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Chauncey Billups Unhappy With Trade Rumors Involving Knicks

Chauncey Billups knows that he’d become expendable should the Knicks and Hornets work out a trade involving Chris Paul, and he’s not thrilled with the idea. From the NY Times: “Chauncey Billups was yanked from his hometown and dropped into New York in February because of a superstar’s discontent. Now another superstar’s wanderlust could send him packing again. Ten months ago, it was Carmelo Anthony who spurred the relocation by forcing the Denver Nuggets into a blockbuster deal that sent Anthony and Billups to the Knicks. Now it is Chris Paul, the disenchanted New Orleans Hornets star, who is reportedly agitating for a trade to New York, at Billups’s expense. Although a deal is only a remote possibility, it would surely involve Billups, who plays the same position (point guard) and who is one of the Knicks’ few valued assets. ‘It wouldn’t make me happy,’ Billups said. ‘Because for me, at this juncture in my career, I just want to win.’ At 35, with six teams and five trades on his résumé, Billups is a certified authority on change, especially the unplanned kind. He is not the sort to overreact to frothy rumors. But he has understandable concerns.”

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    1 of the classiest player ever being treated like a doormat for the premadonnas we have nowadays

  • Charles

    Second that.

  • http://www.kittywilde.com/ RunNGun

    Agreed. The NBA needs more classy guys like Billups. These kids nowadays are running around like whiny liberals. All they want is anarchy. Damn… every rumor this morning involves the Knicks. LMAO

  • LA Huey

    ^So when a player leaves without tipping off his old team, he gets roasted (ie. LeBron). And when a player does let his team know with enough time to get some value for him, he gets roasted (ie. Melo, Paul). Fun times.

  • Cameron

    I wouldn’t roast melo…I would be pissed at Nuggets management for taking it down to the very last minute

  • http://www.amway.com/grayworldwide Robert

    I hope they keep Chauncey. He is a great point guard. Love the experience and leadership that he provides.

  • Jay

    what’s wrong with roasted melos?

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com K.Holiday

    Billups has to know at this point in his career that although he is a household name playing in a city that loves him (when he’s healthy), the league is still a business… He’ll still have a job; it’ll just be somewhere else. It does suck, but hey, if my job decided they didn’t want me, I would get fired, not traded. It could always be worse Chauncey!

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=pawtucketymca Gametime

    Tony Massenburg award for most pro teams played for

  • jsmallz

    honestly the knicks really have nothing to lose. Look paul wants to go to the knicks…he can wait a dam year. Every team is trying to be a super team.So for the knicks they dont have to lose for waiting.

  • realistic

    They could be whiny like liberals, or low IQ dumb-asses like conservatives. Who knows?


    Smooth aint got nothing to worry about. He’s staying put in the World’s Most Famous Arena.

  • bike

    Yet another downside to player movement: aging, washed up veterns unhappy with how they will affected.

  • hamond

    So when a classy guy like Billups gets traded around, it’s just a business. The Knicks are doing what’s best for the team, looking out for their interest.

    But when a guy like LeBron (or Bosh or Melo) wants to leave their team to look out for their own interests, they get blasted for it. I don’t understand why these owners can trade away hometown guys, fan favourites etc because it’s a business, but when the player chooses to leave the franchise they in turn make such a big deal out of it. IT’S A BUSINESS, from the team AND the players’ standpoint.

  • AMPduppp

    Honestly, I hope this dude gets traded back to the Nuggets. He’s near the end of his career and after such a dignified and classy career, he deserves to retire in his hometown.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Deal with it. Basketball is a business.

  • ab40

    if he wants to win why is he in NY?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Knicks should get Paul if they can, obviously, but Billups is no scrub. He’s still a great option to have at the PG spot, and was not a downgrade over Raymond Felton (who I really liked too).


    Chauncey already got his ring, so it’s not like his career was a bust…But I will say this, when he is HEALTHY, he is a helluva player and I think he is extremely valuable…The Knicks need him on the team WHILE having CP3!!!…He can back CP3 up and manage to rest up without getting banged up and injured in almost every game…And let’s be honest, CP3 is injury prone also, it’s just that he’s younger and would recover faster…BUT as far as I’m concerned, to get solid, steady and consistent play at the PG position, u need BOTH, not one or the other…

  • Justin

    How can people be so stupid as to not understand the difference between the way a team trades a player and the way guys like Lebron, Melo, and Paul do it? Do teams hold one hour specials announcing that they are going to trade someone? Do they go to the media and say “It sure would be nice to get rid of Melo”? Do they say “We will only trade Chris Paul to New York because we’ve decided we don’t want him playing here anymore? NO! The way these players cry and moan about their situations makes me sick and the way you guys jump on their jocks to defend them is just as bad. “Woe is me, I have to play in this city. I want a title now and I really don’t want to have to work for it. Please trade me somewhere so I can be with other very good players and try to take the easy route”. I wish these guys would just stfu and play ball. Nobody owes them anything

  • hamond

    Nobody owes them anything, but I’m just sayiing if teams are trading/cutting/waiving guys to do what’s best for the business of the team, without considering any type of loyalty the player has given to the league and the team, why is it such a big deal when a player chooses to leave a team, because it’s what’s best for him?

    I don’t support the one hour special lebron did. But he has every right to choose where he wants to play during his free agency and who he wants to play with. Teams certainly don’t hold one hour specials to announce they are trading someone, but they have certainly told a guy “we’re not trading you”, then turned around and traded him the next day.

    All I’m saying is it should be a two way street. If teams don’t want players to bolt because they think it’s unloyal, then they should also consider the player’s loyalty to a team before trading him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cj.emefiele Cj Emefiele

    Same Here