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Sacramento Kings Coach Says DeMarcus Cousins Has Demanded a Trade

Can’t say we saw this one coming. Sacramento Kings Head Coach Paul Westphal just released a statement noting that DeMarcus Cousins has asked to be traded, and as a result has been told to stay home by his (soon-to-be-former?) team. He’ll miss tonight’s game against the Hornets. Here’s Westphal’s full statement:

“Whenever a new season begins, in any sport, there is great hope that everything will progress in only a steady, upward direction. As we all know, it seldom happens like that in this life!

As coaches, we can only ask that our players do everything they can to improve themselves as individuals and teammates. If they do this with all their hearts, we live with the results.

Everything that happens on a team does not become known to the public. This is how it should be. However, when a player continually, aggressively, lets it be known that he is unwilling/unable to embrace traveling in the same direction as his team, it cannot be ignored indefinitely.

DeMarcus Cousins has demanded to be traded. In the best interest of our team as we go forward, he has been directed by me, with the support of management, to stay home from the New Orleans game tonight.”

(H/T: InsideHoops)

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  • Mike

    I think he’s a solid talent and all, but there’s such a shocking sense of entitlement amongst certain young players in this league. Does Cousins really think that one year of service entitles him to make trade demands? Nevermind the fact that he’s in the midst of a long-term deal.

  • Zack

    Don’t reward him for demanding a trade by giving him days off, make him come to practice and make him work his ass off

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Start de Dwight to Sac town rumours!

  • Fresh Boiardee

    What’s with this….Who is this guy to demand to be traded? He’s a second year player who has done nothing! NBA needs to teach this guy a lesson, either trade him to the worst team possible or just sit him for the remainder of his rookie contract and bring in a free agent to take his place. This type of stuff has to stop, it’s bad for the game.

  • Jono

    This guy is a disgrace. He’s in such a good position on a young upstart team and is a crucial part of the team’s post game. With Evans, Thornton and Jimmer, the Kings have a solid back-court and its baffling how he’s demanding a trade. Whatever the reason is.

  • Jay

    Dude has been immature his whole life. He may never grow up and reach his potential.

  • Isaac

    I’m not a Kings fan, but somehow have watched every one of their games thus far, and i have to say I don’t blame him for asking to be traded at all.. The kid is an absolute beast and the guard rotation of Evans, Thornton, Jimmer and Isaiah is one of the most amazing chuckfests I’ve ever witnessed.

    DeMarcus has been making huge plays for the Kings and they just refuse to pass the ball.. Thornton and Evans just take turns dribbling the ball for 20 seconds before jacking up a shot. Its infuriating to watch.

  • Pp

    Celtics or wizards

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Damn this dude is pretty dumb, this makes him look pretty ungrateful to be honest.

  • fish sticks

    honetsly dude is a second year player always running his mouth. No respect. What a bum.

  • T-Money

    BlackPhantom: please enlighten me, what should cousins be grateful for? cousins is a lot of things (immature being one of them) but he has a tremedous basketball iq and can sniff incompetence. he said to the press that sacramento doesn’t run any offensive system – comments that were echoed by tyreke. if he lands on a serious organization like san an, boston, miami or dallas, he’s going to be a monster.

  • T-Money

    fwiw, cousins’ agent is denying that a trade has been requested.

  • TomG

    What hell do you expect him to do..he’s on a team with guys who jack up 3′s and never look to pass the ball inside. This man/kid is carrying the load for the team by himself, without him they are just hosed. You’d think the dumb ass coaches would see this happening, and tell those guards that ball MUST go inside first. The man can play and get it done, but playing for a dumb coach who doesn’t care or know how to win games..and having to carry a bunch of selfish guards, I’d demand to be traded too…

  • manu

    come to T.O.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    He should grateful for the fact he’s in the NBA right now, instead of demanding a trade when his 2ND SEASON just started.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    *be grateful

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    why is everyone so mad he wants to be traded? “be grateful” he’s in the NBA. oh please. if the kings dont want him you know how many teams are gonna jump to pick him up?

  • april

    This is the reason there should be an age requirement to be drafted! DeMarcus has all the potential in the world, but his attitude is still very childish……let’s remember this kid is 20/21. Personally I wish hr would have stayed at Kentucky (UK) a couple more years in order to learn how to be coached!!!! Love DeMarcus and I wish him the very best, but the kid needs to get a grip…..he signed a contract!!!! Go Big Blue…….I’m sorry, but its players with this attitude that make watching pro sports not a great experience!!!! I love college ball b/c that’s where you see the heart of the game!!!!

  • 12ising Phoenix

    Knicks, come off the bench & be cool .

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    T-Money: Very few of those teams will take a chance on this guy. Sorry, but he’s done nothing but cause problems. A lot of problems.

  • 12ising Phoenix

    Werd, who wants this guy as the focal point of their offense? And of you don’t give him the ball , he’ll.demand a trade. Man , some of these NBA dudes got it too good. The kings offense is quite flawed, but play your part big man, if you can’t .. leave via free agency. Millions of ppl would love to be a starter on a young NBA squad, be fortunate!

  • DMoney

    Cousins won 30 games in college and was on the most talent college hoops team in a decade. And he averaged almost 15 points his rookie year. Anybody who thinks “no” team will bother on him is crazy. Yeah he is a immature and confrontational guy. But he let’s no one intimidate him ever. If he played for a big market contender people would love him and be buying his jersey like crazy. Who becomes a superstar in Sacramento??? That’s why all the haters keep saying they don’t like him Bc he “hasn’t done enough to demand a trade”
    So it’s clearly about on the court more than off regardless of his attitude. And the dude can hoop. Period

  • http://slamonline.com Fut.

    If I was a big on the Kings, I’d ask/demand for a trade too. There’s always a demand for quality bigs and he’s a starter for most teams as it is now. If you’re getting screwed over by the coaching, trades the only way out sans an offensive overhaul by the front office.

    That being said … he f***ed my fantasy team for today. Wanker.

  • ripslam

    Who would want him, like honestly…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Tarzan Cooper

    Kings offense is awful. Cuz should get the ball a lot more. Westphal is awful. Cuz wants to win, and seeshis teammates as just chuckers. Can’t blame hi$ for not wanting to stay on that kind of team. That said, I think reke and cuz would be great together for many yrs

  • fizzbucket

    Cousins deserves the ‘Big Baby’ name, not Glen Davis. Clearly he just whined to anyone who would listen except his agent, so now he’s basically alienated himself from his team with his agent completely in the dark. Smart guy…

  • Allenp

    Man that team is dysfunctional and honestly Cousins wad playing like the best player on the floor. I hate thee whiny coaches and whiny players. Cousins didn’t go public with his demands he kept it in house and Westphal complained to the media.

  • Respect

    John wall is prob. Demanding the wizards to get him rite now lol

  • Allenp

    How many of y’all have watched this team this year? Last year bashing Cousins made sense. This year all they do is dribble around and jack shots while he crashes the boards and hustles. It is crazy. The only reason a vet team wont get him is they don’t have the pieces. The Rockets should are what is up.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    if YOU REALY think “very few” teams will take a chance on him you ARE LYING TO YOURSELF

  • DMoney

    Yeah NBA teams always stay away from the guys with 7″4 wing spans and great ball skills. And 15 points a game his rookie year really makes you question his ability. The NBA never tolerates big personalities or “trouble makers” . Yeah… Sound logic

  • Waskito

    Seen this on his face at the last game vs knicks

  • ash

    What is the reason for coach to bring this to public?? Maybe to make the young man look bad in public.

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall


  • Addam

    News of this makes me long for the Jailblazers of old…

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    Cuz is young, built like a house, and plays his a$$ off. Granted he’s a bit of a doosh, but there are a LOT of teams out there that will take his pros over his cons in a heartbeat. BUT, if you’re a Kings fan or a Kings management, you really don’t want to here this kind of talk while you’re in the middle of rebuilding. Like Allen said, this team is pretty dysfunctional, nothing else to say about it.

  • Blakos

    To the wizards please

  • Hart

    Dudes not gettin traded for Dwight. Dwight wouldnt sign w/ Kings and Magic should not want him.

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    I don’t care how bad the team is… this is the dude who was fighting his own teammates and not showing up for practices last year. I think he needs more than four games to show how much he has “changed.”
    He is a well known brat and this isn’t helping his image.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    sacremanto is a dysfunctional ass team… honestly I’d be frustrated too.

  • Stroshow

    I bet he ends up on the Warriors. They’ve been trying all summer to get a good centre, now that DMC’s at a steep discount they’ll put something together.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    if the lakers are smart they’ll try and grab him somehow or work a deal out wit the magic somehow.

  • ripslam

    PLEASE not the Celtics. Oh, hell no. For the love of god.

  • http://slam.online house

    got no sympathy for this guy, I watch him play and he pouts in true brat style, commits stupid fouls and then pouts, puts up stupid shots and then pouts because he misses, it gets old after a while. But having said that I don’t doubt he could be a force in the L but he needs a serious f*****g attitude re-adjustment and like I said previous its obvious that he could be good, hell, he has had some good games but he needs major work, hell maybe Oprah could help as a role model. Or not.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    I tried to think of who would trade for him and I only came up with 5 teams that would even take a risk on Cousins, – Detroit, Golden State, New Jersey, Washington, Orlando. – anybody realistically think of anyone else? Maybe houston cuz they were so high on him in the first place.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    The asking price will still be really high. It’s not like Sacramento is just going to give him away.

  • T-Money

    you guys are absolutely crazy if you think no one will take a chance on him. there is nothing that can replace talent in the nba, and cousins is one the most talented young bigs in the league. his skill level is at his size is mesmerizing. boston, san antonio, miami, dallas – just to name a few – would gladly take him. he’s that good.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    he is JUST what the celtics need honestly. a young talented big? they right back in championship contension

  • spg4

    Well I can see why he has alot of talent but not much help

  • Mariano

    SA should go after him

  • http://slam.online house

    @yada: Boston might be good for him perhaps, Pierce, Garnett and Allen would be pretty quick to call him on his bulls*8t I would imagine, as would Rivers,

  • jj

    He might have averaged 14 ppg as a rookie but it was on 43% shooting.
    Which is horrible when every shot he takes is at the rim.

  • Heals

    Well ask and demand are very different ways to go about taking care of one’s business. Which ever one is true greatly impacts the validity of whether your immaturity claims are accurate in this situation. Anybody who watches the Kings play knows their guard play is atrocious when it comes to getting other players the ball. Rusillo was talking about it last week on NBA Today Pod, Cousins is only assisted on about 1/3 of his baskets inside, which is awful. 66% of the time the guy has to initiate and complete his scoring opportunities. I wouldn’t want to play in that type of system if I were Cousins either and props to all the above comments stating the same (amazing how many of us are actually watching the Kings, huh?). As for ya’ll crossing fingers for DC landing in Beantown, c’mon you have to have something to get something

  • Heals

    same LAL, NYK, etc., but that Spurs call is interesting…

  • ripslam

    The Celts, one of if not the most TEAM-oriented teams in the L, don’t need Cousins’ whiny-ass antics. Dude is only out for himself.

  • pp

    rondo cousins duo would be good but dNGEROUS

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    PLEASE the cltics are desperate for talent. look at the guys they bring in already

  • Chukaz

    Evan’s been talking sh*t about the coach too. I say Westphal is gone by the end of the week. If your 2 best young players, the future of your franchise, want out because of the lack of quality of the offense, then the coach has to go. There’s maybe 1 coach that I would say is above great players, Greg Papab*tch. And maybe Rivers, M.D. That offense looks terrible

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    I love Cousins, and I’m really rooting for him to be a beast in the L.
    I mean, on the one hand I can understand his frustration and the trade request.
    On the other tho, this is a kid that committed then decommitted to UAB, committed then decommitted to Memphis and then finally went to Kentucky for college.
    He had valid reasons each time but it’s obvious he’s used to having his way.
    Now, I definitely think he needs to go to a team with respected vets and coaches that won’t put up with his sh*t.
    Of course all of those teams tend to be elite and there was no way Cousins could’ve been drafted by one but if he were traded to one, Miami Boston and SA would be ideal.
    In San Antonio, Duncan and Pop wouldn’t take any sh*t.
    In Boston, KG and Rivers wouldn’t.
    In Miami, LBJ, Wade and…Haslem wouldn’t. Spo might but Riley sure as hell wouldn’t.
    But who would they give up for Cousins?
    Chances are if he gets traded it’ll probably be to another young team and the cycle continues all over again.
    Here’s hoping kid lands in an ideal situation.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Co-sign Enigmatic. If he goes to a young team, I don’t see him ever fulling reaching his ginormous potential but if he goes to a veteran laden team, the guy will be a dominant player for the next decade. With all that being said, I would love for him to reunite with JWall in DC and see whether both cats can push each other to excel (It happened in 2k and that team was a beast)

  • http://dsjfkl.com Jukai

    He’d be AWFUL in Miami. You think Spo could handle him? You think Wade and Lebron would try and deal with him? F that, it’s all about chemistry with them and they simply don’t want to mentor a young brat.
    San Antonio could work but with Pop, I think it’s less about breaking a person down and more about finding someone pliable… I don’t think Pop would want to deal with that crap.
    Boston, however, is super perfect. Doc Rivers is just the right medium, Garnett and Pierce would put the kid in his place, Rondo would keep him happy. I can see Boston working.

  • http://knicks.com Gametimeweezy

    Chicago for Boozer straight up
    Atlanta for Marvin Williams and a pick
    Charlotte for Diaw and a pick

  • Red

    I would love him here in Chicago honestly, our team doesn’t allow any crap you come in play hard & u appreciate the team not yourself. But I’d like to see him back with John Wall those 2 would be a great duo & Wall would definitely keep him from doing dumb stuff.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    I feel like he’s not the type of big man miami needs. I just don’t know if he’s fast enough or a good enough shot blocker for miami. but hey I could be wrong. although you make an excellent point about chemistry. I agree with chicago, san antonio, boston but I still think Los angeles is a good situation for him. and with 3 7 footers in the paint.. they become VERY dangerous. Also pau and bynum could mentor him, and kobe wouldn’t put up with any Sh*t.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    so the complete list for this guy is
    san antonio
    miami (maybe)

    yeah he could go anywhere.

  • the bugg

    how can a second year player be demanding a trade!? what an ungreatful person. he needs to mature a heck of a lot or no one is even going to want him.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Ha I mentioned Miami and not Chicago because even though I said I’m a fan of dude, like Jukai said about Miami not having time to worry about chemistry or nurture a young kid, same thing with Chicago.
    They are very, very hesitant to bring in any new personalities that might cause chemistry issues.
    That was why they didn’t sign T-Mac last year, that was why they never really looked at Jamal Crawford this year, and why they always wait until the last freakin minute (ticks me off) to make personnel moves at every free agency period and trade deadline.
    I would LOVE to see him in Boston because honestly I feel like KG would be the perfect dude to teach him how to channel that anger into positive energy.
    He could be Perkins 2.0 in Boston, not as good defensively but much better offensively and he thrives with a good point guard like Rondo, since he did with Wall.
    Ultimately, though, I think he stays in Sacramento for now.
    This seems to be something that was blown out of proportion. Cousins didn’t actually demand a trade as much as he made a comment to Westphal saying if he was such a cancer to the Team they should just trade him already.
    Once everyone calms down and pulls a Bosh (chills) they’ll be aight I think.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Hmm can you please send him to PHX? I’m sick of Hakim Warrick already…

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Trade 1: Cousins and Salmons for Marcin Gortat and Channing Frye.
    Trade 2: Cousins for Dejuan Blair.
    Trade 3: Cousins and Tyreke for Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo, Sam Young, and a future 1st round.
    Trade 4: Cousins and Salmons for Andre Iguodala.

  • Mark

    guy hasn’t even done anything yet and demands a trade. Bad Attitude’s getting too big for his trousers.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Tarzan Cooper

    I’d give up blair for him in a nano second

  • sam

    Trade him to Detroit!!!! We got a lot of bench guys to offer and we need a big guy next to Monroe in the starting lineup!!!


    I think Cousins should just play basketball for the Kings.

  • http://www.slamonline.com aman from arkansas

    You send him to the Celtics KG will set his ass straight.

  • jake

    This is why you dont spend a high first round draft pick on someone that has a known attitude problem. I agree with a poster abovr. Bench him til his contract is almost up then send him to hell(toronto).

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Ripslam, said please dont send him to boston, but that may be the best thing to happen to boston. He definitely better than Jermaine o’neal at this stage and he could learn from KG and JO. Him and rondo and green in the future could be a nice nucleus but the celtics don’t have any trading pieces.

  • http://www.yougotdunkedon.com LilKDub503

    Wow, so many people disparaging this young man’s character, I didn’t know SLAMonline got so nasty. Anyway, yes, he has that AAU mentality (where he doesn’t like bad situations), but on the same note, I can see why he’s unhappy. That team is backcourt heavy, and they don’t show signs of progress in terms of the balance of the offense. He probably would be better talking to the coach and suggesting a different way (like in the real workforce), but oh well, he’ll learn from this minor mistake.

  • http://demarcuscousinsseekstrade.blogspot.com demarcus cousins fan

    Could have been big things from the Kings this year. To bad demarcus cousins is demanding a trade. maybe he will change his mind and continue playing for the kings. Now that we have Jimmer it could be a special season and a unexpected playoff run for the kings and demarcus cousins.

  • http://knicks.com Gametimeweezy

    @Tarzan not sure Dejuan Blair would fit in Sactown they are undersized as it is with Chuck Hayes, Marcus Thorton playing the 3, and Jimmer at the 2 (he’s not a pg)… not that its a biig deal I guess. I’d rather see Blair in a Knicks uni anyways… u guys want Jarred Jeffries and Bibby?

  • Mooney10

    This has to stop! In all cases! I don’t care who you are, honor your damn contract, it’s not for life (Lebron 5 years as an ex)and his only had a year left? If they aren’t passing the ball, then don’t set screens for him, talk to your teammates, there is an idea! I hate this crying. You wait your entire life to make it to the league and it seems the minute these guys make it, they all think that they are ALL-Stars pathetic. Dud has one season, not a rookie of the year? Then shut-up!! He is totally replaceable, its called a draft, he aint that good. Maybe his guards found out he can’t hit a J or put it on the floor, ever think that?? Plus the guards are rooks themselves, chill out. I hope he never gets picked up! You make the League, just play!! I’d play for 50 k a year dumbasses!@!!!