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Carmelo Anthony Happy to Score a Career-Low 1 Point in Knicks’ Win

The New York Knicks snapped a six-game losing streak in Charlotte last night, and did it largely without needing the services of one Carmelo Anthony. ‘Melo, facing growing criticism for his struggles offensively, says that he was pleased to take a back seat for once. Per the NY Post: “Anthony’s one point was a career low, and it was the first time he failed to sink a field goal since Nov. 28, 2005. ‘I needed a night like this, where I didn’t have to do too much and we still won the game by a lot,’ Anthony said. ‘We just had it going. Everybody had it going. I needed a night like this when I score one point and we win by 20. We all got tired of losing.’ Anthony, who has been in a massive shooting slump and vowed to pass the ball more, did just that. But he went 0-for-7 as injuries continue to affect his shot. His lone point came on a free throw off a technical foul in the third quarter after going scoreless as the Knicks built a 52-42 halftime lead. With Anthony nonexistent offensively, slumping Amar’e Stoudemire and center Tyson Chandler each played their best game in two weeks with rip-roaring performances. Chandler owned the offensive glass and punished Charlotte for 20 points and 17 rebounds (nine offensive). Meanwhile, Stoudemire sank mid-range jumpers and tore to the hole for thunderous dunks in notching 18 points (7-of-12 shooting) and eight rebounds. Anthony, who chipped in 11 rebounds and four assists, was outscored by all 12 of his mates, including Renaldo Balkman, Jeremy Lin and rookie Jerome Jordan. After Saturday’s sixth straight loss to the Nuggets in which he was booed, a reflective Anthony said he may need to take fewer shots and get the ball more to Stoudemire. ‘I just wanted everybody to get back their confidence,’ said Anthony, who now is shooting a dismal 39.6 percent. ‘I told you the other day I was going to do a good job getting guys more involved. I did that tonight.’”

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  • http://ZOGS.CA ZOGS

    Stephen A. Smith is going HAM right now

  • http://nba.com GP23

    This, coming form a guy who once scored 33 points in one quarter.

  • Rashiodonics

    Point taken. When Melo doesn’t take a lot of shots, Knicks are able to beat depleted Bobcats team… Now, all we gotta do is come up with the plan to how to beat actual NBA quality teams!

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    CRYING ^^


    lmao carmelo only 1 point and the knicks manage to beat the BOBCATS? LMAO IM SHURE THAT MY TORONTO RAPTS WILL SMASH BOTH TEAMS WHEN THEY FACE EM

  • Jono

    What a b!tch excuse. Basically he said “Yea I hog the ball loads”.

  • el_larsen

    melo you re clutch.and you re a good liar!

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    @Bravo, they already did play once on Jan 2. The Raps won that game.

  • http://Facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    C’mon man I need you to score though, that is all.

  • RunNGun

    If only Walsh were still around…

  • Kadavour

    proof that the Knick’s struggle rest SQUARELY on Amare’s shoulders. His 8 measly rebounds was enough to pound out a win without contributions from his teammate who is a top 3 in the WORLD.

  • Kadavour

    top 3 scorer** in the world

  • Austin

    i really appreciate that Carmelo has taken the back seat, and has taken a path to becoming a more complete player. But man your killing my fantasy team !

  • BoxTop

    Trade him to Phoenix for Hill and Nash.

  • robb

    do you remember the line “Should I laugh or cry”? he decided it was better to laugh. Good therapy.

  • Ldub

    for starters i think ORANGE is having severe internet issues. Not one response to any KNICK media in weeks. #2…If Melo is happy with scoring 1 point and the Knicks getting dubs, what is the purpose of him being there?

  • Ldub

    You would never hear LeBron, Kobe, KD, Wade or anyone else saying they were happy to be shooting poorly and getting the win. On one end I see what Melo is saying, but Come on…1 point and your “happy”? I personally dont buy it. unacceptable to have you go to man, all star, supreme kai, etc drop a huge 1 point.