Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 at 3:53 pm  |  20 responses

Wizards, Bulls, Spurs Interested In Josh Howard

If Josh Howard can stay healthy this season, the former All-Star could be a huge off-season acquisition for a contender. Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports that the 31-year-old appears to be in good condition and ready to play: “The Wizards and ‘five to six’ playoff contenders have expressed interest in Howard, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Another person close to Howard confirmed that Boston, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Denver, New Orleans and New Jersey have all made obligatory calls, with the Wizards, Bulls and Spurs engaging in more frequent conversations.”

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    this sucks why would my bulls want this scrub?


    my bulls lololol get it? go bulls!


    if he goes to the bulls him and Joakim Noah gonna smoke before the games… they wont get much done hahaha spark up the doobie after the game !

  • Red

    We should get Caron Butler, he can play the 2.

  • Matthew Richardson

    Bulls already got a solid Small Forward, Luol Deng, Also if they sign Jimmy Butler that’s a solid defensive player, I’m confused how Josh Howard would fit it? UNLESS, He plays two guard, then a neat addition but won’t win any championships with him, No disrespect.

  • Sweetness

    Interesting… can’t wait to see what happens! I’m routing for Bulls tho either way, he would be a great addition.

  • Sayaboi

    Howard is a great twinner because he can play guard multiple positions which are the 2-4. Remember he was on the 06 Mav team against the Heat. He would be good pickup for any title contender (including the Bulls)

  • http://aol.com The Iron Lung

    i see a lot of yall have forgot about josh howard skills.

  • Red

    What he said, Howard is a bum & only makes you worse

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    I totally forgot about this dude. Is it me or does his All-Star year seem like a long long time ago?

  • Rainman

    Ppl forget he was once upon the time the best kept secret in the NBA with the Mavs… the Spurs should really work to make it happen, he’d be a good replacement for when Richard Jefferson gets amnestied(wrd?)-(probably inevitable, dude is wayyyy overpaid and just doesnt fit)

  • http://yardbarker.com ricky neal

    from ricky neal ha this guy is not a bum whatch what you say this nba player josh howard help dallas win the nba finals this past year he could be real good on the bulls

  • http://yardbarker.com ricky neal

    from ricky neal ha you dont what your talking about josh howard he not a bum his talent his real good nba player champion he took dallas mavricks two the nba finals this past year he would be for the chicago bulls

  • why

    where be my post at dawg? it took me five long seconds to remember who he is. hes a good role player at best. post please ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    like Matthew said: the Bulls already have Deng, so I’m surprised to see that they’re going after Josh Howard, or, as I read today, Caron Butler.

  • Holiday

    He didn’t play for Dallas last year, pretty sure he was with the Wizards. But he is for sure worth having, he can defend, shoot, and attack the basket. He could give Chicago a boost on offense they need!

  • BBaller

    Isn’t he more of a Defensive player? Bulls you need help for Rose on offense.

  • matt

    dont want this buster, we need to get get either caron butler, arron affalo, nick young, jason richardson or my dream would be to trade for monta ellis and have the nastiest back court ever.

  • http://slamonline.com swagg

    ESPN says that vince carter will get waived. He is worth a look at in the Bulls case. Not saying he should be #1 on their radar, but they should take a look at him.

  • Riggs

    half man half retired? pass.