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San Antonio Spurs Confirm Antonio McDyess’ Retirement

Antonio McDyess has hung up his sneakers for good, retiring from the NBA after a 16-year career. From the Express-News: “The Spurs had hoped a short post-lockout season might help them convince veteran big man Antonio McDyess he could play one more season, even at age 37. On Monday they officially gave up the quest. With a deadline for fully guaranteeing McDyess’ $5.22 million contract approaching at the end of the business day, the Spurs waived the 6-foot-9 forward from Alabama. ‘When a player gets to a certain age and certain circumstances in his life, he knows when it’s time to do certain things,’ said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who said he spoke with McDyess last week. ‘He’s had a long time to think about it, all summer and fall. He finally made his decision.’ The club gets to remove $2.61 million from its player payroll, a significant factor since the Spurs likely will be over the NBA’s new luxury tax threshold this season. McDyess made it clear during training camp for the 2010-11 season that it likely would be his last. When the Grizzlies eliminated the Spurs from the playoffs in the first round in April, he reiterated he would retire, regretting only how his career ended. ‘This was not at all how I wanted it to end, but signing here was one of the best things I did in my career,’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t trade these two years for the world, one of the greatest times of my whole career. I just wish we would have gone farther.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    he really salvaged his career after those early knee injuries and became a really solid spot up shooter and role player. he was a freak athlete coming in to the league though

  • http://www.slamonline.com Tarzan Cooper

    Very good career. Thanks dyess

  • Trout

    thank you McDyess classy player best of luck.

  • shutup

    anyone remember how fast this guys hops were? when he was on the suns he was a killer, i remember highlights of his everyday on sports center. I thought that knee injury was it for him, always glad to see a player adapt when they lose their freakish athleticism. Great guy solid pro, hope he finds happiness and future success of the court.

  • Heals

    Ya’ll said it best, so I’ll just second everything above. Good run Dyess…

  • hambone

    mickety mickety mickety mcdyess > Blake Griffen,just sayin

    2 foot tomahawk only mike finley could mess with

  • shutup

    Oh and I havent seen a quicker second hop in the NBA since him, instead of tip dunking he would come off the rebound and spring right back up throwing it down the other teams throat. If Bosh was to emulate anyones game I wish he would get old tapes of McDyess, thats what he should be doing with his size/weight combo.

  • JoeMaMa

    If anyone’s seen that Chris Herren 30 for 30 doc, you’ll know what kind of a guy McDyess is. He took Herren aside and basically said “we know you’ve had some off court problems. That stops now. We’re not going to let that happen.” McDyess put Herren under his wing, went out with him the whole year, and kept him in line while he was in Denver. Some little used rookie that barely affected the team’s success. McDyess is a quality guy. Happy trails, big guy!

  • Jose

    Respect to McDyess. Solid Player he was

  • BBaller

    Mad respect for McDyess, but as a fan of the Spurs since 91. I have always regarded them as having a “Big Man supremancy”. What are the options for the Spurs now? Duncan, Splitter ,Blair are just not good enough. I have a feeling we’ll go for Kaman, a trade for Garnett would be nice for this year.
    In the future we need someone like…..there are no bigs that come to mind.Oh how i miss the 90′s.

  • MaxIsNative

    BBaller – We have Matt Bonner.