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Bill Walker Thinks Kevin Garnett Was ‘Disrespectful’ in Skirmish

The thrilling Knicks/Celtics game yesterday ended on an ugly note, as an angry Kevin Garnett pushed Bill Walker in the neck after missing the game-tying shot. Newsday captured Walker’s reaction: “After Bill Walker contested Kevin Garnett’s unsuccessful attempt to tie the score in the final seconds, the two former Celtics teammates exchanged harsh words. Garnett then put his left hand on Walker’s throat before the two were separated, first by injured Knicks guard Baron Davis. ‘I guess he got mad that I contested his shot,’ said Walker, who had scrambled to cover Garnett after colliding with Tyson Chandler, who was supposed to be guarding the Celtic. ‘He grabs my hand, tangles it up, I pulled my hand away and then we had a situation.’ Did Walker do anything to provoke Garnett? ‘I’m a grown man,’ he said. ‘You’re putting your hands in my face … Come on. Y’all know what the man does.’ Walker said he was unsure precisely where Garnett made contact with him. ‘I don’t know where he caught me,’ he said. ‘I just know I saw his hand coming in my face, you know what I mean? That’s disrespectful.’ Garnett declined to discuss the incident with reporters.”

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  • RobbieJay

    garnett is just a sour old man.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    garnett is crazy, sort of like cutting of some shorts and wearing them with some boots

  • jumpman

    Garrett is a pansy.


    Garnett COOKED up an L. How did it taste, Kevin?

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    Garnett and Walker had a skirmish in practice back when Bill was a rookie with Boston. Wonder if that carried over to now…

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    Also, Garnett was talkin’ ALL GAME. Not surprised something like this happened. Good to see Baron get in there and be a mediator.

  • robb

    If Bill was taller Garnett wouldnt have done that. ambidextrous

  • http://slamonline Marteus

    Garnett south carolinas finest him n ray allen

  • JTaylor21

    Bill Walker is the pinnacle of basketball Godliness

  • Michal

    Garnett is a sissy punk, always has been.

  • http://www.listerblister.blogspot.com rainman10

    Bill Walker…


    It seems like yesterday, when people said the Celtics needed someone who was tough and could help the Celtics become great again. 5 years, 5 Division titles, 2 Championship Tournaments and 1 Trophy later… people forget how bad the Celtic were when the Big Three were gone, and KG is cast aside as a considered burden on the team. They have one more shot at it, and then KG fades to black. His 20+ Million a year will then go to Dwight Howard next year. Danny won’t miss a beat on making that change, should it come his way. We are seeing KG in his final NBA season with Boston (possibly for good). With two cranky knees to match his disposition, we will miss not having him around when that times soon comes.

  • T-Money

    And people are still out there defending KG?

  • Heals

    Thanks Seth, that’s the first thing that popped into my mind, I bet these 2 went at it in practice a couple times. This had more to do with familiarity and age than size. And I’m sure many of you calling Ticket out would be doing so even if the roles were reversed and Bill went at him. It was total immaturity on Kev’s part because he played poor and couldn’t handle it (as is usually the case), but funny thing is I could still see it happening even if he hit the shot…

  • Shifty

    Typical kg haters. But you know what makes me happy. He’s going to be a HOF’er and hes pretty much done it all so up yours to all kg haters.

  • shutup

    I defend KG on the regular but that ish was too much him being the vet he shoulda took the loss and moved on, hope the nba fines and suspends him, for that great example of unsportsman like conduct

  • Heals

    Funniest thing was then watching the games later in the day and seeing him at the end of the “so happy together” song…

  • robb

    kg got his ring, yall aint got sh*t else to say but about him talking. Something that he’s been doing since high school but now that he’s on national television everyone wants to act like theyve been watching him, stfu already. Bill walker’s a p*ssy for throwing his hands up until 8 people were between them, then he wants to act crazy like he’s gonna fight. Come on man.

  • Michal

    Well, you can be both, a great player and a punk.

  • Justin G.

    Shifty, so because he’s a Hall of Famer he gets to be a d-bag all the time?

  • boboho

    well he just mad.its only a game,cmon garnett

  • LA Huey

    KG’s like a pro wrestling bad guy with all his antics. I love him.

  • Sean B

    I love how people say KG just started this act. Obviously no one ever watched him during his days in Minnesota. He was always a maniac on the court, cussing up a storm etc. Now that he’s been on a contending team people act like it’s such a big deal. He’s always been doing this.