check hoopshype’s salaries page) and leaves ample room to sign cp3 for just a shade under max money. then they will be able to use their mle, bi-annual exception and rookies to build their core. the rest of the roster will be filler with veterans taking the min to go to a good team and live in new york. IN SHORT, THE MIAMI MODEL.

  • LA Huey

    ^It’s pretty obvious but the small market fans are in denial.

  • http://yahoo darrell

    if paul was smart and that he is he would go to the knicks with melo and stats because even if he was to lose about 7mill he would be known best for winning championship and he would make everybody forget about rose and dwill as the best point guards in the nba

  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    The Knicks can/will pull this off IF certain things happen. First they’ll need a new television deal that will give them the extra income to pay the luxury tax (See Lakers). Second they’ll have to agree to pay the additional Luxury tax. Third, they’ll have to get Melo/Amare to adjust their contracts -say around $2 Mil annually (See Miami’s big 3). Fourth, they’ll have to convice CP3 to take slightly less than a max deal to play with Melo/Amare (again see Miami). Next they’ll have to hope the Lakers don’t make a better offer by offering more money and allowing CP3 to play with D12 and Kobe (which IMO woule make lakers the easy favorites to win it all with every starter being strong). The final, and possibly most difficult thing the Knicks will have to do/hope for is that Amare can show his back/knees and eyes are all fine and he can play at a very high level for at least another 2-3 years after this season.

  • 12ising Phoenix

    If the knicks make the right moves they would actually be in place to sign Paul, Donnie Walsh turned Gotham upside down and now we have 2 superstars. If Paul desires to play in New York, i believe the current knicks GM (who is he again?) could make it happen. Imagine CP3 with melo and Amare , if you think about it… they would be a more balanced team than the current Miami big 3. I say this because cp3 would distribute, while naturally melo and Amare could score without having the ball 20 out of 24 seconds of the shot clock unlike wade and Lebron who need the ball to create/score . THINK ABOUT IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN (Currents knicks GM) !!!

  • Rashiodonics

    That’s a lot of IFs… and Melo’s and Amare’s contract can not be reworked downnrigt. Knicks cornered themselves once again with two bloated contracts in Melo and Amare.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    Yes, lot’s of IF’s, but not impossible. Miami pulled it off, so no reason NY can’t too. Really just up to the players willingness to ‘sacrafice’ some. Taking 2mil less in Florida is easier than NY because of state income tax, but it’s not like any of these guys will be in the poor house. My guess is, that like the Miami 3, they have been talking about this for a while, so even with all the “IF’s”, there is better than a 50% chance of this happening.

  • T-Money

    It’s way less complicated that you make it seem, Nupe. Some writers are saying that the only reason why CP3 was present to all CBA meetings was to make sure that his NY move would still be possible under the new rules lol. Money ain’t a thing to Dolan so your first two points are moot. They don’t have to make STAT and Melo restructure their contract so 3rd point is also moot. They do have to convince CP3 to take slightly less than the max but if he’s thinking about NY, his agent has already told him that. On STAT’s injuries, well there’s no way to do anything about that.

  • a_whiteman

    ^tell him to drink some more milk

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    I won’t get excited about this until it happens.

  • O

    Haters gonna hate, but ballers wanna ball in NYC. If Chris Paul said he wants to be a Knick and will wait till free agency to do so, he will. Melo said he wanted his money whether in Manhattan or NJ/BK. At the end of the year Knicks will only be paying Stat, Melo, Shumpert, Fields and Balkman (why?). Everyone else money will be coming off the books. You think Dolan won’t pay whatever luxury tax possible to get that title to the city that never sleeps? Listen haters, i’ma tell you how I tell my b*tches, “Look, it’s gonna happen, so just close your eyes, take a deep breath and try not to focus on the pain.” Let’s go Knicks!!

  • O

    On another note, when CP3 signs with the Knicks, Knick fans need to get together and figure out how to make Donnie Walsh’s birthday a NY holiday.

  • MikeC.

    @O – before we celebrate the work Walsh has done, we need to celebrate the most important event in Knicks franchise history: the removal of Isiah Thomas. Also, it can’t be limited to NY. I want the dismissal of Isiah Thomas to be celebrated across geopolitical borders so I can enjoy the holiday in Canada as well. Like Remembrance Day.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    What?! Awesome!!!!!!!!

  • M Sell

    I think cp3 will end of coming to new York. All the recent talk about him saying his “heart” was still in new Orleans is probably true, but his brain would tell him to go to ny. When a player gets a chance to be part of a team that has a chance in contending for a ring, I don’t think they would back that opportunity down(melo), and all this talk about the knicks not having enough cap to get em, is bs as well. Everyone said NY couldn’t get melo because of salary cap issues but we got him through a trade, therefore I believe Donnie Walsh will find someway to get his hands on em. Imagine, melo, stat, and Paul on the same team. The Garden would be packed out and revenue would skyrocket from endorsements and such, Knicks will pay him TOP dollar, all the money they have if they had to.. But in the end it’ll be NYs gotham three vs Miamis big three vs in the championship. Now that I want to see.

  • BoWeezy24

    Knicks Will Make It Happen, Even With No Cap Space. Hahaaaa