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Chicago Bulls to Make a Run at Dwight Howard?

Ever since Dwight Howard demanded a trade from Orlando, the Magic have (understandably) been inundated with calls from around the League. And one of those teams poking around about the superstar center may be the Bulls, according to the Chicago Tribune: “As the Bulls remained poised to sign veteran shooting guard Richard Hamilton once his buyout from the Pistons becomes official, a bigger target emerged. Think really big. Think Dwight Howard. The Orlando Sentinel reported Magic general manager Otis Smith said Howard has made his trade request twice since Monday. Multiple outlets later reported Howard wants to be traded to the Nets, with the Lakers his alternate choice. However, Smith said that he would look at all 29 teams if the Magic choose to trade their franchise center. Sources said the Bulls, who can build a package around cap relief, young talent and attractive draft picks, will enter trade talks. A confidante of Howard’s, though, expressed hesitation he’d sign a long-term extension with a team beyond his preferred destinations.”

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  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    I don’t see it happening.
    Howard wants to be in LA or NY more than he wants to win, otherwise he’d be down to go to the Chi.
    You can’t tell me Chicago couldn’t make a good deal for him.
    Something like Noah, Gibson, Deng, picks for Howard and Hedo.
    But like I said, Howard would rather go be a movie star or fashion icon.
    Have fun!

  • ryan

    i hope he stay on orlando…

  • D12FSU

    anything short of Deng, Booz and Noah with them also taking back Hedos contract is a no deal for me

  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Lol D12FSU if you want Boozer, have at it.
    From what I’m hearing, the Magic sure don’t though.

  • http://www.slamonline.com megatron

    lol why would you want boozer instead of gibson D12FSU?

  • robb

    D12FSU likes popcorn want do you want him to do?

  • D12FSU

    I dont know, personally I like Boozers game more than Gibsons…to be honest though I didnt watch a lot of him last year in CHI, but i did watch him a lot back when he was with Utah. I guess what im trying to say is Boozer is a little more proven….plus his contract matches up better if theyre going to take back Hedo

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    It would be awsome seeing him pair up with DRose no?

  • D12FSU

    however as a magic fan, this isnt even the trade I’d want the most. If Howards gone, then Im trying to get him to LA for Bynum and Gasol

  • AD

    derrick rose is a superstar but he is no dwill…. and if dwight knows that than most likely he’ll end up in bk

  • http://nba.com GP23

    The lure of Hollywood will be too much for him to turn down. Sorry Bulls, it ain’t happening. But it would be awesome if it did.

  • vctmac

    honestly, d12 shud go to chicago.
    when jr comes back , he WILL go to the bulls. tht team will be unstoppable. but trading for d12 would kinda be like starting from square 1 for teh bulls. they have 2 offer so much to get d12 which might save cap space. but if d12 wants 2 win, its chicago.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    *I meant, the Magic would rather have Andrew Bynum than Brook Lopez in my opinion. So yeah, the Lakers will probably get him.

  • Dwood73

    Bulls should stick with the game plan, aquiring Howard would leave to many holes, they should find a starting two guard and keep pushing, remember dept was one of there strengths last season.

  • Kyle

    AD, really youre saying deron williams is better then derrick rose??

  • http://facebook marcus williams

    aint no way dh12 going 2 da lakers dey aint finna give up 3 playersthey already lost lamar odom now he adt dallas do u really think they gone trade bynum & gasol not gone happen plus da lakers getting old not younger…dh12 da best fit is 2 come joing my boy mvp rose in da chi town…..lets go bulls

  • mm

    Are you serious? DWIll is better than DRose? You must be crazy. Don’t let the fact that your a nets fan cloud your reason. DWIll is a good player, but nothing close to Rose. Let’s be a little realistic here. What a joke.

  • T-Money

    nobody wants to play for the bulls. not sure why though, perhaps because d-rose doesn’t recruit guys? he’s been quoted as saying he doesn’t get involved at all in trying to lure players to the chi.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-talk/2011 Diesel

    I’d like to have Howard on the Bulls, but if he’s going to be a diva about playing in Chicago, I wouldn’t want the Bulls to beg him to come. If winning is truly the reason he wants to leave Orlando like he said, than the Bulls are his only choice. He’s not winning long term with the Lakers. Kobe’s getting older as we speak. And winning in New Jersey is laughable. Williams, Howard, and a team of nobodies isn’t challenging any elite team. That team is worse than the current Magic.

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-talk/2011 Diesel

    T-money – I think people perceive Jerry Reinsdorf as being cheap. That, on top of the fact that DRose doesn’t bl*w dudes in order to get them to come to Chicago. These star players today have very fragile egos that need to be massaged at all times.

  • Ballislove

    Do it.

  • jsmallz

    This hollywood crap is killing me like really is it that important when you can go anytime own multiple houses? Or hey its warm….why dont we move the whole league to la and florida right jsut so player can be like its freaking warm their. Sucks these players could easily choose plenty of other teams to win. Bulls be awsome choice for dwight. Bull aqnd Thunder are two teams of now wont win a championship this year but will be winning championships if they keep the teams they have. Oh wait its not warm so bulls could never win unless they are miami or la sorry crazy though

  • http://facebook marcus williams

    @ diesel the best fit 4 howard is the bulls check dis out we finna sign rip hamilton….okay now u 5 starter like dis if da bulls trade deng noah… drose,rip,hedo,boozer,howard…okay yo bench watson,korver, brewer, gibson,& asik hw can u beat dat did u got da rookie jimmy butler…just like we trading 2 players 2 get 2 back…bulls make this damn deal 4 dwight howard trade talk can be over wit…

  • mike

    lol are you serious ad u fricken moron dwill isnt half of the player rose is, derrick rose just turned 23 and is the youngest mvp ever dwill went 7-17 record when he joined the nets or something when he got traded, rose won 62 games with noah and boozer injured the whole year, any gm in the nba would pick rose over dwill its a fact,and dwill came outta college after his 3rd year rose was already the mvp at age 22 so please dude i understand your from new jersey or new york but dont sound like a moron, d rose has that star style that dwill doesnt have and the drive and loyalty to be the best player in the nba, and i dont care if howard comes rose will win a few titles with or without him

  • http://SLAM emills

    *derrick rose is a superstar but he is no dwill…. and if dwight knows that than most likely he’ll end up in bk

    This is funny considering he tears dwill up everytime they play. Dwill is good but hes not on droses level. No one is… I wouldnt trade for howard, itd mean getting rid of to many players that are doing a great job now. The bulls as they are currently are the team to beat in the future!!!

  • Holiday

    Yo Boozer was highly over rated, I live in Utah and as a Jazz fan I was glad to see him go. Deron made him look good, Rose is the better scorer but Williams is the better distributors. As for Howard in Chicago…. I’d rather see that than with the Lakers, I know Noah would have to be dealt but could you imagine those two holding down the paint?

  • LA Huey

    If I could be an executive for rich tech company, I’m going to base my decision things like work environment, climate, schools for my kids, proximity to family, whether the city has an NBA team nearby, and what my wife thinks about the area. Why can’t you guys understand that pro athletes would factor in the same things for where they’d want to work?

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-talk/2011 Diesel

    LA – I’m fine with that, but then just come out and say you want to be in hollywood so you can enjoy the weather and be an actor. Don’t make it seem like you just want to win and that’s why Orlando “forced” you to make this decision.

  • gorillachi

    @LA Huey Posted:Everything you said is understandable so in that case he has no business leaving Orlando. See Dwight keeps talking about winning yet Nets are his 1st choice. The man wants to market himself which is fine but he shouldn’t mention that winning comes first because NJ with him & DWill is a 1st rd out. He & DRose is an instant dynasty!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    They can make a run all they want. My fridge is running, but it’s not really making a run at my lunch, it’ll just be very fortunate if there are even leftovers from my girl’s lunch to make it there. I see it similarly with the Bulls acquiring anything of even close to the same value as Dwight Howard, maybe they’ll get some other teams left overs.

  • Waggle

    Wow, this would be the sickest place i could see him going..the bulls desperately need the help, whereas the Lakers and Knicks not as much..

  • LA Huey

    Diesel, I’ve seen you around on these boards enough to know you’re smart enough to understand public figures have to play the PR game. If they just come out and say what they truly mean, people (especially the casual fans) will roast them for it. Teams do that too (ie. Boston: we’re not looking to trade Rondo). We hardcore fans, equipped with common sense, can read between the lines. And for Dwight, winning is a factor, but a factor amongst others.

  • loski1

    I say let d12 go else where.we’re a solid team now. Once we sign hamilton,u’ll c imprvmnt in drose’s dishes.this is our year 2run it.we’re still not respect’d by the league. Go Bulls!!

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-bulls-talk/2011 Diesel

    Maybe I’m just angry because the Bears got Tebow’d . As a supportive Bulls fan, I’m more angry with Dwight saying he’d be ok with going to New Jersey and not Chicago. New Jersey? Really? @LA – If Dwight goes to LA he doesn’t need to worry about his public image anymore. He will forever be Shaq Lite regardless of what he says or does.

  • BasketballJunkie

    if chicago could some how keep deng this trade would def. put them over miami in the east!

  • AD

    @diesel dwill and dwight is a combo that cant be stopped… why would dwight wanna go to chicago with a star who cant shoot?

  • Bt

    Dwight probably doesnt want to go to Chicago because with shot happy rose running the point, he knows the majority of his touches will come off offensive rebounds

  • LA Huey

    There are worse things than being a lite version of an NBA legend. I view Kobe Bryant as MJ Lite.

  • erik

    Bulls fans; lets not worry about it too much,! Dwight wants to be with the nets, ok, we made it to the eastern finals last year, what did the nets do other than suck? His choice, he might be an awesome basketball player but dont expect him to be very smart also!! We will be fine without him..or at least better than the nets..

  • http://nbasobrietystrike.blogspot.com/ CoolWhip

    How could Chicago not be a ‘preferred location’?
    Well, this report doesn’t really counnt for much, cause look for Dwight, like CP3, to be ‘signed’ and then ‘not-signed’ to three different teams before he actually ends up somewhere.
    I actually think Dwight and Kobe would be more lethal than Dwight and DRose. But I’d love to see Dwight in Chicago.

  • http://nbasobrietystrike.blogspot.com/ CoolWhip

    Well, Chris Paul trade is off again. So who the hell knows where anyone will go. Maybe they’re all forced to stay-put

  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    @Bt – “Shot happy Rose”.
    Yes, because if Rose had a center that averaged 23 a game Rose would NEVER throw it inside to him.
    Dwight will NEVER get any touches playing with Rose.
    I mean, Rose never got Carlos Boozer the ball, he only averaged 14 field goal attempts per game!
    That’s so much less than the…13 field goal attempts Howard averaged in Orlando.
    Wait…that’s not right.
    And you don’t think Thibs wouldn’t tell Rose to pass it inside as often as possible?
    As much as Thibs says he wants the Bulls to play from the inside out?
    C’mon now…
    @AD – you’re right. Rose is a horrible shooter. Only shot 45% on the year.
    Deron Williams was so much better at…44%?
    Wait…that’s not right, either!
    @robb – LOL. Although I seen the pics from media day and Boozer looks like he lost a good 20-25 pounds so he’s about to be….
    @CoolWhip Bombay- Dwight/Kobe > Dwight/Rose right now but Dwight/Rose would be a lethal combo for a lot longer.

  • T-Money

    yeah… it’s not about location. chicago is not colder than new york and is the 3rd biggest market in north america. i’m starting to think that players really don’t feel management. d-wade caught some heat for bad mouthing chicago’s front office but i’m thinking he’s not the only superstar thinking that.

  • jazzman

    no to howard coming to chicago bulls IT TO COLD think about IT

  • Holiday

    @Enigmatic the 45% to 44% shooting is because Boozer, Noah, Thomas, Deng, and Gibson were constantly setting 2 and 3 picks for Rose every time on offense getting him shots way close to the basket, Deron didn’t have that luxury he had to take more shot from the outside… Not to mention he was playing with an injured shooting wrist!!!

  • Ballislove

    Drose & D12 = rings


    U can include my high school team in this equation as well, we r making a run to get Dwight too…

  • MM

    Do you really think Williams is better than rose? If so, then your basketball iq is nil. Williams is a solid player who NEEDS other players in order to be successful (unless he’s playing for the Turkish league). rose on the other hand can win games by himself. Williams is an above average “one trick pony”. Rose is a Freaken superstar. Stop comparing the two. It ridiculous.

  • MM

    Comparing Will to rose is like comparing luol Deng to Kevin durant.

  • jayrose

    Dont fix whats not broken…..all we need is a help at the two guard and well be the team to beat.

  • nbaNw8

    Dwight isnt what we need. we need that 2 guard that can spread the floor and create on his own

  • AD

    if any of you think drose is better than dwill than your either a bulls fan or you never played organized bbal inyour life…….. tell me this dwill avg around 13 asst with the nets ….. with the NETSSS!!!. drose is a better scorer but does not make playersaround him better ….. dwill may have shot 44% but i think you guys must of forgot that his wrist was messed up…. drose is a superstar but when it comes to the complete package drose aint up there yet…… dwill prolly woulda avg like 15 asst with that bulls team …. thts basically the old jazz..

  • AD

    @MM u must be like 14 who lives in chicago and only watches games on t.v no one should be that ignorant

  • Rbrush82

    Ur ridiculous, you talk about rose being able to get to the hoop because of players around him but u obviously haven’t watched him play much because he creates those opportunities while the other guys watch. He was playing most the year without one of the 2 bigs with Noah and boozer both being hurt. He is only 23 and has won rookie of the year, all star in his 2nd year, and was the youngest MVP ever in his 3rd season. He works hard and gets better every year and who knows how good he’ll be after he has worked on his post game, which was the only thing that he lacked. DRose dominates DWIll every time they play because he is flat out better, and in a big DWIll fan being an Illinois guy.

  • http://SLAMonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Chicago is DEFINITELY colder than New York/New Jersey!!

  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    I’m not going to get dragged into any Williams vs. Rose debates again.
    Both are top 3 point guards and you can make an argument for either one of them to be the number 1 in the league, along with Chris Paul.
    Now, citing Deron Williams’ FG% as a reason why he’s better than Rose is just silly.
    Williams has shot 46% for his career…he hasn’t played with a wrist injury his entire career, has he?
    Derrick Rose has shot 46% for his career as well, so they cancel each other out on that front.
    Yes, you’re absolutely right DWill averaged about 13 assists a game with the Nets. WITH THE NETSSS!!!
    IN 12 GAMES!!!
    If you REALLY want to use such a small sample size as a reason why he’s so much more awesome than Derrick Rose, I’ll go ahead and say he shot 35% from field, 27% from 3, and averaged 3.6 turnovers per.
    So people want to point at Rose’s FG% as a reason why he’s not an elite PG.
    But Deron Williams shoots at about the same % for his career (though Williams is better outside shooter).
    People want to point at Rose’s “carelessness with the ball” but Rose averaged 3.4 turnovers per, Wiliams averaged 3.5 turnovers per.
    What else?
    Three point shooting?
    Rose – 33% last year.
    Williams – 33% last year (35% for his career).
    Now the assists.
    ABSOLUTELY Williams is a better playmaker than Rose, but this talk about Rose not being a point guard or never passing the ball (not saying you said that, just saying…) is BS.
    Williams dished out 2.3 more assists a game than Rose did last year.
    Fair enough.
    Rose was still top 10 in assists per game, it boggles my mind that Rose gets sh*tted on for not averaging more assists, yet most don’t criticize Tony Parker for averaging 5.7 assists per for his career while playing with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. (I love TP, just using him as an example). 
    Again, I’m not making the argument that Rose is better than Williams.
    I’m making the argument that if Williams is better than Rose, it’s not by that much.
    And all this criticism of Rose is unwarranted, except perhaps his tendency to take too many shots at times, which I attribute more to the personnel around him than I do any shortcomings on his part.

  • marcel morris

    I think the bulls shouldnt do it even tho I damn sure won’t complain if they do… But Orlando should just trade Dwight & Hedo to Atlanta for Horford, a first rounder, and get a 3rd team involved, then maybe trade Joe Johnson (who is under contract for 5yrs), Jeff Teage & a draft pick to either New Jersey or New orleans for D Will or CP3

  • robert

    Also AD derrick rose and d.will had the same 3pt fg percentage and d.rose attempted more 3 pointers. Do how is d.will a better shooter.

  • http://Slamonline Jaye Gizzle

    Look, All the Bulls need to do is sign rip hamilton then go claim chauncy billup’s waviered amnesty contract and singn a back up big man for vetrins minimum that would replace
    kurt thomas. these moves push the bulls into finals contention for the next two seasons at least.

  • bossman

    Not going to happen. DH does not want to play in Chicago, and we don’t want him here. New Jersey or LA is a good fit.

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  • AD

    im just sayn dwill is a better pure point guard than drose…… fg percentage does not make u a better pg .. your playmaking skills do….. drose is a superstar … you bias bulls fans make ppl want to hate him lol…..@Rbrush82 all dat stuff u stated did not come from me….. my point is dwill is better for dwight howard whether its in NJ, DALLAS OR whererver……………. 13 asst with the NETSS!!!! tho lol

  • Rbrush82

    DWill may be better for Howard only because he is not good enough to be the superstar of a team with howard on it and Howard knows he would be the go-to guy in NJ and would play second fiddle to DRose, but the team wouldn’t be better off. You say playmaking skills make u a better pg. rose is an incredible playmaker up there with the best in the league. I’ll give u dWill may be better pure point guard but that’s just because DRose is changing the game with how he plays the point, one that can carry a team on his back which he proved many times last year

  • Heaven

    Lebron James shuts down D Rose. On Paper, Lebron had a better year than Derrick Rose. Lebron James should have won the MVP award again last year! It’s D Wade’s year though, He’s deserved the NBA MVP award for a long time now and hasn’t received it. But I do hope Dwight comes to Chicago, it makes the league exciting and its definitely going to be a nail biter to watch the heat play the bulls. the Knicks play the clippers and Grizzlies play the thunder. haha and the lakers play the celtics. Would be a great year, I’m really hoping DH goes to Chicago, I agree with everyone who mentioned that’s his best option.