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Andrea Bargnani: Leg Injury ‘Much Worse’ This Time

The Toronto Raptors’ thrilling double-overtime win in Utah last night was dampened by news of Andrea Bargnani re-injuring his left leg. Per the Toronto Star: “The Raptors had played as gutsy a game as they have all year, holding off a rested team in a hostile environment to post a stirring 111-106 double-overtime victory over the Utah Jazz, but the spectre of an injured Andrea Bargnani cast at least a little pall over the night. Bargnani, who had been as dominant at times Wednesday as he had been in a brilliant return from injury on Tuesday, hobbled to the bench in the first overtime period, a forlorn look on his face and the left leg that had caused him to miss six games once again injured. ‘We’ll see what the severity of it is — or if it’s severe — evaluate it and go from there,’ coach Dwane Casey said of Bargnani’s injury. While that was a substantial blow — Bargnani said it was ‘much worse’ than the last time he hurt himself — nothing can be taken entirely away from the rousing performance the Raptors put on.”

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  • Justin G.

    I read that it was a strained MCL and would be out for 2 months. If that’s true the Raptors just guaranteed themselves a top 2 or 3 pick, depending on how nice the ping pong balls are for us. And I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say Bargs was having an All Star season before these last two setbacks. He’s a new player this year, playing with lots more emotion and, even more shockingly, a better commitment to playing defense. Now, I’m not saying it’s anywhere near where he needs it to be but it’s a vast improvement so credit to him and Dwayne Casey for making these guys D up a little more than years past

  • burnt_chicken

    Thank you Stern! This scheduling nightmare of a season is FAN-tastic!

  • Zack

    DAMN!!! He’s been helping my fantasy team A LOT!!!

  • http://ZOGS.ca ZOGS

    Ban all white players (all euros) from the NBA!!!
    Their all to soft

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I was expecting big things out of Ed Davis coming into this season. Now’s your time to step up, young fella.

  • Toronto

    cmon Casey, the man has a strained calf muscle, first game back you play him 45 minutes and the second you play him 40 minutes. Doesnt take a genius to figure out why he hurt it again. SMH

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Toronto (the commenter) is on point.

  • random

    @ZOGS just quit while ur ahead u sound stupid

  • Bravo

    @ZOGS yeah your right the softest is Blake griffin you dumb fool

  • Bravo

    @ ZOGZ yeah man I agree. Blake griff is super soft maybe number 1 cuz you know he’s white. Zoos is dumb forrreall

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chubachuchi

    ZOGS is an idiot who can’t ball in real life although Blake Griffin isn’t the best example for a white player since, you know, he’s half black.

  • Derek

    Nice to see not all racists are white Zogs I guese Nash Kid Gasol Bird and the likes all suck to much for you as well ? go watch Wrestling should be more you speed Zogs