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Will Brandon Roy End Up on the Golden State Warriors?

According to numerous reports, the Blazers are expected to use the amnesty clause on Brandon Roy, which will make him available to the rest of the NBA. And Golden State is said to be one of the favorites to land Roy. Per the Contra Costa Times: “A couple team sources let me know that if Brandon Roy is indeed Portland’s amnesty choice, as the Oregonian reported, the Warriors are definitely interested. As everyone knows, Roy’s athleticism has been significantly diminished by knee injuries, and he’s been injury prone lately. But the Warriors are willing to use what he has for the right price. They view him as a good locker room presence (which is what they need for rookie Klay Thompson), someone with good size and a great skillset, and another option for late in games. With Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in tow, the Warriors have the luxury of not needing Roy to be the All-Star he once was. If he is willing to come off the bench and play more of a complimentary role, the Warriors would probably make an offer (depending on how things go with their other targets). I’m told the Seattle native he would prefer to stay on the West Coast, and he would like to play for the Warriors. It needs to be pointed out that Roy’s former agent, Bob Myers, is now the assistant GM for the Warriors.”

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  • Rashiodonics

    They definitely need a big man and someone who can anchor their defense more than anything else right now.

  • AD

    they have too much sg’s at that position

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    Forget Roy! No idea if Golden State can afford it, but they need to go after Tyson Chandler. David Lee can’t play the 5, and Biedrins just isn’t gonna cut it.

  • Holiday

    Nene is who they should try for!

  • https://plus.google.com/photos/106403650426394352312/albums/posts davidR

    we don’t need nene. we need a center that can hold the paint down. roy would be a great option off the bench

  • LA Huey

    PG Curry, SG Monta, SF Roy, PF Wright, C Lee. That’s one bruising lineup. They’d put the 90s Knicks on their knees.

  • Cheshire

    sucks to see BRoy’s value diminish but its obvious after a knee injury that everyone will doubt you… yeah i agree with y’all i dont understand why GS need another SG they need a big man someone that can run with the uptempo offense and become a major disruptor on D… but who are we kidding to associate D with the Warriors? man BRoy used to be so good and still is but hes getting no love, them blazers clearing up for wes matthews and g-force?

  • Faysal

    I heard Rick Adelman the twolves new coach is interested in B Roy he was drafted by Minnesota and his old assistant coach in Portland is the twolves new assistant to ….. could happen

  • Danny_W_UK

    I heard he was going to Sacramento, my only concern is Salmons has that spot.

  • http://yahoo darrell

    i hope not only do we get the best point guard in the nba since magic in chris paul but we get roy he would be all the knicks need to beat the heat every year for the next 8 years

  • Natty dread

    Go to the bulls!

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • Cameron

    I’m a fan of Brandon Roy and I hope he gets his career back. Maybe this lockout helped him get some of that athleticism back.

  • ab40

    I hope not. Hope he goes to a contender or a team with a great medical staff like detroit or phoenix.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    To Phoenix for the miracle doctors.

  • Gianni

    Realistically…Nene isn’t coming to GS, when theres going to be offers from Miami,Dallas and even New Jersey. Neither will Dwight Howard be a realistic goal. I am so excited to hear the possibility to bring Roy to the Dubs.

  • Brandon

    Why is everybody saying Roy is not the player he once was? He hasnt been given a chance (except the game against Dallas WHEN HE WENT OFF). Now any bad game he has people will say “he doesn’t have it anymore”, that’s foolish. Give him a season to play with no pressure of being benched, which he rightfully deserves, and he’ll be the Brandoh Roy we all knew.

  • Rainman

    Brandon, go to Phoeniz for a season or 2, for a little less money, Work behind Nash as the PG (As they dont got Brooks till Feb at least and He’d obvz get some SG, and SF minutes, he’ll get ur minutes there) and have the miracle worker Medical staff get u as into shape as ur ever gonig to possibly get at this rate, like they did Grant Hill. Its for ur best interest, not just that but the Suns benifit too.

  • Pearce77

    “I heard Rick Adelman the twolves new coach is interested in B Roy he was drafted by Minnesota and his old assistant coach in Portland is the twolves new assistant to ….. could happen ” GOOD POINT – ALSO his buddy Martel Webster is on the Wolves.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    This isn’t 2k12. Get a big please…let Roy play for a team that will matter.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed


  • Dr. DL

    Man this is sad. Roy’s value has not been proven to have diminished. Last year was rough but he really turned it on at crucial moments in the playoffs, and it takes more than one season to assess the long term effects of an injury that severe. I hope this is just a rumor because I still want Roy in Portland. The Blazers organization should show a little less eagerness to cut and run after all Brandon has done for the franchise. Plus, even fully healthy Roy doesn’t fit ANY of the Warriors’ needs so that’s a head scratcher too.

  • B-Roy will be back…

    Blazers need to keep him, let him show you what he can do. Give the guy another chance, he’s the face and heart of that team

  • BBaller

    The Bulls should take a risk with him, if he plays like how we all know he can play the Bulls would be formidable Pg Rose, Sg Roy,SF Deng, PF Boozer C Noah…..

  • dubfannnn

    he goes to warriors, monta traded for GOOD center, and we got a hell of a line up. him and steph will have too much fun with defenses. gotta be kidding me dont forget he went off on the champs from last year in the playoffs. he aint lost it no less than monta lost his quickness from that scooter accident…lol

  • KSupreme22

    Golden State and Minnesota are really good at understanding what pieces are necessary for success…..naaaaawt…..both teams get smaller and smaller…smh

  • shawnkemp4prez

    Too many chefs in the kitchen. They need to cough up the money for a legit big man, learn how to play defense, and start living up to their potential.

    And @BBaller, Jason Richardson at SG for the Bulls would be much more potent

  • http://www.playboy.com Turko Glue

    Maybe they should use the amnesty clause on Oden instead

  • BBaller

    @reignman4prez, we agree that the bulls are only lacking at the 2 spot yes?
    I think Roy has a better outside game than JRich, but with Korver able to knock it down i guess you have a valid point.

  • Warrior Fan

    If any one watched the NBA playoffs last year you would see the guy is crippled with no cartliage left in both knees.He is bone on bone on both knees.His knees will only get worse.Maybe if they get him really cheap….Wil he will help Mark Jackson coach?

  • LA Huey

    Oden’s a restricted free agent. No need to amnesty when they can let him walk.