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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook Say There’s No Beef

Prior to the OKC Thunder’s thrilling, last-second victory against the Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both attempted to brush aside the dominant storyline about their little tiff on the bench a few nights ago. From the Oklahoman: “One of the central figures even pleaded ignorance. ‘What happened?’ guard Russell Westbrook said before Thursday night’s home game against Dallas. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ During a timeout late in the second quarter of Wednesday night’s 98-95 victory at Memphis, there were several verbal exchanges on the Thunder bench, most notably between Westbrook and two-time scoring champ Kevin Durant. ‘I didn’t think nothing happened,’ Durant said. ‘People keep saying we had this and that on the sideline and nobody seen nothing. Everybody on the bench was yelling. Coaches was yelling, not in a bad way but trying to get everything in order. We gave up a few points at the end of possessions and we were trying to get back in order. We were playing a good game and we had kind of slacked off for two or three minutes, so everybody was yelling. It wasn’t just myself or Russell or (Kendrick) Perk(ins). It was everybody.’ Thunder coach Scott Brooks stressed there were verbal arguments, not physical altercations. ‘I think it was a debate,’ Brooks said. ‘To me, an altercation in my world is a fight or a shove, something like that. A debate or a discussion is something totally different than an altercation. That did not happen. I’ve been coaching these guys for four years and we haven’t had one fight, which surprises me. We haven’t had any issues that were below the belt that I had to step in.’”

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    Didn’t see it to tell yall the truth but, All G though because it’s b ball & theyr’e a young team so (Que Slick Rick) ” This type of $*!t happens everydaaaay ! ! ! ! ” It’s how they come out of it that counts.


    Where is the beef?

  • T-Ray

    Sometimes I feel sports media just wants to make a story out of nothing. Anyone who has ever played a competitive team sport knows tension will be high sometimes and you’re not always going to agree. Doesn’t always mean that you don’t like each other.

  • http://slam.online house

    I watched Vince hit that 3 and thinking it was over switched back over to watch the Bulls, I’m a damn fool…..

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    they are both vegetarian

  • Fat Lever

    This is the perfect example of why some athletes hate talking to the media. There is nothing here, yet the media keeps bringing it up, hoping to present a different angle and start a non-existent story.

  • Chukaz

    Nobody cares what they have to say. If ESPN says there’s beef between them, then there’s beef between them. The saddest part is that if that had been CP3 and Griffin yelling at each other the media would be talking about how the Clippers are lucky to have 2 great competitors on their team and make it sound like they’re better because of it. The media has it out for Russel Westbrook